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Donald Trump Says Waterboarding 'Absolutely' Works

Donald Trump Says Waterboarding 'Absolutely' Works

Donald Trump strongly thinks waterboarding will help keep America safe

The President opened up to ABC NewsDavid Muir about how he thinks the interrogation technique “absolutely” works.

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“When ISIS is doing things nobody has ever heard of since medieval times, would I feel strongly about waterboarding? As far as I’m concerned we have to fight fire with fire,” Trump says in the interview (via Deadline), airing tonight, January 25.

He claims to have asked “people at the highest level of intelligence” if torture works.

“The answer was, ‘yes,’” Trump says.

Trump also says he will defer to his cabinet on whether the U.S. will resume using the method.

“If they don’t want to do that’s fine and if they do what to do I will work within that end….but, do I feel it works? Absolutely.”

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  • j b

    The only problem with Donald Trump allowing torture is that American agents and soldiers captured will be subject to torture. Trump endangered a lot of people with his stupidity.

  • Rosalie

    God, this man is a fucking lunatic.

  • Do Tell

    It’s like he’s trying to “get the word out” to ISIS and the world that he is America’s new big and bad president who isn’t afraid to deal with them harshly.

  • disqus_KwgiMZNJ54

    If i am tortured, i will tell you whatever you want to hear, whether it’s truth or not. THAT’S the problem with torture.

  • Casey C

    Torture doesn’t work. Actual people in the highest levels of intellience have stated that time and again. he’s a dangerous lunatic

  • Nova

    I think it should be tested on him and let’s see if we get the truth out of him.

  • Jessie

    Torture working must be one of those alternative facts Kellyanne was talking about :/.

  • Do Tell

    Omg! Lol!

    Seriously tho…

    I don’t know a darn thing about torture or whether it works or won’t work, but I do believe that the most dangerous people in society are those who no longer care about their own lives.

    Imo, the ISIS fighters and suicide bombers don’t care about living. After you’ve done so many horrendous, evil things to innocent people, I imagine most with stone-cold hearts.

  • John Dow

    Wow… 8 years of Obama and the Democrats and we have a bunch of pathetic, whiny, losers who want to protect terrorists from tortures.

  • disqus_KwgiMZNJ54

    it’s been declared already that torture does not work, please go back and research. whining has nothing to do with it. just like science has nothing to do with your president elect for some reason.

  • USWeeklyHatesComments

    And ISIS thinks cutting heads off are positive thing.

    Telling the world that the US believes torture works just screws the safety of every American abroad.

  • shoes4life

    This fool is truly goung to cause wars with other countries. The things he is saying in the 5 minutes I just watched has me concerned, very concerned. If Americans are traveling abroad you need to be very careful just in case there is retaliation due to Grump’s mouth.

  • Jaye

    This is what the uninformed don’t understand. They’re all for talking tough, but they haven’t thought of the consequences of taking action on some of the things Trump has said. Trump’s mouth will be his undoing; the man does not have a filter.

  • Joy

    I think I have it figured out. For several years repubs have been
    forced to share like a nice person would. Now they are yelling “MINE! MINE!” and shaking their tiny fists.
    And now they start taking everything backwards thirty five years.

  • FerCat

    ‘agents and soldiers captured will be subject to torture’
    That already happens anyway. And no, I don’t support torture.

  • Do Tell

    Hopefully the evangelicals surrounding President Trump will remind him during his presidency that their bibles say to be quick to hear and slow to speak… and slow to anger.

  • John Dow

    8 years of Obama policies screwed the safety of every American abroad.

  • John Dow

    I don’t care if it doesn’t work as a method of interrogation. I’m all for torturing the terrorists and their sympathizers. They kill innocent people. they don’t deserve any compassion.

  • Beatriztprice

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  • janiedoeie

    It could be worse. Some at least now follow the Geneva Convention.

  • janiedoeie

    Those in power love power and trick their followers into doing their bidding. The heads aren’t doing any suicide missions. Their underlings should challenge that.

  • janiedoeie

    That’s a matter for the judicial system. Remember the innocent until proven guilty and then sentencing. Vigilantism only creates more chaos.

  • janiedoeie

    Many only use religion when it suits them. The true believers wouldn’t back someone like him.