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'A Dog's Purpose' Sparks Controversy Over Leaked Video

'A Dog's Purpose' Sparks Controversy Over Leaked Video

A Dog’s Purpose has found an enemy in PETA.

In a recently released video obtained by TMZ, a German Shepherd was forced into rough and turbulent waters in order to film a scene for the upcoming film.

In the video below, you can see the the trainer continuously attempt to put the dog in the water as it tries to crawl it’s way out of the wave-induced pool.

After the dog eventually got into the water, it was quickly submerged before the director ended the scene.

Off-camera, you can hear a crew member laugh at the dog’s resistance before saying, “You just got to throw him in.”

PETA – the animals rights organization group – released a statement calling on people to boycott the film.

“PETA is calling on dog lovers to boycott the film in order to send the message that dogs and other animals should be treated humanely, not as movie props,” the group said in the statement.

A Dog’s Purpose is set to be released on January 27.

Warning: the video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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  • Utope

    I don’t often agree with PETA or their tactics, but I”m with them on this one. I don’t condone animal cruelty and throwing a terrified dog into a pool of water is definitely animal cruelty. I will be boycotting this movie.

  • Wendy

    That is terrible and I’ll definitely be boycotting this movie. What disgusting people.

  • Anna

    This was hard to watch, especially at the end when the dog was drowning and everyone was screaming to save her. I was excited for this film, but for the first time ever, I think I will boycott watching a film. This is just wrong.

  • therealmoonriver

    fuck this. boycott this movie. Animals are not here to do stupid tricks/stunts for dumb people

  • therealmoonriver

    as should everyone. where are the outraged celebrities?

  • RayonLight

    This is horrible

  • Evelyndfraley

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  • Kat

    As a dog lover, this is a movie I will NOT be watching.

  • Kat

    As a dog lover, this is a movie I will NOT be watching.

  • lorelai

    “You just got to throw him in.” – I would like to kick him into some rapid flood like water and see how he likes it.

  • :)

    Why not put a life vest on the dog and edit it out? They do the same editing on actors with bungee cords, etc. The dog should have never gone under water like it did at the end.

  • GFW

    OMG who wants to hear this in this day and age? I couldn’t watch the video, but I’m with PETA, that all dog actors should be treated with respect. If THAT dog wouldn’t or couldn’t do the job/trick/scene with his trainer, find one that will.

  • GFW

    … and with other dogs trained to so this kind of stuff. What, where they hard up or sold the dog actor could perform then couldn’t? What would they do to a human? The same thing? Hell no! They’d fire them and find someone else who could.

  • GFW

    They’re far more interested in transgenders than animals.

  • barq

    This is how my dog acts when I give him a bath…should PETA be after me also? There is absolutely nothing disturbing or even mildly upsetting about that video.

  • therealmoonriver

    This movie is never going to be released and GOOD. people are disgusting.

  • GFW

    No, but your dog is your dog and you’re its owner. It trusts you, but doesn’t like water. And this is not someone giving a dog a bath. They wanted a reaction, of fear, anxiety, from the dog, but the dog apparently not a Labrador and not accustomed, nor trained well enough for the scene, was mocked, and YES the dog knows it, and jeered then inhumanely thrust into the water. Unacceptable.

  • GFW

    Actually it will be. And all in all, the trailer shows a good solid film, about, well, a dog’s purpose. But at the cost of what? “Jed” the dog actor, who by the way has an IMDb page, worked in “White Fang” and “Call of the Wild” doing amazing things, including fight scenes. All the while surrounded by trainers to ensure all the animals, horses, you name it, were well protected. Dogs CAN ACT. Dogs are SMART too. As smart as a four year old child. So they KNOW when they’re being mistreated.

  • GFW

    Brilliant! But I think the dog needed to go underwater for the drama. I think the poor thing was scared, under pressure, and felt intimidated by the water. It’s a land dog, you know? Now I’ll know what all went on behind the scenes when I see this. I won’t go to the theater though. I adore dogs, and LOVE the poster for it. Such kind eyes, why mistreat it? Any dog? There are NO bad dogs, just bad owners who project human feelings and demands on their pets.

  • therealmoonriver

    Dogs are TRAINED to act. Yes, I know dogs are SMART. Well, this good solid film (and trailers can be very deceptive) has bad solid BAD PR to overcome. Us dog lovers don’t forget.

  • Maureen

    This whole thing could have done with computer animation……this is ridiculous to put a frightened dog through such an ordeal.

  • MimiB

    The producers are lying through their clenched teeth about the dog and this video. It’s obvious to everyone who watches it that the dog is terrified and being abused. Notice the trainer isn’t in the water? Too dangerous. The dog knows the churning water is dangerous. The dog was thrown in !!

    Where was the AHA rep, who works for the sham animal protection organization that “approves” animal films? Not on set or ignoring the animal abuse? PS, don’t confuse the sham AHA with the ASPCA or the HSUS, which are bothlegit humane organizations. I just read that the AHA rep has been suspended pending an investigation.

  • SixFootThree

    So if the dog is intelligent then it was scared and didnt want to go in the water. Would you throw a small child into rough water if the child was petrified?

  • GFW

    No! That’s my whole point. They should have found a better dog actor.

  • Kris

    That’s disgusting!!! Those people deserve the worst in their lives. I often wonder if tht kind of people even have a heart. I am with PETA!

  • persononhere

    my dogs do the same thing every time i give them a bath or try to put sweaters on them. it’s a natural reaction the dog was having to all that water ; most hate it. not *that* big a deal, although maybe they could have done it different, like the trainer get in w/him or something and not dump him in. not any worse than forcing dogs to surf for your viewing pleasure during rose bowl floats and parades.

  • John McFly

    There’s always two sides to a story. Y’all taking this way out of proportion. It’s just a damn dog getting roughed up a bit, it’s not like it’s dead.

  • John McFly

    I think the dog just gave the best acting performance of his life with an exaggerated twist of how scared he should’ve been. Oscar winning, perhaps. Boycotting, I think that’s a bit harsh. They should have PETA representatives on the set of every movie these days, by now, anyway.

  • scott McIntosh

    They should have used a web pawed dog like a lab that also has special water eye lenses my BLACK LAB can not help but to jump in every lake river pond ocean or mud puddle my friend had a Shepard it would try to paddle so fast in the water it would attempt levitation and get tired fast. The lab would catch a canoe with two people paddling and climb in but if he saw a squirrel out he would swim and Chase them up a tree them swim back to the canoe . The lab would out run any motorcycle 40 mph for over a mile lived to 17 years I have a Chocolate Lab a service animal site dog for my Wanda great dog too !!!

  • GFW

    I’m reacting from those who watched the video.
    Apparently, they were frustrated the dog actor wouldn’t do right at the clap of “Action!” (you know cos it should be able to take orders like a human, right *sarcasm*) and got fed up and tossed it in. Sorry, not cool. Not in film or the backyard pool either. Dogs know.
    I’ll see it, just won’t put down $$ to go to the theater. I like the idea of the film, the reincarnation, and so forth, how they train us to live better lives, etc.

  • Minha Sincera Opinião!

    Fuck PETA.

  • SaraJ

    Who is “they”? Stupid. To some people that matters, so some people this does.

  • SixFootThree

    Wells maybe we’s intelligent peoples comes with compassion too. I’s cares mo bout a dog den a dim wit like you McFly.

  • SixFootThree

    your bath isnt the rapids what a dumb comparison.

  • John McFly

    boo hoo, poor you. like i said, the dog did ‘n perfect acting piece. he was supposed to be scared in the first place.

  • SixFootThree

    Poor me? Wow I knew you were intellectually challenged but this is a taking it up a notch. Not poor me, Im not the one being thrown in the water. It was the dog. you have some drool coming down your bottom lip did you forget to swallow again? Oh McFly..

  • John McFly

    You claim to be so smart, but that video shows no proof that the dog was mistreated. Did the dog die? Did it? No, it didn’t 6foot3, the dog lived long enough to have a purpose. Hence, a dog’s purpose. The dog could’ve been six foot three in the ground, but no. It was all a publicity stunt, with a purpose. So if you’re trying to piss me off on purpose. It’s not working, cause I’ve got the IQ of a dog’s purpose, right?! Wrong, this makes no ‘purpose’…

  • SixFootThree

    Nice rambling but the simple fact is the dog was being forced to do something that it was afraid of doing and obviously didnt want to do.