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Chris Evans Gets Into Twitter Argument with Former KKK Leader

Chris Evans Gets Into Twitter Argument with Former KKK Leader

Chris Evans is speaking out against former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke on Twitter after the white nationalist praised the confirmation President Trump‘s choice for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

“Mr. Trump’s appointment of Bannon, Flynn and Sessions are the first steps in the project of taking America back,” Duke tweeted.

Chris quoted Duke‘s tweet and added, “If David Duke….DAVID!…DUKE!… thinks you’re right, then you are unequivocally wrong. The confirmation of @jeffsessions is beyond words.”

Click inside to see how David Duke responded and the rest of the interaction…

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  • Mark Jekabson

    As politically correct as Chris Evan’s seems to be there is actually a flaw in his logic. Aristotle would disagree. Although if twitter offered enough space for him to preface his tweet with “…In matters concerning National Politics…” and maybe find a more suitable alternative to the word ‘unequivicably’ he would probably be right. I don’t mean to seem like I’m coming to David Dukes defense and this gets into matters that are strictly of opinion but on the face of it the outraged tweet rang false, like saying that if David Duke likes pumpkin pie then anyone else who also likes pumpkin pie is guilty by association and therefore wrong for liking it. Logic deals with the overlapping of ‘unequivocal’ statements which is why I thought to bring this up.

  • Cooper

    I don’t know why every pretty person who makes their living off being pretty has to make sure where they are politically. Even if you are right I don’t care about your opinion.

  • Benny Ehud

    Why do you think what YOU care about matters all that much to them?

  • Mark Jekabson

    That’s fine. Everyone is entitled to one.

  • Visitor

    Calling someone a dumb actor when you voted for a dumb reality show clown. #tonedeaf

  • Visitor

    “like saying that if David Duke likes pumpkin pie then anyone else who also likes pumpkin pie is guilty by association and therefore wrong for liking it.”

    Racism isn’t pumpkin pie, and neither are Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions who are WELL-DOCUMENTED white supremacists/racists/anti-semites.

    So, yes, birds of a feather stick together. If you support Trump, Sessions and Bannon, chances are you are not very different from them.

  • Visitor

    They don’t care about your opinions either. And everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that includes famous people.

  • Louis Marschalko

    You can’t stump the Trump!
    You can’t barrage the Farage!
    You can’t spook the Duke!

  • Nightwish

    Nonsense liberal generalizing and name-calling gets so tiresome to hear from you leftists. Hitler was very nationalistic and put his country first, so because i want americans prioritized with jobs and other benefits of being a citizen, then would you imply that i’m just like hitler? Idiocy and cheap labeling is all you guys have to offer.

    I am opposed to the systematic destruction of the entire middle east along the with creation of millions of refugees in the process, and if Israeli interests are enabling such a travesty then i am anti israel in that regard. Does that make me an acolyte of david duke? Of course not. You guys are asinine.

    Yet the lefts hypocrisy knows no bounds. On the one hand they fight for muslims to enter our country without restriction and in the same breath fully sanction our military’s agenda to war in the middle east for the next hundred years. Fools.

  • Mark Jekabson

    I don’t support Trump, Sessions or Bannon and am pleased at whatever losses can be handed to them and those that endorse their point of view, such as the victory in the 9th circuit court of appeal that suspended the ban on travel from majority-Muslim countries and the conflict of interest that landed Kellyanne Conway in hot water this morning. My argument was more with the words Mr. Evans used to voice his dissatisfaction and the fact that they were rhetorically unsound. In terms of debate, saying that someone else being wrong makes you right because they are so loathesome doesn’t do much to advance your cause because your cause isn’t depicted as standing on it’s own merits, but rather on the demerits of someone else. My pumpkin pie comment was just to try to establish why this argument doesn’t work when put in an objective context. If you say ‘anything someone agrees with is ‘unequivocably’ (meaning unarguably) wrong it would stand that this applies to pumpkin pie as well hence the example. I guess the reason I spoke up at all, given that this is a subject of great controversy, is because I want the left to win and in most cases the victories that are being tallied by the left have been won in a legal context, like the Army Corps. of engineers stopping the Dakota pipeline construction from going through when it was proven that it would cause harm to the Sioux tribe’s water supply. My point is that politics isn’t fought most effectively in twitter wars or marches (although these are great for consciousness-raising and community building) but in the legal system set up by our government. If we really want to defeat Trump we need less emphasis on waving signs and decrying his outrages on social media and more emphasis on actually getting Democrats to take back control of the House and the Senate, similar to what the tea party did in the 2010 election when hundreds of small business owners ran for office on a ‘no new taxes’ ticket. That is what landed us in the hot water we are in now with Republican majorities in both houses. The other argument I have with what Mr. Evans seems to be stating is that it repressents a kind of essentialism that seems to be prevalent on college campuses now where people are deemed to have either a more or less valid perspective based on essential qualities that are supposedly intrinsic to their point of view. The idea that someone is more entitled to an opinion than someone else because of race, class gender etc. comes from this and runs counter to general principals of egalitarianism. Resentments over this crisis of representation fueled Trump’s supporters and probably cost the Democrats the election.

  • Sansa Squad

    HELL YES!! go get ‘em, real-life captain america

  • Wendy

    So only non famous people are allowed to have opinions? Gotcha.

  • Cooper

    No one said that. I just don’t get why every single one of the men has to voice their political opinion every minute of the day. And it’s really who it comes from. What has Evans ever done for woman, minorities, etc. it’s just lip service so gen can get publicity. At least other celebs are actual activists. And no offense he isn’t exactly known for his brain it’s like looking to Megan Fox to solve the worlds problems.

  • Wendy

    Ahh, but that’s the beauty of twitter, anyone can tweet their opinions no matter how stupid they are. I mean, it can be said for both sides. But it’s not celebrities fault that they have millions more followers than average people so it’s seen more.