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Kendall Jenner's Pepsi Commercial Sparks Controversy for Appropriating the Resistance

Kendall Jenner's Pepsi Commercial Sparks Controversy for Appropriating the Resistance

Kendall Jenner‘s commercial for Pepsi was just released and the company is facing backlash as people feel the ad appropriates the resistance.

The ad is set to the tune of Skip Marley‘s song “Lions” and it features Kendall modeling in the doorway of a building while a protest marches down the street in front of her.

Kendall decides that she wants to join the resistance and rips her blonde wig off, wipes her makeup off her face, and then walks into the street to march with the people. She then grabs a can of Pepsi and walks over to the line of policeman and hands one to a cop.

The cop then pops open the can and takes a sip, which causes the crowd to erupt in cheers. “Live bolder, live louder, live for now,” is then shown on the screen before the commercial ends.

Kendall approaching the line of police has been compared to the photo of protestor Ieshia Evans approaching the police during a Black Lives Matter protest in 2016. She was arrested though, and Kendall is not.

Pepsi “Live For Now Moments Anthem” starring Kendall Jenner & feat. “Lions” by Skip Marley
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kendall jenner pepsi commercial 02
kendall jenner pepsi commercial 03
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kendall jenner pepsi commercial 05
kendall jenner pepsi commercial 06
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  • SaraJ

    I think it’s great. Shows togetherness and current status quo, which Pepsi used to be known for.

  • LolaLola

    ugh. a kartrashian in a pepsi commercial? glad I don’t drink this stuff.

  • LolaLola

    what are you talking about?

  • Cap canuck

    Shut up ,God you such an asshole if you hate them so much why in the world do you always post on article about them.

    You contributing more when you post a comment .This is a site based on clicks .When you click an article it put more ad revenue to the site.


  • Cap canuck

    something you do not understand since you are a cunt.

  • :)

    Wow with the blonde hair I didn’t recognize her. It’s a better look sets her apart

  • America’s Sweetheart

    I agree with what you are saying…I have always liked Kendall…She is the prettiest & so real…

    These trolls on here don’t like anyone but Angelina Jolie…This site has become only for Jolie fans…Try & post on one of Jolie’s threads, it will be deleted pronto…

  • America’s Sweetheart


  • Gina

    Pepsi is tone deaf. All they did was highlight the fact that white people don’t suffer the same consequences that black people do. Not to mention the ironic symbolism of her ripping off the wig and deciding to join the protest, when people of color don’t have the luxury of choosing when not to be a minority.

  • Joher

    OH MY GOD people these days seriously complain about EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING get over it

  • Phil the Donahue

    Best commercial I’ve seen in years. Great blue cello case. This is the future. Btw, she’s a Jenner. Bravo Pepsi. The haters drink Mountain Dew anyway…

  • Phil the Donahue

    She’s a Jenner. Go back to your Mountain Dew.

  • Phil the Donahue

    Huh? Women, even the white ones, are a minority. You don’t get equal pay and are constantly harassed, even the white ones.

  • Naynay

    what i’m always amazed by is how they always chose some skinny girls in those adverts ! like taylor in coca cola : we all know you don’t drink sodas, hell I don’t even drink sodas and I’m not even skinny

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  • brutallyhonest

    I despair for the human race. Try to study your histoey and stay away from instagram.

  • brutallyhonest

    So, America is living undre the thumb of a corrupt money grabbing man, and just when the people are trying to rebel, Pepsi pull sthis crap?

    Disgusting is a too small word.

  • Gina

    Apples and Oranges. Don’t you dare lump all minorities together as if they suffer the same hardships. White women benefit from white privilege too.

  • twosense

    Hey, Ieshia didn’t have a bottle of pepsi!! That probably made ALL the difference.

  • camax


  • camax

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  • SaraJ

    Ok I get now that police wouldn’t offer that friendliness in response and why my comment was a bit naive. I was responding to the fact they made one of the biggest supermodels take part in a protest – I thought that was cool and on topic.

  • VanityInsecurity

    just cause your entire family use black people as accessories doesn’t mean its ok to think you can interject your ignorance into a people’s struggle. she’s an idiot & so is her whole damn fam. eff off already.

  • Martha

    If the left could not moan and gripe about something they would disintegrate. It’s a commercial, not a political statement.

  • Martha

    Victim mentality will get you nowhere. All people suffer consequences….it’s how you decide to live your life that makes or breaks you. I’m so tired of hearing this when I have suffered the consequence of losing a job to someone who is not as qualified just because of the color of their skin. It’s life, I moved on and found something else.

  • Gina

    You get that from your white privilege handbook?

  • brandyg

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