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More Celebs Speak Out On 'Last Tango in Paris' Rape Revelation

More Celebs Speak Out On 'Last Tango in Paris' Rape Revelation

Hollywood continues to speak out in disgust over the news that the 1972 movie Last Tango in Paris featured a non-consensual rape scene.

Director Bernardo Bertolucci admitted that he and actor Marlon Brando conspired the infamous butter rape scene without telling actress Maria Schneider before filming.

Celebs like Jessica Chastain, Anna Kendrick, and Chris Evans have all already spoken out about it.

More stars like Lena Dunham, Bryan Greenberg, Ava DuVernay, Liana Liberato, and others continue to air their disgust over the news, which you can see in tweets below.

Marlon passed away in 2004 and Maria died in 2011, while Bernardo is still alive.

ALSO A MUST-READ: Maria talks about feeling raped by them in a 2007 interview

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  • Absurdist

    still horrified by all this. brando was a racist & a rapist. bernardo, is still a sick fuck who should get locked up. r.i.p. maria

  • RayonLight

    Were where these celebrities almost 10yrs ago when Maria revealed this , no where. The majority where trying to get into the Hollywood door so they turned a blind eye to it. So now, after Maria and Brando are dead and the director publicly admits to this, we have an outcry. The same will happen with Woody Allen, after he’s dead, these same celebriries will come out and speak ill of him, how convenient? Some actors have admitted in the past that this movie is their favorite and Brando is a genius, your expect to believe they didn’t know.

    The same goes for Dustin Hoffman, where was the outcry where it was revealed that he verbally and physically abused Streep.

    Last but not least, how about the allegations against Casey Affleck? No one dares talk about about that.


  • Gypsy Mama

    I absolutely agree with you. I am not so sure why this is such a big deal now other than Twitter wasn’t getting enough hits…this is not a story…Maria shared this…well with the exception of supposed ‘admittance’.

  • sassafrass

    Directors have always thrown the unexpected at actors to get an honest reaction. How does it follow that she was raped? They staged a rape. Big difference.

  • Leya Ann Lefebvre

    I thought everybody already knew that was an actual rape going on

  • Ash

    You’re so right! I am so sick of these celebrities and their self-righteous bandwagon.

  • Wendy

    Lena Dunham doesn’t have much room to talk considering she wrote about sexually assaulting her little sister in her book. She’s so disgusting.

  • Anneliesergeorge

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  • FerCat

    They know there will be no consequence since the prime perp and victim are already dead.

  • Janfrans Zuidema

    There was no actual rape. There was no penetration in the film. Maria Schneider’s character was raped for sure. And she killed Marlon Brando’s character. So I guess all these Hollywood twits are supporting a murderer.

    I feel sick…

  • Janfrans Zuidema

    Yep. I really don’t understand the outrage. It’s like planning the Red Wedding without telling The Starks.

    Or: Not telling the actors of Alien what will happen to John Hurt.

    Bernardo & Marlon were obviously very insensitive. But they didn’t rape Maria. They raped her character. But it’s not like Marlon’s character was treated any better.

    The only thing is that Marlon knew what was coming (with his character) and that Maria was kept in the dark (with her character). It’s a legimate criticism. But no reason to cry rape…

  • agus

    There wasn’t rape, the director and Brandon didn’t tell her the details of this scene, actors don’t have the real sex on the movie set.
    That’s the problem here with our “celebrities”, they protest and are outraged but they don’t know why.

  • Wendy


  • et_moi

    How was he a racist???

  • Absurdist

    watch that John Oliver video about whitewashing on youtube. brando put on yellowface to play a japanese man in a film.