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Are Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas Leaving 'Once Upon a Time'?

Are Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas Leaving 'Once Upon a Time'?

It appears that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas might be leaving Once Upon a Time at the end of the current sixth season and the show itself could be getting a reboot for season seven.

Deals for all actors on the ABC fantasy series are up at the end of the season and Ginnifer and Josh, who are married with children in real life, reportedly are planning on this being their last year on the show, according to Deadline.

ABC Studios is looking at rebooting Once Upon a Time with original cast members Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Robert Carlyle, and Colin O’Donoghue as the focus.

“Regardless of what we decide to do at the end of this season, I think (the show’s creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis) think they would put a little bit of a bow here, and then there is a next piece that comes after that,” ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said in January while hinting at the reboot. “There will be a little bit of closure in this particular narrative.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about a reboot of Once Upon a Time?

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  • Kee FRIEND Leichtle

    I don’t want this show to ever end but I wouldn’t mind saying good-bye to Snow and Charming. I love Ginny and Josh but their characters get on my nerves a lot.

  • Nicky Aiuto

    You have no proof that. It does not mean a thing. Let me in inform all of you something straight and clear. Two Sundays ago there were many Gosh Red interview carpets in an award ceremony. In fact, Josh stated and reinforced the idea that there no place he would rather be than working with his wife on a tv show. Once gives them that chance and they may never have it again. That is an obvious clue that those two are most likely not through. And for that, would most likely still be regulars for the show. And like Adam informed and pointed out (which I have to tell repeatedly), Snow is the heart of the Show, so there is no one to replace her easil .

  • Nicky Aiuto

    Since when have they ever gone on your nerves? That sounds like nonsense there.

  • 777

    Colin isn’t an original cast member.

  • Romina Marino

    you are soooo right, and if they “reboot” the original cast, it won’t feel like once upon a time

  • Nicky Aiuto

    The only regulars who most likely can be rebooted are those who were hardly did a thing like Robin and Will Scarlet were. And I don’t mean Snowing cause they still did a lot as we are seeing now. I meant people like Zelena and Hook, they hardly did a thing.

  • disquser

    I for one will be glad to see Belle go. That story has been played out for years, it’s like Groundhog Day, every season the same..Gold goes bad, Belle has blind faith/feels betrayed/gives an ultimatum, Gold tries to be good, fails. Repeat. The baby story line really jumped the shark. It went from Gold disregarding Belle’s feeling to active abuse. The creators and Carlyle always thought Rumpelstiltskin should be a loner, they only caved to fan sentiment. Please give Belle some dignity and a happy ending with SOMEONE ELSE. Just painful at this point.

  • disquser

    One more post and I’m out…the show stopped being as interesting to me when they dropped interesting side characters (Red, Leroy, Nova, Dr. Hopper) to bring in the villain/hero of the month. I love the core characters and the side characters from the first year and I’d love to see more of all of them as we did in season 1. I just can’t warm to the whole Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Aladdin and Jasmine, guest characters that come in for an episode or two and then go out again thing they’ve been doing for several seasons now. I also miss Emma being a little skeptical of the whole fairy tale set-up. I mean, she took a chainsaw to Regina’s apple tree the first year, how awesome was that? And Snow as the Outlaw Queen, that was terrific…sigh :(

  • Annettejbranch

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  • Kayleigh Pierce

    A reboot? How can there be a reboot? It’s still going on. IMO Snow and Charming’s story has kinda been run dry. Time for the next generation of true love to begin. Killian and Emma. 💕😍❤

  • Nicky Aiuto

    On the contrary Kayleigh. It’s CS who has gone dry. They haven’t boosted any ratings for the show and season 5 sunk for that. Only Snowing rose higher numbers since Labor of Love
    And Heartless. You and your lack of logic and sense. Look at the fact here.

    And you just said your opinion, but you are not correct.

    And besides, they hardly had any screen time together this season.

  • Keith Kaczala

    Might be time to say good bye to Once Upon a Time.

  • Druma Maila

    Because you would know when another person is annoyed. You’re so pathetic it’s beyond words lol If another person sees them as annoying then this is how they feel, not you. People think differently and not all lack logic like yourself.
    This wins the dumbest comment I have ever seen on the internet.
    It could be your command over English is poor (like your logic lol!) but still — it’s extremely stupid to think people would enjoy something as much as you do.
    I do find snow and prince annoying — it’s up to me to think and decide this, not you- The illogical Snow and Charming fan.

  • Druma Maila

    “And you just said your opinion, but you are not correct.” LMAIO So how you take it upon you to judge the opinions of people.
    ok I take back what I said; you aren’t pathetic. You are stupid. That’s all. Zero logic and stupid.

  • Nicky Aiuto

    No you are the stupid one. See how you liked being called names troll boy? I was looking at the ratings. I saw the numbers boosting when from episodes that involves Snowing Centrics either together or seperate. And when I said in your I opinion but you are not correct, I meant only in your opinion not a fact. You are making your opinions sound like they are actual facts when they are not. From what you wrongly thought about me or what falsely, makes you the one who is pathetic and stupid. And you don’t you don’t even know what your talking about. That also makes have zero logic and stupid like all trolls who are foul mouths like are now. I already showed plenty valid points here and in other forums. So watch your foul mouth.

  • Nicky Aiuto

    I here the person say they get annoyed, but he or she does not explain why. That’s what I asked. Saying without reason sometimes makes them a troll like you are behaving. And I am so logical. More than you are the getting the wrong message and trolling others. In fact, you are not showing what reason you are annoyed with Snowing. That makes still makes you pathetic and illogical.
    You on the other hand are the one who sounds like you have poor English is foul language. Go listen to yourself the way you’re speaking. You don’t know what you’re talking about. And you really need to shut up. Everything you wrongly said about is more related to you. Shit for brains.
    And you wonder why folks don’t like foul mouthed trolls like you. No wonder you haven’t got any friends from forums the way you talk to them.

  • Holly

    That’s fine with me because I too find Ginnifer Goodwin annoying as Snow White. In the first season she was ok, but when she went to frumpy girl with pixie hair, well, the character wasn’t appealing in my opinion. I liked her as the huntress with long hair and strength, all in the right balance. Prince Charming too, could have been cast better, I think. I love this show, and am glad they’re going to re-boot it!!! What a great idea!

  • Jay Kay

    I love that idea. Time to send them back to rule their kingdom!