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Meryl Streep's Stylist Clarifies Conversations with 'Chanel' Over Oscars Dress

Meryl Streep's Stylist Clarifies Conversations with 'Chanel' Over Oscars Dress

Meryl Streep‘ stylist is speaking out following controversy surrounding the dress she is set to wear to the upcoming Oscars ceremony.

The legendary actress was in talks with Chanel but Karl Lagerfeld claims that Meryl decided against the dress unless the company would pay her.

“As a stylist working with a nominee for any major event, it’s industry standard for designers to propose gown ideas and sketches – some custom, some not depending on the occasion. In the case of Chanel‘s submission, which was presented with full knowledge that Ms. Streep and I – her stylist – were having conversations with various brands, we were shown sketches of a dress from their most recent couture collection. Although [it was] an exquisite gown from the existing collection, we decided to go in a different direction, with another designer,” her stylist Micaela Erlanger said in a statement.

Micaela added, “At no point were there any conversations regarding monetary compensation. Nor were any other brands considered based on their willingness to pay for placement. This is not how my company operates and is very much a practice in conflict with Ms. Streep‘s personal ethics. Any reports or quotes stating otherwise are a complete fabrication.”

Chanel followed up by releasing their own statement, which agreed with Meryl‘s stylist.

Click inside to read Chanel’s statement…

Chanel engaged in conversations with Ms. Streep‘s stylist to design a dress for her to wear to the Academy Awards, with the full understanding that she was considering options from other design houses. When informed by the stylist that Ms. Streep had chosen a dress by another designer there was no mention of the reason. Chanel wishes to express our continued and deep respect for Ms. Streep.”

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  • Effy

    Kunty Karl is just being a miserable bitch again.

  • Mar

    I call BS from Chanel. Meryl Streep did an interview just a few years ago that she contemplates buying the dresses and how awful it was that celebrities are frowned upon for wearing something more than once. In an interview with David Letterman a few years ago, she mentioned she was wearing a dress her daughter bought her. I saw her wearing that same dress multiple times to different events. She was in “The Devil Wears Prada” and talked about the ridiculousness of the fashion industry for crying out loud. Meryl Streep is not a diva nor cares for that materialistic BS.

    I personally love fashion, hair, and makeup, but the industry is appalling.

  • MonkeyMagyk

    She’s just another Hollywood hypocrite! Claimed she was moving to Canada if Trump won! Still here! Her taxes would be a lot higher there, they all found that out and none of the hypocrites who claimed they’d move to Canada actually moved. It would have hit ‘em where it hurts, their huge bank accounts! People who think these Hollywood better than thou’s really care about them are sadly deluded!

  • HG

    There was definitely a misunderstanding or just pure pettiness going on. As famous as she is, she seems pretty low key when it comes to the outfits she wears and even tends to re-wear her outfits on red carpets. So it’s hard to imagine her doing this. (Unlike celebs like Anne Hathaway who through a fit days before the Oscars because someone had a similar dress to her…) I wasn’t there for the conversation, but I feel like Meryl is telling the truth.

  • Mar

    These people voted AGAINST Trump cutting wealthy millionaire taxes, which he is doing and raising it for the middle class (to benefit himself and his millionaire friends) All the unfortunate president is worried about is his own bank account. So you’re very wrong about that, bud. And higher taxes equals free healthcare actually, among other things.

    People who think Trump really cares about them are sadly deluded!

  • Mark Jekabson

    One real question remains… and I’m not sure if it’s been answered… and that is: was the reporter that meryl streep was referring to in her golden globes speech actually disabled. The records should show whether or not this particular person was singled out by mr. trump for humiliation and the question remains: was he really a disabled reporter who was made fun of by a person in power or was Mr. Trump simply going to his routine of imaitating a person who is incompetent as if he is a disabled person. But that’s a question I want to know: was there really a disabled reporter who was made fun of by donald trump and then defended by Meryl streep. because it could have been just as I saw it in the news clip: Donald trump making fun of someone, disabled or not. And if this is what ms. streep was appalled at she has every right to be but the question remains: was there an actual disabled reporter who was made fun of or was mr. trumps shorthand for incompetence mereley crossing the line into disabled territory. I’d like to know.

  • cutitout

    Did she really claim to be moving to Canada? Cite your source please. We’ll wait…..

  • cutitout

    Lagerfeld is either lying or misinformed.

  • surreal

    She never said she will move to Canada, you liar. Chelsea Handler etc. did.

  • The truth is ALWAYS out there

    The world (most of it) is destroying the twin flame God created for everyone to see. It is still incomplete and split and being annihilated. See and read more on the link (site) and throughout his threads for the truth!!! The truth is ALWAYS out there!!! My BFF is missing the other half of her soul and existence from being so lost and without. This girl has been in agony all of life and misplaced. She has suffered massive hurt, pain and torment since she was a child that no one can possibly understand. The games that are still being played against him by others in Hollywood. Which is preventing the two halves of this one powerful twin flame love from being re-joined. The people who know and see what this is, need to stand up now and support the truth by spreading the word in any way they can. God blesses those who stand behind His work and His creations in helping reach the truth about their separation. You can go to the link below and that will take you to the additional pages of information on the truth.

  • mafragias

    i vote for pettines…. :P

  • MHR

    Wow Chanel actually throwing Lagerfeld under the bus! I guess it’s finally time for Karl to retire.

  • Phil the Donahue

    LOL, who cares

  • Phil the Donahue

    Spaz. They give more to charity than politicians. Duh. I’m sorry u were beat as a kid.

  • Mia_13

    Karl is 83, maybe he has dementia? Also, has anyone ever seen him without dark sunglasses? I’m curious what he looks like under that scary demeanor.

  • Multipass
  • Feddupp

    Meryl never said she would move to Canada. You’re a lying twat just like your role model President Orange Anus.

  • MonkeyMagyk

    You are an idiot, when did I ever say I supported Trump? More liberal hate and just because Streep said she was only joking doesn’t make her any less guilty than the rest. By the way all of your Hollywood IDOLS are still here in the US. When they found out how much more they would be shelling out in taxes with their high income jobs they all ran to stay right here. If you think Hollywood stars are on the side of the little guy you are not only an idiot but a GULLIBLE ONE!

  • MonkeyMagyk

    How much do you give to charity? You know they do not give CASH to charity don’t you? They think their time is worth a whole lot more than it is. There are a few exceptions but most will do a free concert here or there but when it comes to ANYTHING coming out of their own pocket, forget it! One of the big ones who DOES give from her own bank account is Sandra Bullock who gave 1 Million Dollars to the Haiti relief fund after the earthquake. Others gave free concerts and their old clothes for auction. I believe Jay Leno gave a motorcycle for auction. A couple of others, I forget their names gave cash as well. Madonna is one. But the ones who give more than their time or things they have laying around the house are few and far between. I am not impressed with Hollywood, never have been and never will be. Tell me, do you work any less hard for the pittance you get compared to those snotty, over blown, egotistical idiots? How do you know WHAT politicians give to charity. They are smarter than any of the Hollywood crowd even if they only do give to charity to get the BIG TAX WRITE OFFS with come with charitable donations. And please…..Phil the Donahue? You are giving away your age there just a bit, SPAZ! LOL!

  • MonkeyMagyk

    She did but says she was joking around. There are a number of movie forums where people are also stating she said she would move but then took it back. Here’s one with a lot of other really stupid things that came out of Streeps mouth. She is one of the least talented actresses I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching and seems a lot of other people agree. Have a read about how she is afraid of being deported because she made a statement about moving to Canada if Trump won. Deported??? (this is just a link to one page of a 7 page thread on Streep and Trump)
    It is also interesting to read a couple of the old time Hollywood stars had a rule about politics. Entertainers do not get involved in politics and they feel Hollywood is dead wrong for what they are doing now. Seems they are violating some kind of code. I am not well read on ANYTHING Hollywood because I think very little of any of them. The only really gifted actors I find are on stage, once they hit Hollywood something is lost except maybe in the case of Patrick Stewart, LOL!
    I wanted to also say thank you for not calling me names for making a negative statement about someone in Hollywood. A couple of others above thought it more intelligent to insult me and basically said the same thing you did. I only commented this is what she said because there are a good number of places on line where people say she DID state she would move to Canada. I don’t know about the comment she made about being deported or what she meant. Most are calling her an idiot for saying it but I thought she was an US Citizen and if you are a US citizen you can’t be deported. Go figure. It’s all in the thread I posted above. Glad I remembered where I read it. (

  • surreal

    “She did but says she was joking around” – nuff said.

    Btw I wouldn’t have said anything when you would have called out Handler or Dunham because they really said they will move to Canada in case he wins but I doubt that Canada would want them ;) so have a nice day.

  • Feddupp

    You’re a moron, you claimed that she said she’ll move to Canada. So myob.

  • MonkeyMagyk

    More insults? MYOB? This is a forum you fool. I can give my opinion if I wish. How old are you to still be worshiping ANYONE in Hollywood. If you think those overblown, rich, loud mouth, self important idiots care about anyone who is not in their social circle then you need to grow-up. The only thing they care about is their image and if they get involved they look soooo good to the democrats who are unfortunately soooo impressed by Hollywood they can not see that which comes out of their mouths could just as easily be coming out their a$$. I don’t know how I even got on this forum. One of those stupid little oops, I’m in the stupid part of the Internet again.
    Call me what you will because I’m not going to see it. I’m not going to be back here.