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Ariana Grande Fights Back Against Criticism of Objectification Note

Ariana Grande Fights Back Against Criticism of Objectification Note

Ariana Grande is firing back after receiving for criticism for sharing a note about feeling objectified by a fan.

The 23-year-old entertainer recently had a negative experience when a fan called her “sexy as hell” and congratulated her boyfriend Mac Miller for “hitting that.”

Many people responded blaming Ariana for the fan’s comments because of how she portrayals herself in music videos but she had a lot to say in response!

“seeing a lot of ‘but look how you portray yourself in videos and in your music! you’re so sexual!’…i repeat expressing sexuality in art is not an invitation for disrespect!!! just like wearing a short skirt is not asking for assault,” she wrote in a series of tweets.

Ariana added, “You are literally saying that if we look a certain way, we are yours to take. But we are not!!! It’s our right to express ourselves.”

Click inside to read all that Ariana had to say…

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  • Jess

    She’s 100% right. Good for her.

  • moonriver

    she’s a dope. go lick some more donuts.

  • Dee

    now put ur s&m bunny cap and ur white hooker boots on next time u say “respect me”. sry its just difficult for me to. maybe you should have respect for yourself first.

  • Cooper

    I agree with her from the point of a guy telling another guy he’s lucky to hit that is disrespectful. However, she has built a brand on being sexy which her art if her brand. So if someone tells you your sexy well yes that’s what you wanted which is why you were acting provocatively in the first place. So that point I don’t agree with.

  • Douglass

    She does have the right to dress as she pleases. How she dresses though portrays a certain type of person. The man most likely said what he said based on how she dressed.

  • John Dow

    Go drown your sorrows by licking a donut, objectifying and body shaming the people who work in the bakery and stating that you hate America – just as you did before, you pathetic, miserable, liberal, little bitch!

  • Jess

    But don’t you see how dangerous it is to assume that because someone dresses or acts a certain way then that gives you the right to treat them a certain way? If a woman is walking down the street naked, does that give a man the right to rape her? Of course not. And I don’t think she was upset that the fan found her sexy, but rather that he was speaking to her boyfriend about her in such a disrespectful way right in front of her as if she didn’t exist. Just because a woman dresses sexy it doesn’t give you a right to dismiss her as nothing more than a sex object. She’s still a human being and should be treated as such.

  • John Dow

    Nothing gives a man the right to rape a woman, but woman’s behavior and the way she dresses can provoke harassment or rape.

    Provocation is a set of events that might be adequate to cause a reasonable person to lose self control, whereby a criminal act is less morally culpable than a premeditated act done out of pure malice (malice aforethought). If the victim’s wrongful conduct contributed significantly to provoking the offense behavior, the court may reduce the sentence below the guideline range to reflect the nature and circumstances of the offense.

  • Shelby

    She made this public. I think she is flattered. But come on… this is the kind of attention you will get when you use your trashy image to make millions. Sad thing is, she is talented. And doesn’t need to like JLo.

    THe kid didn’t touch her. Freedom of speech. Disrespectful? Of course. He will grow up some day. Maybe.

  • Gina

    So you’re basically saying that men are cavemen who can’t control themselves, so it’s a woman’s responsibility to make sure they don’t act out??

  • persononhere

    what would you say to her boyfriend? haven’t heard anything at all about him standing up for his ‘woman’ during her oh-so-traumatic experience, and apparently he was right there

  • persononhere

    no one wants to hear the truth,but what you advertise is how you’ll be treated whether someone says it out loud or thinks it. dress however you want, but people will think stuff, and may even say stuff, and god forbid, may even do bad stuff to you as well. dressing like a Duggar girl might not ward off a rape or lewd comment either, but it doesn’t provoke the same initial, primal sexual response in a guy and that’s just how it is. she dresses a certain way to get that audience, so deal with the comments you’re going to get.

  • John Dow

    Don’t poke the bear.

  • Gina

    Don’t be a f*cking bear.

  • John Dow

    You’re so fucking stupid.

  • Gina

    Nope, that would be you.

  • johnny1248

    Stop acting like you had a hair across your a** over this irrelevant donut thing that took place a year ago

  • moonriver

    she’ll be irrelevant in a few years.