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Tiffany Trump Will Attend Law School at Georgetown University

Tiffany Trump Will Attend Law School at Georgetown University

Tiffany Trump is heading to Washington DC!

The 23-year-old daughter of President Donald Trump and Marla Maples will be attending law school at Georgetown University in DC this fall.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tiffany Trump

Last year, Tiffany graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia – the same school her father, sister Ivanka Trump, and brother Donald Trump Jr. all attended.

Tiffany‘s other brother Eric Trump earned his bachelor’s degree from Georgetown, and told Daily Mail that he is “so proud” of his little sister.

Also pictured inside: Tiffany Trump and her mom Marla Maples attending the 2017 Spirit Of Life Award Luncheon & Fashion Show on Monday (May 8) at The Plaza Hotel in New York City. Andrew Warren of Just Drew provided all of the clothing for the fashion show portion.

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tiffany trump will attend law school at georgetown this fall02
tiffany trump will attend law school at georgetown this fall03
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  • Cap canuck

    well ,at lest she is smarter then you dumbass.

  • DEADP00L

    More like BUYING her way in. Thats how the entire family did it.

  • Seriously

    Buying your way into the schools where your family went doesn’t make you smarter. It just makes you richer.

  • Sim

    If that true they how come rich celebrity/althete kids don’t all have university educated besides get into Ivy League educated children.

    As if the school cares her brother went there.

    Tiffany Trump graduated from Pen State at top of class and double major..
    All President Trump kids is Lvy league educated and all graudated top their most.

  • Sim

    Then every famous celebrity would have Ivy League educated kids… Funny enough none of them do, most don’t go to university. Neither do most democrat politicians LOL.

    But if Obama’s daughter goes to college, is she still interning with pervert Weinstein, it be all her merit not connections , right 😩

  • Sim

    You should check out Obama’s daughter , Yuck would be a compliment, chicks face is longer than Jay Leno’s with sad ass edges.

  • Chicken_Paprikash

    She doesn’t strike me as being very smart…….like the rest of them

  • Phil the Donahue

    Some do and some go on to be famous instead. If she got there by donations, I don’t care, she still has to do the work. So, who cares. People are so polarized. Rather have her go to college than not, even if I’m not a trump fan, I want them to do well.

  • Amywguzman

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  • forest4trees

    She’s really different it seems — to a degree. She needs to lose the Melania hairdo ASAP though and get some current duds that don’t reflect her Mom and sister.

  • Benny Ehud

    I am no fan of the Trumps. But she probably scored high enough to go there. I think that is why she chose Gtown over Harvard, Yale, and NYU.

  • DEADP00L

    Nope. Jared Kushners incarcerated dad paid Harvard 2 million dollars to get his own son in, judging by Trumps grasp at history, science, math and english he never went to school at all, much less didnt buy his way in. Have you seen Eric Trump and his brother – yeah no, daddy paid for their diplomas and Ivanka is no different and marries a fraudster who needs China to bail him out of billions in losses. because he is so incompetent he sunk his own families business. You want us to believe this girl who has the vocal skills of a 4 year old got into Georgetown on merit – nope.

  • Benny Ehud

    Harvard and Gtown Law school are two different things. I think she chose Gtown precisely b/c her LSAT scores weren’t tremendously high. Therefore, people wouldn’t ask for her scores. It’s reasonable to believe she got in.

    You don’t have to have a high LSAT score to get into GTOWN. The 25th-75th percentile is 161-168. So, I could see the girl making a 159-160. She would have been on the low end of the percentile chart. But I could see her making it. It’s not unreasonable. Now, Harvard, Yale, NYU, Stanford, Columbia, etc. is a different story. You have to be around the 168 mark on the low end to for them. Even though they do let people in with lower scores than that but not much lower.

  • DEADP00L

    You’re being way too merciful.. In reality its a Trump going into law school. There is no reason for that unless it has to do with covering for her father in the future. Its not like she’s going to go into environmental law for example.

  • Benny Ehud

    I’m being more reasonable than merciful.

    Well, I don’t know why she is going to law school. That isn’t my concern. That’s a personal issue. My issue was with her getting into certain schools when her OWN DADDY was questioning the test scores of Barack. However, he nor any of his children want to release their test scores. They wouldn’t even say what they scored when asked on Howard Stern’s show. It’s always “We scored high.” lol But they don’t want to release their scores, which would put everything to bed. Furthermore, this Trump’s boyfriend posted his SAT scores in his LinkedIn page. He did it b/c he ACTUALLY did have high test scores.

    She was reportedly touring Harvard, Yale and NYU law schools days after taking the LSAT. Yet, she ends up at Gtown. In my opinion, there’s a reason for that. Harvard, Yale, and NYU require test scores in the 96th+ percentile to attend. But you can quite possibly get into Gtown with test scores in 77th percentile. So, they calculated that if she goes to Gtown, people can’t DEFINITIVELY say she didn’t score high enough to get in. I CAN believe she scored enough to get in on her on merit. Now, that doesn’t mean she did.