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Steve Martin Deletes Carrie Fisher Tribute After Claims of Sexism

Steve Martin Deletes Carrie Fisher Tribute After Claims of Sexism

Steve Martin deleted a tweet that he wrote as a tribute to the late Carrie Fisher after people called his words sexist.

The 71-year-old actor was trying to convey that he was captured by the Star Wars actress’ beauty at a young age and later learned of her witty personality after he got to know her.

Click inside to read the deleted tweet…

“When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well,” Steve tweeted before being pressured to delete it.

While some people shamed Steve for tweeting about Carrie‘s looks right after her death, others said that it was a lovely tribute to his longtime friend.

DO YOU THINK Steve Martin’s tweet was appropriate or insensitive?

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    He called her a beautiful creature. That’s not being sexist. Sally Fields used the same term to describe her onscreen daughter Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias when she passed away. It’s actually a term on endearment.

  • Jenny from the flop

    the twitter trolls are awful! he wrote a beautiful tweet and now you made him delete it! you dont care about carrie, you care about provoking people! if y’all trolls cared about carrie you would not have made another person feel shameful about their condolences!!

  • RayonLight

    Are people really that stupid. I wish social media would just disappear.

  • Casey C

    can someone explain what’s wrong with the tweet? for the majority of people, when you don’t know someone, like an actor, you’re struck by their looks first and then learn their personality. How is what he said offensive? He calls her beautiful and then praises her personality. FFS

  • Cooper

    Acknowledging beauty is not sexist especially when it goes on to compliment her other great attributes like wit. People are so ridiculous.

  • plez

    Most people who never met Carrie first fell in love with her because of her being a beauiful star wars chick. Later on we realize (via her books, speeches and interviews) that she was damn smart and funny. There was nothing wrong with what Steve Martin wrote.
    The internet was suppose to widen the spectrum of opinions and ideas instead we have gotten group thought.

  • shoes4life

    Some people are so stupid. Poor Steve he couldn’t even express himself in his own witty way without the PC trolls coming out to attack.

  • tachyonzero

    DEATH TO THE SEXIST…………………………../s

    the world are full of stooopid people.

  • Cordstreet

    Isn’t the Fraternal Order of the Perpetually Offended full yet? good grief

  • Amy

    Evrything is sexist nowadays…

  • Tricia7 ❤

    Or racist

  • Paul Kopacko

    Those who are complaining about this tweet by Steve Martin need to take a long walk off a short pier! What imbeciles! What intolerant buffoons! Such a display of hate and ignorance! There was absolutely nothing wrong with his tweet and you all know it! But you are so tolerant yourselves that you bully someone for sending out a thoughtful, caring and loving message! Idiots! Ignorance is not pretty!

  • Molly

    I wish some of these women who find fault in anything that refers to ‘looks’ would check their own mirrors. Quit criticizing someone’s heartfelt statement and trying to find fault in every utterance.

  • Dean

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with what he tweeted in any form whatsoever. People are just trying to get their 15 minutes no matter how they do it. I say let people mourn those that have passed however they see fit. I bet not one of the people that claim to be offended even knew Carrie.

  • Ash

    The word “sexist” has no value anymore these days. SJWs and feminists have ruined it by over-accusing people they disagree with. Stop pandering and ignore them. That’s the only way to combat their ridiculousness.

  • art-for-life

    The most beautiful creature I had ever seen?!
    Actually he should have been busted by the hyperbole police.

  • inverse137

    You’re kind of an idiot, aren’t you….

  • art-for-life

    That was the rudest comment I have ever read.

  • lifefeedsonlife

    Fraternal?!?! Do you have any idea how sexist and un-inclusive that is? The proper name would the Non-gender Specific Order of the Perpetually Politically Correct. (Just trying to help . . . . )

  • Rick Cook

    Folks just GOTTA find something,somewhere,somehow,by somebody to be offended by so the can go all sanctimonious and self righteous. Even when it’s not them and really none of their business. This PC crap has to die!

  • NuTech

    Wow there are waaaaay too many stupid people in the world. Being called beautiful is NOT an insult in the slightest. I wonder if those complaining are all incredibly ugly…..I’m going to go ahead and assume so.

  • Schroederville

    That was a joke, son… you’re as bad as the people who made Martin take down the tweet. Sheesh.

  • Schroederville

    REAL sexism IS abhorrent, but Steve’s tweet wasn’t real sexism.

  • Joy

    I just thought that was sweet, I didn’t see anything offensive! Geesh.

  • Schroederville

    Feminists are NOT the problem. Overly PC people are the problem. Feminists are just people who think women are equal to men and should be treated as such.

  • j b

    There are a lot of idiots in America and that is why Donald Trump is President. Enough stupid people bashing Steve Martin to make him delete his tribute doesn’t surprise me.

  • art-for-life

    I believe people were upset by his praise of Fisher for something she had absolutely no control of, the looks she was born with. It was an archaic compliment that just felt out of date. Still his heart was in the right place.

  • George Isaacs

    These are the rules of the world he (and other entertainers like him) have chosen to live in. They tried to apply those rules to our world over a month ago, and we said no thanks. If he were younger, he might be inclined to fight back and join us. Alas, it may be too late for him.

  • Cordstreet

    Haha, good point. I think I’ll just go back to my Man-cave now. :)

  • Brenda Todd

    People use social media to spew their negative and angry venom about everything.Those people who thought there was anything wrong with Steve’s tweet are now reading other people’s tweets looking for some reason to be critical and express it.I think Steve’s tweet about Carrie basically said that he discovered that Carrie was beautiful, intelligent and had a great sense of humor.It was a great compliment.

  • Dward Fardbark

    OMG! He said she was pretty, charming, and smart … what a friggin PC nightmare !!!!!!

    He should be run out of the business by the LA LA Land PC police .. how dare he.

    Good thing he didn’t say that she’ll be missed too … that WOULD BE the last straw.

  • Robbie

    Screw those liberals. What a nice thing to say.

  • corn2990

    You’re a moron. Where are these rules documented you speak of? How
    do you know Mr Martin gave his consent. The article, and the resulting
    comments — reading is fundamental ya know — are about how Mr. Martin
    said something otherwise innocent and was shamed for it. He, you, I,
    anyone, should be able to call someone beautiful without being called
    out for it.

  • corn2990

    Man cave is still sexist and isolationist.


  • corn2990

    these words are misapplied so much these days, the bigots (which means disagreeable with opinions) throwing the words around have diluted their meaning.

  • corn2990

    I thought when she was younger she was gorgeous. Age was not kind to her. As Dave Chappelle says cocaine is a helluva drug.

  • corn2990

    You haven’t been around much then.

  • Pat McCord

    I regret that Steve felt badgered to deleting his tweet. I’m a woman and would not be offended in the least. Let’s not get ridiculous, girls.

  • corn2990

    Women are equal to men and do deserve equal treatment. Feminists want more… and it’s a moving target. And as my better half says, feminists do more damage to their supposed cause then they help.

  • corn2990

    I’m disappointed he deleted the tweet. When you cave in to the libtards, there’s no going back.

  • tuigim

    There is a time or extra sensitivity.
    This is a time for eulogies, not wise cracks.
    Humor is tricky at the best of times.
    Intent is huge but if you hurt people even without intending to, it’s time to learn from that and change the act. Listen to what women are saying.

  • Tayada Smith

    He was complimenting her. What is tricky about that?

  • NuTech

    It isn’t archaic and you do have control over how you look. You’re telling me that if you’re overweight you can’t hit the gym? You’re telling me that the modern woman of today doesn’t want to be beautiful? You’re telling me that basically, the ONLY acceptable compliments are those that appreciate one’s brain or heart? Guess what…we’re more than just brains and emotions, we also have a body which the former can’t survive without. They are all equally valuable and I can guarantee you that MOST people who think it’s archaic are extremely insecure people. A beautiful person adds value to society just like a nice or smart person. I mean, if a mentally disabled person with anger issues in addition to cognitive issues goes on a diet, does that mean you can’t tell them they look good because you aren’t valuing their brain/heart at the exact same time????? To that note, he actually did address her brain and heart in his comment along with her beauty. There are way too many pathetic people out there and it’s actually incentivized by this idea.

  • Mrs. Freeze idiot who felt compelled to upvote their own ridiculous post.

  • infamouscrimes

    No offensive at all. Lighten up people. She was a beautiful creature.

  • Thomas Huynh

    Saying someone is handsome isn’t sexist either.

  • Chupa Chup

    “Resistance is futile. We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours.”

    Seems to work for both SJW’s and the Borg equally;-) Spooookyyyy!!!

  • Ash

    Lol! Those are feminists from different time. Feminists these days are:

    F = Female supremacy, that’s our goal. Like destroying masculinity, boyhood and fatherhood.
    E = Equal rights but never equal responsibilities.
    M = Men must be blamed and we feminists invented a bogeyMAN name for it too, ‘patriarchy’.
    I = I already have more rights than you men, but not enough.
    N = No to family or shared custody, no way. Dad’s are surplus expect to pay or be jailed.
    I = I have tremendous advocacy power to change or get new laws, so Man-Up.
    S = Suffragette is our motto and it means “Victim” in fancy Latin, so pay-up men.
    T = To question feminism should be a crime, but the EU is stubborn about it.
    S = Seat Power? Don’t really need it. With one of these, I can get anything I want.

    On the level though most of these common feminist issues and far left views go beyond politics and are more to do with underlying emotional issues at their core.
    People like this need therapy not ‘safe spaces’, trigger warnings, bannings, censoring or more feminist nonsense.

    Rational individuals don’t act, respond, lead, teach, nurture, promote or govern this way.

  • Jon Williams

    Welcome to the world of the SJW’s Steve, where telling someone they are pretty/handsom is sexist. SJW’s are the most sexist people alive, oh the irony.

  • Dward Fardbark

    Intent is everything .. especially when the PC police are out in force searching, hunting, and spinning everything to extract every last ounce of offence … whether there is any to be had .. or not.

    People get offended now a days if a person just tie their shoes wrong.

    Guess I’m the only one that grew up with a mother and siblings who brought me back to earth when I got too full of myself .. “Hey mister too big for your britches .. your not that special .. get over yourself.”