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Rachel Bilson Writes Sweet Birthday Message For Hayden Christensen, Celebrates 10 Years Together

Rachel Bilson Writes Sweet Birthday Message For Hayden Christensen, Celebrates 10 Years Together

Rachel Bilson has taken to social media to send love to Hayden Christensen on his 36th birthday.

The 35-year-old actress posed a photo of Christian on Instagram and wrote the caption from her and their daughter Briar Rose, 2.

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“Happy Birthday Handsome ❤️ we love you so much #10yearsandcounting #superdaddy #birthdayboy,” Rachel wrote, which you can see below.

She and Hayden also recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary together. They started dating back in 2007. At one point, they were rumored to be engaged.

Happy Birthday Handsome ❤️ we love you so much #10yearsandcounting #superdaddy #birthdayboy

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  • leoandtheblondes

    Congrats to them. I never thought they would last.

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  • Delores Pauldo

    That is a lie and you know this. It was a on and off relationship. She broke off the engagement and trick him to get her pregnant. Not ten years at all.

  • Loather

    You stupid idiote mentally ill!! Hayden hates you like dog shit because you belittles his love! Accept it already HAYDEN WILL NEVER LOVE YOU, mentally ill!!! YOU ARE A HUGE NOBODY, A TRASH!!!! If he left Rachel he’ll NEVER choose you, you bitter retired pensioner old maid!

  • Delores Pauldo

    Just why post this lie? That didn’t celebrate anything. Why she couldn’t stay with Adam this long? Why Rachel lie like this? She find a man who put up with her mess. He don’t have a career and why she still hanging with him? Hayden isn’t working on no movie and she can’t find another man to be with. Hayden didn’t celebrate nothing with her.Rachel need to telling lies OK. It was based on a lie about their relationship. She forced this relationship on him and this child.Hayden didn’t want this. Why not married him then?

  • Delores Pauldo

    Its the true you stupid OK. Why didn’t she stay with Adam then? Rachel lied and used Hayden and he don’t the sense to know this.Where Rachel didn’t stay with Adam? Hayden career is just like Adam was going nowhere. The relationship was a lie in the beginning and she stolen him from someone else. Rachel can’t get no kind are attention unless she mentioned Hayden name. Adam wanted a relationship and a child she broke up with him.So why stay with Hayden? She is liar and con. She won’t married him and don’t want nobody else to have him. Hayden let Rachel control him like that. Did she read my post about Hayden can do better? She still using him she not in love with nobody unless she want something. Hayden career is not a movie star anymore. Hayden wasting his time. Who want stupid Rachel who hanging on to a loser actor who can’t get decent acting job. On and off relationship that’s is what it still it. Still using Hayden cause she can’t no other man to get her something. She did celebrate it last year. Tramp is what she is .Hayden should have dumped her years ago. She still have a on and off relationship with him. He don’t stay with her in LA .He stay in a hotel.When Hayden going wake up and dump her already??

  • Delores Pauldo

    Jared so you lied about them being engagement years ago? And the broke up too. So she still using him these on and off ten years. Hayden haven’t woke up from Rachel using him? She can’t find nobody else she can used like she did Hayden. They will break up sooner or later then. If she that energy getting a job . its all about a relationship. What lies you print about her its wasn’t ten years off and on with a baby. You really like her Jared to post this trash and lie she post on Instagram. Hayden didn’t say it was ten years. It was on and off relationship. He deserve better than a trashy woman like Rachel who tells lies about it been tens its wasn’t. What other lie Rachel going to tell or you Jared. They was or wasn’t engagement? She dumped Adam for Hayden that is the real truth. Won’t admit Hayden don’t have a a career or she is jealous he went to star wars event.Insecure woman. Rachel sure Hayden is the father are her child? Stop posting lies about her so she wasn’t engaged then? Are they still together as couple?Are this for publicity? Hayden didn’t say they was together that long.And she still with him with no career? He don’t have career dumped Hayden like you did Adam. Jared stop making up lies and Rachel too.Rachel you used him that’s the real truth he not going to get you in a movie. Can’t find a man to get you anything.

  • Delores Pauldo

    Rachel sold her house cause Hayden didn’t stay with her? Rachel can’t afford Sherman oaks. Its wasn’t Hayden house anyway

  • Delores Pauldo

    All this relationship being about is lies Hayden never bought a house with her. She used for a child and to up her career and it didn’t happen. Hayden too stupid to tell the truth about their relationship. She dumped Adam for Hayden and dumped Hayden too. She broke off so called engagement which you said was rumoured. She broke up with him several times just to get a baby.She sold her house with him which he didn’t live with her at all. So much for ten years with him All Rachel do is lie about things.Rachel won’t dump him cause she can’t date anybody else.All is publicity for her not Hayden. Hayden won’t step up and be a real man and dumped her. She not the only woman he can get. Rachel can’t do better? Thought she wanted a man that could give her something? All this is lies lies lies. Next she come up with another lie.If Hayden didn’t say they been together ten years why should she say it? So why she haven’t dumped Hayden already?

  • Delores Pauldo

    All lies about this Rachel lied OK on and off still. She can’t find another man that she can used and put up with her laziness and Hayden does.

  • Delores Pauldo

    Rachel mad cause Hayden didn’t mention her at the star wars celebration. Jealous and stupid woman and she sold her house. She don’t love him like that at all. Why you didn’t mention that Jared? She sold her home in Sherman oaks. Its wasn’t Hayden house. When she split with Adam she left and got her own house. Everything been a lie about their relationship anyway. Rachel need to break up with Hayden like she did Adam ten years ago. Why she didn’t mention that? She broke up with Adam for Hayden the real truth. Still using Hayden for star wars. Its been over years ago and haven’t had a good movie since. Stop feeling sorry this not going to work. She used him. Probably breaking up already since selling the house. Ten years and breaking up sooner or later!

  • Anna

    I’m only here to read Delores Pauldo’s batshit crazy posts. lol

  • Delores Pauldo

    They have broken up so why would she sell House ?Rachel is the old maid OK. Why you getting upset? Rachel don’t want to marry him. You the dog shit. You can’t handle the truth about Rachel Bilson. Why she didn’t stay with Adam ten years that way? He want a child and a relationship. She didn’t want that with him. Don’t know why Hayden still want to be with her how she used him for his fame. And used him for a child too. Rachel don’t have any talented and can’t get a job so she still using Hayden. I have a job and don’t need to use a man like Rachel has.No man in their right would let Rachel you them. So why she haven’t dated anyone else? Hayden is the fool to keep being with her with all the lies she has told about their relationship. She dumped Adam ten years for Hayden and Hayden still don’t have a career. All the time Rachel cheated on Hayden with other guys just because he wouldn’t give her a child and wouldn’t stay in LA. Now she think she a good girl cause she got a child with him. Don’t vmake her right. So why sell the house? Jared didn’t post that! Rachel is the one that is a old maid. Why won’t she tell the truth about Hayden and her? She can’t get a descent job unless someone give it to her. Got mad cause Hayden wouldn’t mention her at the star wars celebration. Hayden will not be in the new star wars.She lied about the relationship tens years its true. Can’t live without Hayden name next to hers. Hayden stupid won’t say anything about what’s really going on. Why sell a house if you’re not breaking up. He didn’t live with her anyway. Jared ought to know this isn’t real why post this lie? She had get this out before people say they had broken up. Don’t want Hayden to have anybody else.And Hayden should have someone else. Stop rachel from using him. They’re broken up Jared look up selling house

  • j k

    get help

  • Delores Pauldo

    Not crazy ! Rachel used him cause she don’t have anything now that’s crazy. So Rachel dumped Adam and you don’t think that’s crazy? Its not bullshit. Hayden stupid and won’t say nothing. He let Rachel control him. Dumped Adam cause he he wouldn’t put up with her shit like Hayden do. Now that’s crazy are Hayden to do that. Adam was dumped because he was not stupid like Hayden. All those time Rachel cheated on him with other guys. He went back to her cause she wanted a baby. So what still didn’t make nothing out are her. Ten years are begging a man to be with her. No actress does make a career out are a relationship. That what Rachel does now that bullshit.. Rachel the crazy telling lies

  • Delores Pauldo

    Rachel need help for telling lies about their relationship. She need to tell the truth.. Hayden didn’t mention her so bring up a relationship. Why should that matter she did not mention him last year.

  • Delores Pauldo

    Job well done on this so caused relationship. She dumped him then when he to the star wars celebration she in love again which is lie. All Rachel do is tell lies it keep in control that way.Hayden stand up be a real man and not being one.He afraid to say anything about her? Rachel need to stop talking how she love him and she don’t. She still think Hayden going to get her somewhere. Not going to happen. Call me crazy I don’t care. Rachel is a liar and a thief. I would be a better person not to use him the way Rachel have.Hayden should have dumped her like she dumped Adam. She don’t have any talent and Hayden had decent movie in years. So why Rachel keep holding on. Its not Hayden baby anyway. So why Hayden won’t dumped her? Other actress was his co star so why he let Rachel control like that?They wasn’t in a relationship in 2007 Rachel made it up. Hayden was dating other people and she was to.So break up story is next coming. Rachel can’t date other people or get her a job instead a relationship job. Hayden didn’t celebrate 10 years with her. She wrote this on purpose and publicity. Don’t have nothing going for herself. Dumped Hayden like you did Adam!!!

  • Delores Pauldo

    Really Jared? More lies about the relationship it was a lie she made up for herself at that time. Hayden really wasn’t dating her. He was dating a fashion model. She decided to break them up.So she could have him can’t get anything honest. She put so much energy promoting him. She got jealous cause he did the star wars panel. He didn’t mention her or her child. He never says anything about her or their relationship being ten years. It was a off and on one like now.She said Adam relationship was on and off.She just broke up with Adam for Hayden. Didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to be. Nobody cares about their relationship anymore. So she has to get on Instagram to promote herself now with lies about them.Why she didn’t Instagram about selling her house? Didn’t she break up their engagement ? Which was lie anyway like their relationship is today.