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'Big Little Lies' Finale Recap: Who Died? Plus, More Questions Answered!

'Big Little Lies' Finale Recap: Who Died? Plus, More Questions Answered!

The finale of the HBO limited series Big Little Lies aired tonight (April 2) and we finally know the answers to some questions we’ve had all season long.

In the first episode of the series, we found out that someone was going to die, but the identity of the murdered person and the person who killed the victim was kept a mystery until the final moments.

There was also the question of which kid has been abusing Annabella, the daughter of Laura Dern‘s character. Ziggy, the son of Shailene Woodley‘s character, was accused of the bullying in the first episode, but his innocence was finally proven.

Another question we’ve had is if Nicole Kidman‘s character Celeste would finally leave her abusive husband Perry, played by Alexander Skarsgard.

Click inside for the spoilers from the final episode of Big Little Lies…

Big Little Lies Finale Recap

Jane (Woodley) gets Ziggy to tell him that the child hurting Annabella is Max, one of Celeste’s twin boys. Jane meets with Celeste to tell her what she found out. Celeste asks Max to tell her the truth and he confirms to her that he hurt Annabella.

At the beginning of the episode, we saw that Celeste has gotten her apartment ready so that she could leave her husband. After being assaulted by him again, she decides it’s time to leave him after the school fundraiser that night. Right before they are ready to leave for the party, Perry discovers that she rented the apartment and gets into an argument with her in the car ride. Celeste tells him how it’s finally time to leave him as she doesn’t believe he will ever change.

At the party, Celeste continuously tries to avoid Perry. While Jane is trying to console an emotional Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), Renata (Dern) comes over to apologize to Jane for accusing Ziggy of the abuse all this time. Celeste then heads over to them to escape Perry, who follows her. Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) sees Perry abusing Celeste during the party and decides to follow them too.

When Jane sees Perry, she realizes that he was the man who raped her and is the father of her son Ziggy.

Perry asks Celeste to go to the car with him and she refuses. He ends up rushing at her and starts kicking her in front of the other women, who try pulling him off of her. Bonnie then rushes to the scene and pushes Perry, who falls down a staircase and dies after metal poles stab through his body.

In the interrogation room, none of the women reveal to investigators that Bonnie was the one that pushed Perry and the detectives think that the women are lying.

The episode ends with the five leading women hanging out at the beach while their young children play with each other.

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  • Duante Amorculo

    Hearing Perry say “your property manager called” was terrifying. What was even more chilling was the MANNER he delivered that line in. So calm, so docile, with that sick smirk on his face … damn near unnerving. Seeing him totally unravel at the party with not being able to control his emotions once Celeste had rejected him after his futile & pathetic attempts to manipulate her was very satisfying. The look on his face when he saw Jane was the icing on the cake. The cherry on top, seeing his dead body sprawled out on the steps. There’s no better way the show could have ended than with that bastard being the one who ended up dead.

    When he sped away from the party, I feared the worst. Celeste was so adamant Perry wouldnt hurt the kids but she totally forgot that he could hurt them mentally just as much as he could physically. Sad that it took that for her to realize that he was already impacting their behavior.

    The final scenes were so well done with virtually all of the main cast ending up congregating in one area leading up to the murder. Having Bonnie charge in to push that evil prick off the stairs was damn near orgasmic.

    The scenes & commodore at the beach were beautiful.

    Yes, all signs pointed to Perry being the rapist & the one who ended up dead with his frequent out of town trips, violent temper and even his silhouette. And once you figured he was the rapist, you also figured his kids were the bullies due to genetics and their environment at home. But the show still managed to keep the suspense at fever pitch.

    Sad we didnt get a resolve to the whole Madeline & Ed situation. Her jealousy of Bonnie and the fact that Nathan had ‘upgraded’ by finding a younger, much hotter wife I always felt may have played some part in her cheating with a younger hotter man than Ed. Couple that with the fact that Ed was a total pushover who let her run the relationship and it was destined for problems. Her exclamation while Bonnie was singing was hilarious.
    I’m sure the room is full of erections

    I loved Jane exclaiming “You’re straight?!” when propositioned by the waiter, even more.

    Extremely saddened by how short this series was and that it has ended. The only solace is that I expect it to clean up at awards shows for the next year.

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  • tom

    AmorCULO, lol

  • Rhonda Schuck

    Nicole Kidman was nothing short of amazing as the abused woman. really enjoyed this show.

  • Rhonda Schuck

    Nicole Kidman was nothing short of amazing as the abused woman. really enjoyed this show.