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Brad Pitt's Request to Seal Custody Case Denied By Judge

Brad Pitt's Request to Seal Custody Case Denied By Judge

Brad Pitt wanted a judge to seal the court records concerning his custody dealings with Angelina Jolie, and his request was denied on Wednesday (December 7).

The 52-year-old actor requested an emergency hearing for today to make their court filings private. Brad‘s team and Angelina‘s team were both present before the judge, who quickly denied the request, TMZ reports.

Brad was reportedly upset that Angelina filed their temporary custody agreement with the courts last week and thought the public knowledge was damaging.

Angelina‘s team believes Brad‘s desire to seal the records is not for the kids, but rather, because “[Brad's] conduct at the center of the DCFS and FBI investigations.”

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  • Indes

    Both of them are embarrassing jokes but Jolie is worse. She’s a vindictive bitch and so are her two whore friends she has in London, the ones who help her to destroy her own family.

    And I love the fact that so many people hate her now.

    Can’t wait for the tell-all-book one of their kids is going to write!

  • cee

    OMG charming, handsome movie star, leaking negative stories about Angelina to TMZ and People didn’t get his way. There is a God and she is a woman. About time. Angelina has taken enough abuse from his team when lest not forget it was Brad’s actions that started this whole chain of events. No one but Angelina knows how long she has had to endure his anger. They have not spent much time together over the past year. Aside from his drinking rumors of cheating during his long absences from the family was probably the last straw for Angelina.

  • Lurker

    She’s a cunt and only cares about herself. She doesn’t give a fuck about her children and the father of her kids. Man, he must so regret leaving Aniston for this witch. Their kids will end up traumatized thanks to her.

  • charliehunnamissexonlegs

    What a mess. I always hoped that they put their personal differences aside and work together on making the divorce as painless as possible for the kids but this divorce is going to get ugly.

  • moonriver

    Angelina is a bitch of the highest order.

  • moonriver

    that ain’t gonna happen. she’s too vindictive and she wants everything her way. she must really hate him now.

  • charliehunnamissexonlegs

    I don’t really care about Brad and/or Angelina, I only feel sorry for their kids. Some of them are old enough to read what people write about them and their parents on the Internet.

  • tom

    Angelina,i call her,spider-woman was able to fool a lot of people thinking she was some kind of mother Teresa. She reminds me a bit of princess Diana,obsessed with her image.

  • tom

    Angelina,i call her,spider-woman was able to fool a lot of people thinking she was some kind of mother Teresa. She reminds me a bit of princess Diana,obsessed with her image.

  • Gala

    Brad Pitt deserves this woman , Angelina .

  • Christina

    Well… There ya go.

    I believe she’s looking out for her kids. People are quick to judge her. Whatever he did she felt it necessary to stop it.
    Glad he was cleared on abuse charges and hope he passes the drug tests…for his sake and those kids relationship with him. I hope the therapy helps all to mend and heal.

  • Fabian

    What exactly did the judge deny – the request for an emergency hearing or the request to seal the custody case?

  • norah mackenzie

    he wanted the court documents to be sealed – the judge said no which means public

  • Fabian

    So the rejection was not for the emergency hearing? That’s what the original post at TMZ says. No mention of the documents being sealed.

  • neer

    JP children are the center of this.

    They are the most vulnerable members of the JP family.

    We don’t know what they went through especially during the unfortunate incident.

    We don’t know how they are coping AFTER that.

    We don’t know their reactions in the privacy of their home AFTER that.

    That’s why there are healthcare professionals who are the licensed experts who know somehow how to handle this kind of situation.

    Children should NOT be forced to do something they don’t want to or they are NOT ready to do.

    The healthcare professionals perhaps know that the children need more TIME & PATIENCE to process their emotions. They are there to guide them.

    Adults (parents etc.) should give them that.

    Their family situation cannot be solved by band-aid solution. It’s a process. No short-cuts.

    Without “order”, chaos would come in and that’s the worst thing to happen. Agreed order must be strictly followed by showing consistency to gain trust & credibility. No excuses, no ifs & buts.

    So AJBP should understand that and by UNDERSTANDING entails PATIENCE, RESPONSIBILITY and WILLINGNESS to really heal the whole family.

    Pride, ego, image…. should be thrown away….. It’s not about AJBP… it’s not about the lawyers…… it’s about JP kids, first & foremost. This is not a competition. This is real. Children’s feelings are real.

    So, adults need to SACRIFICE to allow the children to act & think at their own pace & wants… with the guidance of healthcare professionals.

  • Fabian

    The custody case sealing was NOT rejected – the emergency hearing was rejected. The judge refused to expedite the process – most of the sites reported story with inaccurate information. Read the actual statement on TMZ or ET.

  • Roxana fan jp

    Aunque no veo reconciliacion en el horizonte….rezo para que Brad y Angelina protejan a sus hijos y les den un futuro lo menos traumatico posible

    ahh que Angelina eche a esa abogada de mierda,,,,,,,,,le da pesimos consejos….


  • Roxana fan jp

    Esa abogada quiere un “show” a costa de Angelina y Brad …… …… obvio va a subir su precio ..

  • Feve11

    Quite the contrary it’s Jolie who is constantly leaking sh*t to the gossipsites, she is quite thirsty for attention. She doesn’t care about the kids, just wants her revenge. Her whole behaviour is a study of a mental case.

  • Lady Valeria

    Saving my spot……………..

  • cee

    How did it come to this. I can not look at old pics anymore it makes me too sad. Bless the family and I hope they can mend. Sad that it is not private.

  • PinkLemonade

    Yeah, that’s why theres so many negative stories about Brad pitt. Oh wait there isn’t. She should be a vindictive bitch because he sure is

  • Forest Krane

    This is in reference to the psychotic mother of a 35 year old Canadian actor: She has been harassing and threatening the safety of a close friend of mine and myself. One of the things she did was pay three men to rape the woman I have been protecting over the past two years. Fortunately she recognized the threat and managed to keep herself safe by contacting the police each time.

    I suspect she has been paying someone on Turo to give her information so she can keep me from re…nting cars. In the past 24 hours I have went through five different bizarre scenarios and never got a car. I have been successfully renting cars for three months.

    I need to rent cars to survive. Because she hired a hate group from Washington to kill myself and the woman I have been protecting. We were running for our lives in Nevada on a desert highway, when two cars came up tailing us for a few miles. We came up on a Beatty, NV and made a live saving stop at a motel 6. That night we knew we would be dead if we drove to Florida. So, the next morning we drove to the Las Vegas airport and flew to Florida leaving our car at the airport.

    Please pass on this information to help us. May the Force Be With You!

    I am writing this here for max visibility