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Jon Voight Says Celebs Are Teaching Treason, Calls the Women's March 'Dangerous'

Jon Voight Says Celebs Are Teaching Treason, Calls the Women's March 'Dangerous'

Jon Voight, one of President Donald Trump‘s biggest supporters in Hollywood, is speaking out to condemn young stars for expressing their political views and supporting the Women’s March.

The 78-year-old Oscar-winning actor and father of Angelina Jolie went as far as saying that celebs like Miley Cyrus and Shia LaBeouf are teaching treason to their fans.

“[It's] been very destructive, this marching against the government and against the president,” Jon told TMZ. When asked if he was referring to the Women’s March, he said that the right to protest is “what the first amendment is all about, but what was the march about?”

Read the rest of what Jon Voight said and watch the video interview…

“The march was against the government and against the president, trying to denigrate his office and his presidency. And that’s no good,” Jon added. “When you see the young people, like Shia LaBeouf and Miley Cyrus, and they have a lot of followers, young people are looking at them and what are they teaching? They’re teaching treason. They’re teaching going up against the government [and] not accepting the will of the people on this presidency and it’s a very sad day when I see this.”

“I find it’s a very sad thing for me to witness what [this Hollywood group is] doing, but they have a huge amount of influence, so it’s not so good,” he concluded.

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  • j b

    Jon Voight needs to just die already. Nobody needs a Conservative old fart like him living in America.

  • Mario Martz

    Time to die?

  • Rosalie

    Stick to your job acting on Ray Donovan Jon, otherwise keep your big mouth shut.

  • Marysocontrary

    So it’s “treasonous” if liberals protest, but not if it’s conservatives. Of course.

  • namers

    Delusional geezer like your boss.

  • arwa

    Ugh he’s just ugly in every possible way. Good to know his children doesn’t like him, so I’m not offending anybody.

  • Brenda Luna

    i gotta say he’s right, Shia yelling at a trump supporter saying “he will not divide us” was ridiculous, and i thought trump supporters were the crazy ones, celebrities are such whiny cunts.

  • MHR

    It’s almost as if all Republicans are sociopaths, unable to take in any new information that don’t fit within the same set of ideas they were born to, and remain forever incapable of compassion or empathy for others, with the exception of unborn “babies”.

  • Casey C

    so you have the right to march but don’t you dare march because that’s treason…whereas of course this actor is just teaching his ‘fans’ (all two) garbage.

  • tom

    Jon Voight is right, celebs ruin everything and then they go to their mansions and have group sex and drugs

  • therealmoonriver

    what a ridiculous statement.

  • Dee

    no wonder ur kids dont talk to u

  • Amy West

    It would be too, but when have conservatives protested the new liberal president like the liberals are doing now? I don’t know much about history, so please explain when that happened. 8 years ago? We felt equally disapproving of that new president. But I didn’t follow the news much at that time. I’ll look up whatever articles & videos you know of that shows marches & violent protest against electing President Obama, including strong attempts at disrupting the inauguration event. I’m all about evidence. I’ve heard the opinions.

  • devvv

    That was Shia (a Jewish man) screaming at a white supremacist who was repeating 1488 (a nazi slogan). If you think Shia was the wrong one, you’re a part of the problem.

  • Cool Boots

    I wish everyone could just get along and work together.

  • devvv

    He can march his old behind into a retirement home and stay there…He’s a 78 yr old white man and has never had his rights threatened, of course he doesn’t understand.

  • Amy West

    I am into compassion. But I also am into medical science and societal math. I need more evidence that shows promiscuity helps people & society more than saving sex for the wedding day and being monogamous for life. I was very sad about what happened to George Michael, dying young after so much suffering. Could that have been prevented by following biological realities of what our mind & body needs, that opinion cannot alter? It’s all about the proven science. There are websites devoted to the medical aspect of relationships, what is mostly harmful & what is mostly helpful. All choices have benefits & drawbacks. It’s irrational to choose something that is mostly harmful just because our emotions & physical senses want it, like excessive sugar, alcohol, drugs, TV, sleep, work, food, water anything in excess hurts more than helps. My opinions are trash. What does our body say? All aspects of our body, not just certain parts? We shouldn’t listen to just our eyes, tongue, and stomach and angrily silence our pancreas, liver & digestive system all the way to the exit, and arteries etc. They all should have their unhindered moments of valued free speech.

  • John Dow

    Hitler liked marches, just like the Women’s March. He preached hatred, violence and extremism at those marches, just like what a lot of celebs did at that march. I guess soon we will see Liberals and Democrats burning books and chanting Heil Hillary.

  • Truthsayer

    sure you do…………………..

  • Gina

    Silly old fool.

  • The truth is ALWAYS out there

    RELEASE HER SOUL!!! See and read more on the site and throughout his threads. The Truth is ALWAYS out there!!!

  • MHR

    I wonder if you’ll ever join us back in reality

  • Nova

    Banjo = Voight

  • j b

    Can understand why his daughter Angela disowned him all those years ago.

  • Marysocontrary

    No. Neither is treasonous. Protesting isn’t treason. What is treasonous is the deals that 45 made to become president.

  • Lawrence Rainbow

    What he says makes sense, they do have a lot influence. On the other had are young people so stupid these days they can’t judge for themselves?, information is out there. Celebrities don’t care about anything other then furthering their own agendas, they use their influence knowing that young people look up to them and that’s the part that I take issue with.

  • Wendy

    Look up the protests after Obama was elected. Hanging black dummies set on fire is only one example.

  • Wendy
  • Wendy

    Don’t count on it. That troll has been spewing his nonsense forever.

  • Wendy

    lol sounds like you’re describing Trump.

  • Wendy

    And why Angelina Jolie dropped the Voight from her last name as soon as she could.

  • ola akande

    lol he contradicts himself when he speaks…”it is ur first amendment to protest but this protest is dangerous” lol

    dude if americans didn’t protest against their gov’t we’d still be under Britain

    idiot lol

  • Lawrence Rainbow

    No, I’m talking about or should I say trying to that is. That ignorance plays a big part in today’s society. On both sides, trying to hold on to ways that have simply passed.

  • forest4trees

    JV is a scummy green scrotum. He spent the last 9 years trashing the PEOTUS and POTUS of the moment (i.e. i.e. Pres. Obama) and he did it from his lofty Hollywood perch.I wish CIC would give him a DC job so he would go away! !

  • cutitout

    Ummmm, where was he during the tea party movement, or what exactly has he been doing the last 8 years.? He’s about to commit career suicide. This is sounding more and more like mccarthyism all over again.

  • cutitout

    Ummmm, where was he during the tea party movement, or what exactly has he been doing the last 8 years.? He’s about to commit career suicide. This is sounding more and more like mccarthyism all over again.

  • Lawrence Rainbow

    So kill the messenger because you don’t like the message huh?, that’s logic lol.

  • Barbaragmartinez

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  • JoeWillyWilly

    Calls for violence go beyond protest.

  • Wendy

    I definitely agree with you there.

  • USWeeklyHatesComments

    Another illiterate Republican man. Can’t understand or comprehend women’s rights, or anything. I feel for Angelina and her daughters (and sons). I hope she limits his time around them.

  • USWeeklyHatesComments

    Amy West — ARE YOU SERIOUS. Oh my God.

    There are the nooses, the entire protest during the 2008 election with Sarah Palin with her supporters calling for people to kill Obama, the Don’t Tread on Me protests talking about not bringing their guns to water the tree of justice with blood AKA Obama/liberal blood. Then their was Ted Nuget on stages saying he wanted Michelle to suck the end off the end of his AK47Z, then the racists and their vile garbage spewed towards Malia and Sasha?

    You lived in the United States between 2007 and 2017 and never ONCE heard the evil protested towards this family and his presidency. W.T.F.

  • Marysocontrary

    Who called for violence? Not the majority of the marchers.