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Gerard Butler Continues Filming 'Keepers' in Scotland

Gerard Butler Continues Filming 'Keepers' in Scotland

Gerard Butler has been hard at work shooting new scenes for his upcoming movie Keepers!

The 47-year-old actor donned a knitted sweater and tweed pants while waving to the camera on Saturday (April 8) from the grassy fields of Scotland.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

He was joined on set by his co-star Peter Mullan.

The film is inspired by the Flannan Isle mystery, in which three men who looked after the lighthouse on a tiny isolated island went missing and were never found.

Gerard was also recently spotted filming for his upcoming action/thriller Den of Thieves in Atlanta.

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler continues filming keepers in scotland 01
gerard butler continues filming keepers in scotland 01
gerard butler continues filming keepers in scotland 02
gerard butler continues filming keepers in scotland 02
gerard butler continues filming keepers in scotland 03
gerard butler continues filming keepers in scotland 03
gerard butler continues filming keepers in scotland 04
gerard butler continues filming keepers in scotland 04
gerard butler continues filming keepers in scotland 05
gerard butler continues filming keepers in scotland 05

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Maniston

    Wow, he’s gained a lot of weight. I hope it’s just for this movie.

  • Sonia

    I’m loving all the new photos and the coverage of this new movie, both on news sites and social media. By the way, saw this comment on Twitter and I agree 100%! I assume she’s referring to his Keepers look anyway, lol.

    Love the look of @GerardButler in his new film xx #manly #grizzlybear #type yummy xx #lovebeards

  • Nicole

    Hello again, Mr. Butler! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sonia
  • Yeah Right

    These new work threads are fantastic. This is the Gerry I admire. I hope Keepers will be a hit for him.

  • Sprite

    Perfect blend of lifestyle and location !

  • 💕👰💫german-girl💃fresh-blood💫👰💕


  • AJ

    This one’s an oldie too. Not sure from when but I’ve never seen this video and I thought it was just so cute!:

  • Yeah Right

    Thanks AJ, I have never seen that one!

  • lamcha

    Actually there are some fan pics of him without the light keeper clothes and he looks slimmer. I think the heavy jumper makes him look fatter.

  • Ash

    The secret to get Gerard Butler’s attention isn’t a great pair of legs, or a nice toosh, if you want his attention bring with you two things: sweets and a puppy. :D

  • Julia

    How true is that Ash. Had a good laugh.
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  • Yeah Right

    LOL very true!

  • Julia

    I wonder how Peter Mullan and GB are getting on. They both went to Glasgow University. Peter grew up hard in Glasgow but did well for himself didn’t he. They have Trainspotting in common as well. Peter played Swanney. He looks quite suited for a man of the sea in “Keepers”.
    A personal quote from Imdb:
    “In the acting game, you spend a long time fighting against what the director perceives you to be. And half the time the directors don’t know.

    Most actors I know come from a screwed up background, so it makes sense that if you can walk on to a space and recreate your reality, then that’s the place that will become very dear. And what I love about actors and the bohemian scene, for all that a lot of us are wankers, there’s a genuine classlessness and there’s no discrimination on the basis of sexuality, colour, religion. We’re by no means the perfect species but on the whole we’re a pretty nice bunch of people to be around…

    But once you’re in the movie business, that’s where you meet the real criminals. You meet the guys who no law will ever prosecute – these are the studio bosses, the guys who swan around town with £80m yachts.

    I worked with murderers for a long time after I left university – one thing you realise about the gangs and the criminals is that it’s acting by another means. If you go into a bank or a shop and you want them to believe that you’re going to shoot them, that’s an acting exercise. If you want to turn to someone else who’s as tooled up as you are and persuade them to put their knife down because you’ll use your knife, that’s an acting exercise. Nine out of 10 delinquents are frustrated actors.”
    This is an interview from one of his movies, Tyrannasaur, just to hear his voice and a bit of insight into the man and character.

  • Lace

    “He is so nice..” #GerardButler

  • Lace

    “@LimpetLaura: I’ve seen some amazing sights at the Mull of Galloway: dolphins, whales, rare birds etc. but @GerardButler is definitely the highlight!” #GerardButler

  • Julia

    Answer to question, where filming will be next.
    Edward Beck, Supposedly Port Logan for the next three days?
    About 15 mins. away from Mull of Galloway

    Uhhh where’s Gerard Butler?! Jkjkjk!! Ha!
    Will be back soon, at Wig Bay, Portlogan and Portpatrick as well as being in the Crown Hotel Portpatrick last night
    probablyin hiding, you couldnt blame him!!!!!! what a saint to stand all the attention so graciously x

  • Time to ask…

    LOL! I would say that the first few lines were written by a woman, but from then forward, it went downhill….I’m guessing written only by a man.

  • Sonia
  • Julia

    Or a woman that knows men all too well. lol

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  • Sonia
  • Sonia

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  • Lace

    “2 of our kids Ellie and Lewis of for 3 days to work on the Film Keepers with Gerard Butler and Peter Mullen, down is sunny Stranraer area. Not short of experience as both worked together on Trainspotting 2″ #Keepers #GerardButler

  • Nicole

    2 of our kids Ellie and Lewis of for 3 days to work on the Film Keepers with Gerard Butler and Peter Mullen, down is sunny Stranraer area. Not short of experience as both worked together on Trainspotting 2

  • Sonia

    Megan Shingleston
    Got to meet the lovely gerard butler today! Such a genuine nice person! @GerardButler

  • Sonia

    dogtanian I don’t like heights but being outside at the top of a lighthouse was fun! :-) #Keepers #Feature #Film #SoundDepartment #SoundSpeed #SoundRecordist #BoomOperator #SoundDevices #633 #Orca #Bag #Panamic #Boom #TheNorthFace #GigLife #BestInTheWorld

  • Sonia

    rickwoodbnbportpatrick A new building has appeared at the Mull of Galloway lighthouse. It must be part of the set for Keepers starring Gerard Butler #lighthouse #keepers #gerardbutler #filmset #mullofgalloway #southwestscotland #dumfriesandgalloway

  • Lace

    “So lucky to meet this man this morning x bucket list ticked x thank you Mr Butler” #GerardButler #Keepers

  • 💕👰💫german-girl💃fresh-blood💫👰💕

    Ohhh JULIA❤️❤️❤️

    YOU know how to start my day….. 👍

  • Lace
  • Lace
  • Lace

    “got to meet the lovely Gerard butler my hero cany wait to watch the film keeper” #GerardButler #Keepers

    “Totally nice warm guy .. An absolute pleasure to meet” #GerardButler #Keepers

  • GFW

    Now that’s a nice photo. Grass is greener where watered.

  • GFW

    I’m dying to know what he’s singing, and why just these folks are about him? Must have been ‘early bird’ special time!

  • GFW

    There is a photo with him holding a ‘salt & pepper’ Scottie.
    The only time he looks invigorated, loved, and hope-filled now, is with pets or adorning fans who nurture him, his soul.

  • GFW

    Maybe his mom’s not in Scotland but you’d think, if she is, she’d cherish a chance to see him on set like this?

  • GFW

    Did anyone see Alan’s reaction to the woman?
    100% anti-women or was her question too much?

  • GFW

    Did anyone see Alan’s reaction to the woman?
    100% anti-women or was her question too much?

  • Julia
  • Julia

    Small chapel in ruin on Eilean Mor dedicated to St Flannan near THE lighthouse. Must be significant to the film.
    Another photo of the chapel and the lighthouse on Flannan isle where the tragic event took place.

  • GFW

    Seems they’re not just recreating the tale but embellishing it.

  • The Noise in The Walls the boats

  • Julia

    History of the Aran sweater. Very nice video included.

  • Julia

    Me too. Have been longing for a period film from GB. Hope it isn’t a horror film. lol But, sure it will be intense.

  • EmJay
  • Julia

    Seems the Life O’Reilly group was a little put out not to get their proper advertising.

  • Itsme

    I don’t think they are embellishing it. There are small chapels and wayside shrines in many parts of Scotland so it must mean something.

  • Nicole
  • 💕👰💫german-girl💃fresh-blood💫👰💕

    So what`s GB shouting ?!?