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Donald Trump Moves Forward With Wall, Mexican President Enrique Pena Responds

Donald Trump Moves Forward With Wall, Mexican President Enrique Pena Responds

Donald Trump signed two executive orders for the construction of a wall on the Unites States-Mexico border.

The President confirmed in an interview with ABC News that U.S. taxpayers will pay for it, but said the country will be reimbursed by Mexico.

“All it is, is we’ll be reimbursed at a later date from whatever transaction we make from Mexico,” Trump said. “I’m just telling you there will be a payment. It will be in a form, perhaps a complicated form. What I’m doing is good for the United States. It’s also going to be good for Mexico. We want to have a very stable, very solid Mexico.”

As for when construction will begin, Trump said, “As soon as we can, as soon as we can physically do it, I would say in months, yeah. I would say in months — certainly planning is starting immediately.”

Mexican President Enrique Peña later responded with a video on Twitter, saying (translated by CNN), “Mexico does not believe in walls. I’ve said time again; Mexico will not pay for any wall.

“Mexico offers its friendship to the people of the United States and expresses its wish to arrive at agreements with its government, deals that will be in favor of Mexico and the Mexicans,” he added.

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  • NerdyBirdy

    oh fuck off Enrique. maybe if you were a good president, your people wouldn’t feel the need to come here!!

  • Silly People

    Trump can’t make Mexico pay for it. Taxpayers will be paying.

  • Do Tell

    President Trump. He IS a wheeler and a dealer.

    How could Trump get Mexico to pay for the wall? Hmm… My guess is that Mexico will NOT hand over any kind of physical check or payment. Instead, I see Trump building the wall with U.S. money and then later on “pulling a fast one” on Mexico.

    If the U.S. currently helps Mexico in any way monetarily, Trump could probably cut off that help and instead keep the money.

    Who knows? Anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

  • Juan Cocco

    i think canada is thinking the same thing

  • j b

    The deplorables that elected Trump don’t even pay taxes so why would they care about real tax payers having to fund the wall.

  • John Dow

    Trump wants to use money seized from Mexican drug cartels and people traffickers to pay for the border wall.

  • Beatriztprice

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  • FrenchGirl

    Do you know there is already a physical wall between USA and Mexico ?

  • Ash

    Yes but that wall is clearly ineffective. We need a bigger wall and Trump will realize that.

  • Ash

    We don’t pay taxes? Come on, even you know deep inside you sound really ignorant.

  • Cooper

    Mexico doesn’t believe in walls? Do they not believe in secure borders? Is that why they aren’t busing over to our border? Oh wait they are. Mexico needs to cut it out with their moral superiority over immigration because they enforce there laws why should America be any different? Also, fyi for all the Hillary Clinton voters, she voted to have fences built between Mexico and the US. The only difference between a fence and a wall is one is far easier for people coming over to tear down.

  • Cooper

    When he taxes their products yes he in fact can make them pay for it. We could also shut them down and stop importing any of their products. Their economy is pretty reliant on us and Trump is smart enough to know that. Others not so much.

  • Jack Mack

    Maybe “Wall of China” like??? That should do the trick!!

  • Jack Mack

    If we could only just deport Girly-Boy Bieber back to Canada. Now you’d have something there!!!!

  • Esoteric11

    You know they can just tunnel under the wall. Plus most immigrants from Mexico that are here came here by plane and their visas have expired.

  • Do Tell

    If President Trump could do that, great.

    But like I’ve stated before on these boards, the drug cartels… ruthless, heartless, scary people. I would seriously fear for Trump’s life. When they want to “take someone out,” they do it somehow. It’s an evil business and evil doesn’t go quietly.

  • USWeeklyHatesComments

    Joe McCarthy and Reagan are rolling in their graves.

  • lamcha

    If Trump wants a wall then he should pay for it. He’s going to make America the laughing stock of the world.

  • Mrs. Freeze

    Trump refuses to answer the question that we, the taxpayers are going to get stuck paying for this wall. That was the plan all along.

  • Mrs. Freeze

    We already the laughing stock of the world with this showboat running our country.

  • Juan Cocco

    haha good one jack!

  • persononhere

    i guess you didn’t stay in school long enough to learn about tariffs

  • Silly People

    I understand what a tariff is thanks. Trump is going back and forth on the tariff he wants to impose on Mexican imports to pay for the wall because it could hurt Americans. Economists in Texas are already saying how much damage this tax will do to them.