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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Punches Fan Who Sticks Hand in His Window

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Punches Fan Who Sticks Hand in His Window

Justin Bieber isn’t afraid to fight back when a fan gets a little too close for comfort.

The 22-year-old performer was on his way to a concert in Barcelona on Tuesday night (November 22), when he drove by a group of fans with his car window rolled down.

One excited fan proceeded to stick his hand in the car window and run several feet alongside the car.

Justin definitely wasn’t happy about the fan getting in his personal space and ended up punching him! The fan returned to his friends with a bloody face and looked totally shocked.

Check out TMZ‘s video of it going down below…

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Photos: AKM/GSI
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  • John Dow

    He punched a gay guy who just wanted to touch his tra-la-la, his ding-ding-dong? That’s outrageous! That’s so racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic! :)

  • eternalozzie

    that is the appropriate response to someone groping you against your will.

  • eternalozzie

    that is the appropriate response to someone groping you against your will.

  • eternalozzie

    that is the appropriate response to someone groping you against your will.

  • eternalfratboy

    he is spiraling… why have your window down… he is provoking such acts!!! ??? he needs to be put into a 5150 just like kanye!!!

  • Arjay

    You’re several kinds of stupid,aren’t you?

  • backseatwriter

    Boundaries people boundaries.

  • Legendary Trolly

    He’s being sarcastic.

  • Do Tell

    I think JB needs to take some time off. Get away. He’s young enough and talented enough to return to his career with more maturity and stability later on.

    You have to be tough to handle fame. I don’t think he is emotionally strong and that’s why he’s spiraling. I think all his issues from his upbringing are causing him trouble now. I heard he also didn’t really have his dad and that is really sad.

  • j b

    Justin Bieber just keeps on getting closer to that prison sentence that eventually his high cost lawyers won’t be able to talk him out of soon. One day he will get the wrong judge and spend months in prison for these assaults.

  • Amber

    I agree with everything you said 100%. I also think he’s an asshole.

  • Amber

    People need to realize that celebrities really don’t give a fuck about them.

  • Do Tell

    I sure hope something like that never happens to JB. He has to stay straight though–not abusing illegal substances. Those things are just distractions, not answers. They don’t help. I think he would do well to start sessions with a good & trusted therapist to help him get through difficult periods.

  • Do Tell

    If and when JB “gets a grip” and becomes centered, he will likely deeply regret all that he’s doing right now. When he’s older, he’ll look back on his life and finally realize the opportunities he was given and feel terrible that he wasn’t able to appreciate them at the time.

  • Ernestinerayala

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  • Naynay

    We need to stop seriously this kid can do everything and he somehow gets a pass and his pears do one small thing and they get lynched like when are y’all just gonna decide that he’s unfit, punching a kid seriously ? what’s next ? shooting someone ? stop idolizing jerks and mediocre artists

  • mafragias

    Why VIOLENCE should be the appropriate response for anything?

  • Brooke Rogers

    He had his window down, that did he expect??? Don’t want to be touched, close the damn window you moron. Justin, I am from your hometown….please never come back to Canada, you are a disgrace. Such a loser! Yes you have talent, but you’ve become a dick, plain and simple.

  • tiffany16

    if you were in a car and some random guy would chase and touch you, would you ask him politely to stop you or would you push him away?

  • rilla

    still stupid

  • rilla

    people need to realise they are absolute strangers to celebrities. I’d freak out too if random people just came up to me to touch me. And I don’t even like Justin Bieber.

  • Max

    Yes if it were maybe I would’ve have done something, not punch him though, but I ‘d be scared. But he’s a freaking celebrity and he knew that random guy was a fan and not a psycho, so why the hell hit him? Violence should never be tolerated, never! Just roll the freaking window down!!

  • Roscoe

    The rightful punishment for still being a Bieber fan lol. That guy will probably continue going to his concerts and buying his music and merchandise.

  • Sara

    What are his pears doing? I’ve never seen pears do anything other than just sit there, I’d be interested to see what his pears can do.

  • Ause Ekel

    Not cool. Normal people don’t punch others like that, they just put the other person’s hand away. Simple as that. Hope this Spanish guy sues Bieber. And Justin should get some help. He seems to have lacked a good education while growing up because he still behaves as a teenager and he’s nearly 23. He’s old for this.

  • Ragnar McRyan

    So, having a window open means someone is going crazy? Jesus Christ,

  • tiffany16

    First of all he is not a fan, he chased after bieber in order to attack him (he said so himself)
    second, violence is never the answer *unless* it is used for self defence.
    its easy to judge a person in this situation while you never experienced it yourself