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Brad Pitt Appears Slimmed Down in New Photos

Brad Pitt Appears Slimmed Down in New Photos

New photos of Brad Pitt have emerged in which he looks more skinny than he has in a long time.

The 53-year-old actor was spotted arriving at an art studio on Thursday (March 30) in Los Angeles.

Brad has slimmed down after working out “almost daily,” according to People. A source told the mag that he has “lost a few pounds,” but that he’s “in very good shape.”

“He’s healthy and much happier,” the source said. “Things with his family have improved, all is being addressed privately, and it’s serving everyone in the family well.”

FYI: Brad is wearing Etnia Barcelona vintage sunglasses.

15+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt looking thin in his latest appearance…

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brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 01
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 02
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 03
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 04
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 05
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 06
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 07
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 08
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 09
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 10
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 11
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 12
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 13
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 14
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 15
brad pitt appears slimmed down in new photos 16

Photos: Coleman-Rayner
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  • whodunit?

    I wish them all the best. It’s been a rough time. Its taken its toll on Brad physically. Glad they’re working it out in a positive way now. Wish them all continued success, happiness and peace.

  • persononhere

    he doesn’t look healthy

  • tboz

    No , just no. too far yes.

  • GroundControl500

    (((((((((( Brad )))))))))

    This is awful. Just awful.

  • yolly

    I hope, Brad and Angie are in a talking terms and working both of them for the healing of the family. God bless the Jolie Pitt family.

  • Cheyenne

    Glad someone besides me thinks he’s lost too much weight. He does not look good. He needs to start taking better care of himself. I almost didn’t recognize him in that pic.

  • myrkeyue .

    Is mouth…Oh Brad, We love you so much, please take care of your health

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  • Alex DSL

    That’s life. That’s what people say…

    You’re riding high in April, shot down in May.

  • Liverwurst

    Getting in shape for the next adventure I bet!;)
    It’s good that he is at least speaking to Angie again and the issues with his children are being addressed and on the mend. Brad has proven he is a wonderful father who will not give up his rights!!

  • Sean Carter


  • Sean Carter

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  • Ause Ekel

    He doesn’t look healthy at all. I do hope he gets better soon and their family manages to be fully happy as soon as possible.

  • diyuhac

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  • diyuhac
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  • Macarena

    I wish him all the best, he doesn’t look healthy. Angelina acted like a total b*** with no reason, but karma is going to get her some day…

  • Milly

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  • Miss momma

    This looks like someone with a drug addiction … or some type of addiction . Not healthy at all . Despite what the publisists say .

  • America’s Sweetheart

    He looks good to me…I am glad to hear he is once again happy..It has been a long time coming…Keep up the good work..PJA…

  • DorothyfromOz

    He looks way to skinny, maybe he is doing it for a movie.

  • JC

    Fake news from the Russians again. That is NOT Brad Pitt. Just look at the teeth!

  • brightcrystal

    Please take care of yourself Brad!
    Jolie has those two Crazy women in her ear 24/7 telling her what to do and Brad isn’t apart of their plans

  • cee

    You don’t know that. You are just another believer in tabloid stories. And this garbage about him now focussing on himself is supposed to make us feel sorry for him. He was making care of himself all last year in Europe while Angelina had the kids. So his family was making him unhealthy. He is sounding more selfish and desperate every day.

  • Petunia Van Winkle

    What’s going on with his teefs??

  • TheFantasticMrsFarts

    dude was boozing it up and partying… he’s cleaning up and eating right and getting healthy. Glad to see it.

  • Cheyenne

    According to he’s not working on any movies at this time.

  • DorothyfromOz

    If thats the case then I hope his family is helping him through this hard time. He obviously is letting it affect him. Of course Jolie isn’t looking very healthy either.

  • Cheyenne

    She’s looking better than he does. She’s gained some weight and she looks content. He hasn’t looked content in months. It’s interesting you mention his family, by which I am assuming you mean his parents and siblings. Ever since the split there hasn’t been a word out of them in public. When one is going through a traumatic divorce one wants the support of their immediate family. I know; I’ve been there. But he spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas away from them. I’m wondering just how supportive his family has been.

  • Seriously

    Somebody should ask this Angeloonie why she has 3 accounts to upvote comments:




  • Gizmo

    Why would anyone care.

  • Seriously

    Insane-gelina is in fact known for moving on quickly. She is terrified of being by herself, as her psychopathic personality seeks to harm herself. So she suffers for a deep seated codependency issue as she seeks validation and salvation in others.

    Below is just a teeny-tiny sample of people that have PUMPED ‘n DUMPED Jolie. The list is far-far-FAR from complete, no doubt many more who have and will go unrecognized as having had the good sense to have “hit it” and “quit it”:

    - Johnny Lee Miller (She broke up his live-in relationship, married him, divorced him)
    - Billy Bob Thornton (Was engaged to actress Laura Dern, Angelina came between them, married him, divorced him.)
    - Michael Greyeyes (Married to Nancy Latoszewski father of 2)
    - Michael Biehn (Married to Gina Marsh father of 4)
    - Jude Law (Was married to Sadie Frost, father of 3…Divorced in 2003 because of affair with Angelina Jolie)
    - Elias Koteas (Was dating Heather Graham, then along came Angelina Jolie
    - Jack Black (Unmarried but was in a relationship with Laura Kightlinger)
    - Michael Russo (Divorced after 25 years of marriage, cause of breakup? Angelina)
    - Judd Nelson (Unmarred but affair with Angelina attributed to breakup with Shannen Doherty)
    - George Clooney (Unmarried at the time)
    - Eric Bana (Married to Rebecca Gleeson, father of 2, the marriage survived his and Angelina’s dalliance)
    - Orlando Bloom (Bachelor, but his girlfriend left him after rumors of affair with A.J.)
    - David Duchovny (Father of 2, married to Tia Leoni, they have an “Open Marriage”)
    - Joshua Jackson (Was dating Katie Holmes until A.J.)
    - Barry Watson (Father of 1, his wife Laura Watson divorced him while he was filming a movie with Angelina and it was disclosed that the two were having an affair)
    - Shane West (A.J. sighted with Shane caused breakup with actress Rachael Leigh Cook)
    - Benicio Del Toro ( Chiara Mastroianni apparently caught Angelina and Benicio in a
    compromising situation, had a “girl fight” with A.J. and promptly moved out of home she shared with Del Toro)
    - Edward Norton (Tried juggling both Salma Hayek and Angelina at the same time. Salma got mad and left, then A.J. dumped him a week later)
    - John Cusack (Unmarried, no challenge here)
    - Jared Leto (Was engaged to Cameron Diaz [2000-2002] A.J. saw, wanted, got, didn’t want anymore)
    - Billy Crudup (Before sleeping with Angelina he was engaged to Mary-Louise Parker
    from 1996 until November of 2003 (when she was in the seventh month of
    her pregnancy).
    - Brad Renfro ( Gaby Hoffmann + Brad Renfro + Angelina = Brad alone) Died years later.
    - Kevin Spacey (Unmarried, didn’t work out, he is rumored to be gay)
    - Aidan Quinn (His marriage to Elizabeth Bracco (1 September 1987 – present) 2 children , survived hurricane Angelina)
    - Tom Cruise (She says yes, he denies it)
    - Antonio Banderas (She tempted, he resisted)
    - Patrick Dempsey (Marriage to Jill Fink (31 July 1999 – present) 1 child, survived his affair)
    - Johnny Depp (Brief affair almost causing Depp to lose Lily-Rose Melody Depp his daughter, with Vanessa Paradis)
    - Robert Downey Jr. (Affair with A. J. Caused divorce between Downey and Deborah Falconer (29 May 1992 – 26 April 2004) They had 1 child.
    - John Schneider (Marriage survived affair)
    - Drew Barrymore (Drew had a strange marriage to comedian Tom Green, they both slept with A.J., the marriage didn’t last)
    - Mark Valley (No info)
    - Val Kilmer (Angelina was barely 20 when she had an affair with Kilmer, thus breaking up his marriage to Joanne Whalley, they had 2 children)
    - Jenny Shimizu ( A Japanese-American model and actress. Former auto mechanic. whom Angelina discovered in 1993 at age 25 while sitting on a motorcycle outside of a nightclub with her then-current girlfriend. Jenny and A.J. had lots in common…multiple prominent tattoos.)
    - Colin Farrell (Married Amelia Warner 17 July 2001 , met Angelina in October 2001, wife filed for divorce November 2001)
    - Ethan Hawke (Wife Uma Thurman (1 May 1998 – 20 July 2004) took their 2 children
    and divorced filed for divorce after hubby cheated with Angelina, to whom Uma refers to as “The town pump”)
    - Kiefer Sutherland (Married to Kelly Winn (29 June 1996 – 2003 filed for divorce after
    Sutherland was photographed in a dark romantic corner of a New York
    restaurant with A.J.)
    - Denzel Washington (She pursued, he turned her down)
    - Ryan Phillippe (Had brief affair with A.J., then returned to and married Reese Witherspoon (5 June 1999 – present) they have 2 children.
    - Dennis Quaid (His affair almost caused breakup with Kimberly Buffington to whom he became engaged to in 2004.
    - Jesse Bradford (Brief affair)
    - Elizabeth Mitchell (One night stand)
    - Bruce Willis (Willis was married to actress Demi Moore and they had 3 daughters
    together he was linked romantically to Angelina who is 20 years his junior. He chose to stay with Demi, but the marriage was damaged irreparably.)
    - Conan O’Brien (Brief affair, his marriage survived and they have since had a child)
    - Braden Keil (No info)
    - Philip Moon (Brief affair, he went back to his family)
    - Jullian Dulce Vida (A.J. demanded that he break up with Shari Douglas he said no! They married in January 1997 and have 1 child )
    - Johnny Whitworth (A.J. and Johnny’s dalliance contributed to his breakup with actress Liv Tyler)
    - Stephon Fuller (Weekend affair)
    - Jake Weber (His marriage survived the A.J. affair)
    - Ed Harris (Harris refused to leave Amy Madigan his wife of twenty years for A.J. Their marriage survived)
    - Giovanni Ribisi (Affair with Angelina ended the marriage Mariah O’Brien they divorced in 2001 and had 1 child together)
    - William Lee Scott married longtime girlfriend Charlene Bloom in 2001 after ending affair with Jolie)
    - Iain Glen (He filed for divorce from Susannah Harker (1 child) after falling for Angelina, The affair lasted two months.)
    - Noah Taylor (Breakup with wife was a result of affair with Jolie (5 children)
    - Daniel Craig (He was with German actress Heike Makatch at the time but is now married to Rachel Weiss)
    - Allison Mackie (Unmarried actress)
    - Edward Burns (1997 affair with A.J. caused breakup with his then fiance, he now lives wih Christy Turlington 1 child )
    - Clive Owen (His marriage to Sarah-Jane Fenton (6 March 1995 – present) 2 children survived the affair)
    - Anthony Moore (No info)
    - Gary Sinise (Married to Moira Harris since 1981 – 3 children the marriage survived the affair)
    - Michael Lee Aday AKA: “Meatloaf” (Who was born in 1947 , Aday married Leslie Aday 1975 – The same year Angelina Jolie was born, the divorced when he was caught
    in a hotel room with Jolie the Adays have 2 children)
    - Suzy Hansen (Brief affair)
    - Wife (Teri Polo) divorced him because he had an affair with Angelina Jolie
    Justin Chatwin (He was 17 when they had an affair)
    - Bai Ling (Who was dating singer Chris Isaak)
    - David Alan Basche (No info)
    - Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (A wild weekend in Venice and a sexual threesome)
    - Doug E. Doug (One night stand)
    - Rachael Huntley (A co-star of her and Pitt in “Mr & Mrs. Smith)