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Celebrities React to Donald Trump's Inauguration

Celebrities React to Donald Trump's Inauguration

Donald Trump just became the 45th President of the United States, and celebrities have taken to Twitter to react to his Inauguration ceremony.

The 70-year-old President was joined by his family at the event, and just spoke to the American people in his Inauguration address.

Celebrities including Chrissy Teigen, Sarah Silverman, Andy Cohen, Julie Bowen, and more watched the event, and voiced their opinion on Twitter.

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  • j b

    Can’t blame all these celebrities for saying the truth. The deplorables elected the most unpopular President in United States history and now he is able to destroy the country and make his billionaire buddies and himself richer in the process.

  • sydney jane

    Jared, can you also get celebrities’ reaction to the Hillary supporters who are destroying property, smashing windows, and attacking people who are in DC just to watch the inauguration? Although, probably Hillary’s supporters in Hollywood have no problem with this.

  • sydney jane

    Um, you do know that Hillary was the candidate for the rich, right? Where do you think the Clinton Foundation money came from?

  • Ash

    Don’t even bother to reply to j b. He/she is the biggest idiot here on JJ. You can check most of his/her comments here if you don’t believe me. Ignorant and inaccurate to say the least.

  • MHR

    Um, sydney jane, you do know that you’ve been completely duped by the GOP propaganda, right? GOP has ALWAYS been for corporations and corporations only. Never ever for the people.

  • MHR

    how sad that you think that this is still about Hillary when those protesters you’re speaking of didn’t even vote or voted for Bernie/Stein. they are protesting against fascism and its enabler, capitalism.

  • Nightwish

    Nothing but nonsense and cheap attacks out of celebrities who are forced to serve their hollywood overlords opposing Trump, and similar parroting from brainwashed liberals here and elsewhere who are pwned by cnn and the rest of the msm.

    I’ll bet most of these liberals haven’t taken barely a minute to evaluate if the claws of agitprop over this election cycle has hijacked their minds irretrievably.

    Remember – Trump’s desire is to give our government back to us and put we, the people, in charge again. Any Democrat president will angle to do the opposite – feign a democratic process while using deteriorating conditions to award existing govt and cronies even more powers.

    And dont think Trump doesnt realize he’s risking assasination to accomplish this for us.

  • Joy

    You are SO stupid. And you’ll be so disappointed when he deliberately does nothing for you.

  • NerdyBirdy

    oh you poor little rich people

  • Shelby

    It’s this smug attitude that contributed to his win. But I’m sure you won’t understand that.

  • Nightwish

    Im stupid, really? Because i’m willing to reserve judgement on Trump and give him a chance until he proves me wrong? There’s a distinct possibility that you’re a much bigger fool. Go along, bandwagon away with other crybabies, sore losers and whiners. I will wait and see what Trump will do for us.

    He will likely put an end to this ‘Russian threat’ nonsense, restore stability in Syria so the flux of refugees slows, create more jobs where Obama failed, and most importantly avert a nuclear war which was a real possibility had HRC won.

    Your biggest evidence of being a biased bigot is that you formulated your perspective of trump before he even took office and refused to give him a chance. He won. Deal with it, or deal with it not. Just dont whine in MY face, pal.

  • IwinAgain

    These Celebrities aren’t REAL Celebrities, they are has beens and never will be’s. I scanned the names, didn’t bother with the Tweets. Why would anyone care what they think? We pay them to Entertain us, not advise us on Political Matters. Did any of them bother to critique ANY of President Trumps Policies or Plans? Or did they just whine and cry and scream Racist, Bigot, blah blah blah? Let me guess Bahahahahaha.

  • Nightwish

    and like we should hang on every word from Sarah “i’d kill christ myself” silverman along with these other celeb clowns, right? Nothing but blah blah blah as you put it, and not one anti trump celeb has left the country like they promised. Beat it celebs, and dont let the door knock you on the ass on your way out.

  • IwinAgain

    I know, being I am a Trump supporter of course I have a bigazz pickup and hauling trailers. I even offered them free moving assistance. I tweeted Amy Schumer and told her I would work for Pizza but she had to promise NOT to show me her Boobs……and she swore at me and then Blocked me, next think I know my account got banned. That was sad, it was just before Thanksgiving and it was my 5th Twitter account that month. Damn lol.

  • Nettiekjennings

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  • HG

    Awe the snowflakes at it again!!

  • Nightwish

    if Schumer doesn’t move voluntarily, i’d love to be part of the group that tosses her fat ass on the other side of the border forcefully. Let’s round up Handler and Silverman while we’re at it, no?

    Imagine my toothless trump supporting mouth while laughing as these stupid broads are deposited off u.s. soil, yes these are images of us that are conjured up by self-righteous, bloviating ‘educated’ liberal voters. Do they realize the harm Obama’s tenure has imposed on the ethos of our country? Obozo throws these morons an occasional bone like same sex marriage to make them feel like they’re getting what they want out of the democratic process, but it’s Trump who will give our country what it NEEDS to heal and survive long term. Half of the country has no idea what’s actually good for them. Supposedly educated to boot.

  • Nightwish

    Do you see ANY evidence of facism afoot with trump? You would do away with a free market economy because of your paranoid assertion of an impending threat of facism?

    Seems like Sanders voters are still pissed that the dnc fixed the election Hillarys way and are taking out all their frustrations on Trump, quite simply.

  • Tricia7 ❀

    How pathetic