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Brie Larson Speaks About Not Clapping for Casey Affleck at Oscars 2017

Brie Larson Speaks About Not Clapping for Casey Affleck at Oscars 2017

Brie Larson was asked about her reaction to Casey Affleck winning the Best Actor 2017 Academy Award for Manchester By the Sea.

The Internet noticed that when Brie presented Casey with the award, she stood with her arms by her side while he was given a standing ovation by the crowd.

“I think that whatever it was that I did onstage kind of spoke for itself,” Brie said to Vanity Fair. “I’ve said all that I need to say about that topic.”

While filming I’m Still Here, Casey was sued by two women for sexual harassment. The allegations were settled out of court and Casey has denied any wrong-doing.

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  • Truth

    Finally the real girl in Hollywood who isn’t scared to stand for other women, isn’t scared powerful assholes in the industry!!! Bravo! Love you Brie!

  • tia maria

    Bravo for what? She wasn’t standing up for anyone when she did not clap when Casey won the Oscar. She just came across as unprofessional.

  • PamelaAnderson22

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  • tom

    The Afflecks are assholes

  • Truth

    Unprofessional??? Hahaha!! She has her own Oscar(her work in “the room” was amazing much better than Casey’s lame acting that was performed in his every movie)!
    And for a second, Assfleck was sued by TWO women for sexual harassment! Why would she stay there on the stage pretend she is happy for this POS? If you don’t know even the president of US was called out for the “pussy grabbing “!!!
    If you haven’t seen “the Room”, you should. If you don’t get what the victims feel than you don’t have heart and you are probably dead inside!

  • Nelson

    Props to her.

  • RayonLight

    Unprofessional ? she showed up to every award show she needed to be present, she handed the award like a professional. It still doesn’t mean she can’t voice her own feelings and stand by what she feels is right. She said, “OK, I’ll do it, but my way” nothing wrong with that.

    If Hollywood wants to turn a blind eye, so be it, but don’t expect for everyone to do the same.

  • GFW

    150% unprofessional and arrogant.

  • Visitor


  • Lene

    Yeah.. .good for her for just assuming guilt in a case that was settled by everyone involved. Ridiculous. Two women from the same movie also defended Casey but I guess that doesn’t matter? Settling a case instead of spending tons of money going to court is not an admission of guilt.

  • tia maria

    Sexual harassment is not the same as sexual abuse although both are wrong (Brie’s character in Room was raped). As someone who has been sexually harassed in the past, I know exactly how it feels and highly doubt that can be compared in anyway to being sexually abused by someone.

  • 777

    It is actually. Maybe not when it comes to other crimes, but when it comes to sexual assault, it’s not just about the money, it’s about your goos name. If he was innocent, he would’ve spent tons of money to prove it.

  • RayonLight

    He’s a public figure and image is important when it comes to what he does for a living. This also shows how good connections and money can change an outcome.

  • Michele V

    His performance was not lame no matter what you think of him.

  • alorwa

    I guess nowadays professionalism means you should have nothing to stand for. Well, brava Brie for refusing to celebrate this culture of “turning a blind eye” in Hollywood.

  • D’Fwan

    I love her! She just doesn’t care about hollywood politics.

  • Benny Ehud

    She hugged him, however.

  • agus

    It was civil lawsuit since, it wasn’t about guilty/innocent but paying money. Knowing the court in the USA they still will be during the court battle. And Brie Larson should think twice because she will never know what can happen to her, false accusations are quite common in Hollywood.

  • MattS123

    Hollyweird wants Roman Polanski to be able to come back to the US even though he raped a minor but they give Casey Affleck so much hate over what he did. It looks like he had a major drinking problem back then which he probably got from his father. Maybe people need to move on. This is why you shouldn’t drink. When you get drunk you can do a lot of stupid things.

  • Anna

    And yet she kissed and hugged him..

    If she really wanted to take a stand, she wouldn’t have accepted presenting when he was nominated and had a chance of winning. Sorry but I don’t buy her bs. She was standing there smiling and trying to look pretty, probably forgot to clap.

  • CCEkeke

    Its not something she chose to do. Last year’s best actress always presents the Oscar to this year’s best actor. Same with last year’s best actor presenting the award to this year’s best actor. Not doing it would have pissed off the Oscar folks, regardless of her appropriate reasons.

  • CCEkeke

    Its not something she chose to do. Last year’s best actress always presents the Oscar to this year’s best actor. Same with last year’s best actor presenting the award to this year’s best actor. Not doing it would have pissed off the Oscar folks, regardless of her appropriate reasons.

  • persononhere

    she won’t clap for him, but kissing on the cheek is A-OK! another brainless actress thinking she’s important and special

  • LolaLola

    I can’t stand her. Pompous pretentious ass. I doubt she’ll get another Oscar nom soon since she’s completely sold out for the money. And unprofessional.

  • LolaLola

    oh yes she does which is why she acted like an ass presenting Casey his well deserved Oscar. She’s just another liberal idiot.

  • LolaLola

    Casey is very low key and not a fame whore. His work in MBTS was extraordinary, which is why he won

  • LolaLola

    His performance was brilliant which is why he won the Oscar. She’ll never get another one.


    Did you miss the part where she hugged him?

  • Kenneth

    Agus. Finally the voice of reason. It was a settled civil case and no criminal charges were ever thought of. Brie has no right to ASSume anything about it. It was between the parties involved. Brie is unprofessional and I will not go see Kong Skull Island because of it. That’s MY political statement about her and the movie studios that think of hiring her in the future can feel free to take note.

  • Mara

    On one hand I commend her for this. But on the other hand, nothing was proven, so it does seem a little unfair that people are just assuming his guilt.

  • Mara

    I have never understood how Polanski is still so highly regarded in Hollywood.

  • Kenneth

    For starters Casey Affleck doesn’t nor has he ever had, “tons of money”. And you ought to know that when people pay out “tons of money” to make BS accusations go away, that’s a public invitation for everyone to come after you for a piece. Maybe you should look up what actually happened with that case of “sexual harassment” against him. He was filming the docu. about Joaquin Phoenix and two female crew members needed a place to crash. Casey allowed them to stay at his apartment. He offered one woman his own bedroom. When the woman accepted he apparently got his signals crossed and thought the woman wanted more than to sleep in his bed. He went into the room that night and got into bed. The woman jumped up and told him to leave. He asked her if she was sure she wanted him to and she said yes, she was sure. He left them room and slammed the door obviously disappointed by the rejection. That was IT. He propositioned her and she turned him down and he stormed out disappointed about it. And that makes him this super villain people keep labeling a rapist. Brie Larson needs to get her damn facts straight before giving the cold shoulder. The only thing Casey is guilty of doing is attempting to cheat on his wife. Which even then we don’t know the whole story there. Their relationship may have already been over when that happened but the divorce hadn’t been filed yet. So this woman and her other friend went after Casey for sexual harassment and he settled to stop a media circus from surrounding him. And that is something that happens in Hollywood all the time. It doesn’t make people a criminal that want to protect their reputation from an over-zealous news media desperate for a head to put on a lance..

  • MissBrandy

    Whenever cases don’t go to court, dude is so seriously guilty. His wife left him at the same time he was doing this stuff, and he and Hollywood are disgusting!!!l

  • KimmyBee

    Yet she gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski, child molester and rapist, after full well knowing what he did. Hypocrite I think!

  • KimmyBee

    No she didn’t. The allegations were in 2010. They split up in 2016…

  • KimmyBee

    She gave Polanski a standing ovation, knowing full well what he had done, but apparently sexual harassment allegations are worse than being arrested for raping a 13 year old. She is an avid Bill Clinton supporter too, multiple sexual abuse charges. So hypocritical.

  • Luisma

    I can assure you she doesn’t even know what was his situation simply stupid.

  • KimmyBee

    I thought he was incredible, as did many others. People should take off their hate goggles :)

  • Surf Monkey

    Oh Brie, it’s not like your career has “taken off” just yet. There are thousands of others waiting to take your place.

  • Jo

    He’s not a rapist – it was a consensual relationship in Europe. The woman even said so.

  • Jo

    I agree 100%. Most of the public doesn’t know ANY details but are so quick to believe anyone who makes a claim (which could be for money, attention, a story, etc)

  • lpcristhy

    how or why is she 100% sure he is guilty?? I mean I don’t think he has the rights to judge someone if she doesn’t know the truth like everybody…I think she is trying to get attention.

  • Gina

    Professionalism shouldn’t have to come at the expense of one’s integrity. She was able display both that night, so good for her.

  • LolaLola

    only actors vote for best actor and his peers obviously agreed we us who thought his performance was brilliant

  • Joy

    Are you being serious? Have you read back over your own words? GROSS. Both him and you.

  • Joy

    Why do you think you know what he did? Were you there? Or are you just a perv apologist who sees his own creep in the creepy men around him?

  • LoriAllen11

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  • RayonLight

    Two different topics.

  • RayonLight

    Two different topics.

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