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Jennifer Aniston Gets Birthday Love from Justin Theroux in Sweet Instagram Selfie

Jennifer Aniston Gets Birthday Love from Justin Theroux in Sweet Instagram Selfie

Jennifer Aniston turns 48 years old today!

The Friends actress (who never seems to age, let’s be real) received some sweet birthday wishes from her husband, Justin Theroux, on her special day.

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“HBDJ❤,” Justin simply wrote along with the Instagram selfie below. “XO.”

In the pic, Jen blows a kiss to the camera while Justin flashes a grin.

It looks the like the happy couple are having a great day together, possibly at a tropical location?

Happy birthday, Jen!

A photo posted by @justintheroux on

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Adriana M. Barraza; Photos: WENN
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  • Joy B Angie

    A very cool selfie.
    DRF, where is your congratulation ?

  • Mayette de Guzman

    Happy bday Jen! Faniston 4ever.

  • Gala

    Happy birthday Jennifer !!!!

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    Happy B-DAY

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