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Lena Dunham Opens Up About 'Heartbreaking' Decision to Give Up Dog Lamby

Lena Dunham Opens Up About 'Heartbreaking' Decision to Give Up Dog Lamby

Lena Dunham is opening up about the heartbreaking decision she made to give up her rescue dog Lamby.

The 31-year-old former Girls star shared on Instagram that she and her longtime boyfriend Jack Antonoff gave their rescue dog to a facility that can better treat Lamby‘s traumatic past.

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“I feel I have to share that last March, after four years of challenging behavior and aggression that could not be treated with training or medication or consistent loving dog ownership, Lamby went to live at an amazing professional facility in Los Angeles,” Lena wrote.

Lena went on to share that Lamby‘s past traumatic abuse as a puppy was too much for her to handle and for her safety, she had to say goodbye.

Jack and I will miss him forever but sometimes when you love something you have to let it go (especially when it requires tetanus shots and stitches.)” Lena wrote.

Since March, Lena and Jack have adopted two cute new little poodles – Susan and Karen.

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“A lot of you have been asking where Lamby is these days since he’s always been the star of my gram and I’ve been posting pics of my poodle girls. Well, you know honesty is my jam but this one has been really heartbreaking to talk about. But I feel I have to share that last March, after four years of challenging behavior and aggression that could not be treated with training or medication or consistent loving dog ownership, Lamby went to live at an amazing professional facility in Los Angeles @matt_thezendog where an awesome person named @therealdanishay (who is educated in a rescue dog’s specific trauma) loves him so hard. Lamby suffered terrible abuse as a pup that made having him in a typical home environment dangerous to him and others- we needed to be responsible to ourselves, our neighbors and especially our beloved boy. Jack and I will miss him forever but sometimes when you love something you have to let it go (especially when it requires tetanus shots and stitches.) Someday I’ll really write about the pain and relief of letting Lamby go off and really be Lamby, biting and peeing in his own mouth and all. There were so many lessons in it, about forgiving myself and loving with an open palm and giving in to a larger plan. Shout out to @jennikonner for listening to endless hours of Lamby pain, and especially my partner @jackantonoff for loving him even when he ruined floors and couches and our life. Jack knows what Lamby means to me and he let me come to the decision in my own time even when it made his days challenging. Susan & Karen will never be my first loves, but they are fuzzy and hilarious stuffing for the hole Lamby left and we cherish them deeply ❤️#lamby #thefirstcutisthedeepest #foreverlamb PS If you have a similar situation, please know its possible to responsibly re-home your rescue rather than sending them back into the shelter system. It can require patience, diligence and often a financial contribution but there are solutions that leave everyone happy and safe. You will always have been your dog’s first stop outside shelter life and that’s beautiful,” Lena wrote.

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  • skye3245

    OK…i’m curious this dog had this behavioral issue for 4 years and now you take the dog away(this is after training and medicating), then go get 2 new poodles? I’m not trying to hate but literally you had the animal 4 years, was well behaved enough for you to sit back and take instagram photos with and then shortly after taking it to a facility you get 2 small dogs? Why share this? Because this does not make you look good Lena. Basically it makes you look like you were just over it and wanted something new. I pray this isn’t the case but thats what it looks like. Because any professional could have told you 1.dogs that have been abused take work. 2.You would have known if this was able to be fixed well before 4 years. Like i’m gonna attempt to not judge. I just hope this isn’t the case that you just wanted to trade in for a better “model”

  • USWeeklyHatesComments

    Her story sounds no different than other abused animal stories that you hear on programs on animal planet or the dog whispered or cat whisperer. The pet parents love and try so hard with everything imaginable but still can’t fix the past abuse. She mentions her neighbors, maybe something happened with them and they threatened her with legal action if she didn’t give him up/away.

    I’m glad he wasn’t just given up by throwing out a window, left on a leash somewhere or just killed like real evil in this world inflicts on animals.

    As for getting new pets, how is it weird? When you lose a pet, to death or even in this action, almost everyone fills that hole with a new pet. After trying with an adopted pet with a horrible past, maybe she’s scared to try again and went with little puppies.

  • Effy

    I don’t care to stick up for Lena, especially with her past and all the crap she’s said. However, animals ARE animals. Some will not change their nature, no matter how much you try to train or discipline them. It’s sad, but not all animals and humans are compatible. Dogs with traumatic pasts are very difficult to give the proper attention to, especially with her job.

    I hope the facility she gave her dog to gets better!

  • skye3245

    On your first point, cause i don’t know how reading made my comment come off, i was hoping it was circumstances and nothing vain. As a pet owner i understand that things may not have turned out well. I had a dog one time that attacked a family member so I had to heartbreakingly find a new home for her. I’ve had pets all my life. Mainly my concern was for her and the dog. Nowadays shelters have a high rate of putting down animals which is why I advocate for shelters and rescues over pet stores. my current pet was “shelter considered” and when I heard she more than likely would be put down to make room for strays I decide to take her in. A lot of time ppl get pets for vain and popular reasons. My point was it sounded like she cared and like the other commenter she has a history of being a little forward or “in her own world”. So was just my comment or quesiton.

    To your other point, i just found it weird due to their needing to be a grieving time I think most ppl need. When a person passes way or a pet you want to take time for yourself due to not wanting to have that new child/pet being thought of as a replacement. Animals can feel that energy. Again, her house may be different and she may have found a pet that fills that hole in a positive way. I’m not attempting to “poop” on her. Just concern for the animal and her as a human being. no negativity. The fear of shelter pets in this situation I don’t know unless her shelter is a bad one, they do exist. Because most would inform you of the animals likes and dislikes along with their tolerance(like if they are good family pet and the such). Because in this situation she was with the pet for 4 years before deciding to remove it from the home. I’m just taking the facts from here. Again no negativity or preaching at her. Thats why I tried to ensure that it didn’t come across mean. Hopefully you didn’t take it that way

  • Fred alonso

    a filthy depraved woman

  • Natalieljones

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  • suzybel

    I wouldn’t trust her to raise a rat let alone a dog. God forbid she ever decides to have kids.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    You bitch, I will adopt that dog myself.

  • Francesco Zerilli

    Dunham is a pathological liar and media whore. Her story about the dog being abused has just been proven to be a lie by the agency she adopted the dog from. All this crap coming from a creep who admitted to molesting her younger sister…………….She’s sick

  • Jezzer

    I hope Lamby escapes and eats her.

  • TaraTeller

    She’s a heartless bitch giving abandoning the dog she had for four years. It took FOUR years to decide the dog was unmanageable? Bullshit. I loathe her.

  • TaraTeller

    Most dogs can be reprogrammed. Most of Michael Vick’s dogs were. Rescue dogs are typically very loving given the proper care and training. She’s a heartless bitch.

  • djibouti

    Wow, you’re perceptive. Now that the shelter she got Lamby from has said he didn’t come from an abusive past, I’d say you were right on the money. Lena abandoned the old dog and replaced him with something young and cute just like a lecherous old man.

  • skye3245

    Honestly, i was on the fence. I was agreeing with you because I was hoping that due to work or soemthing she just couldn’t handle it. Then i read the article you mentioned and I didn’t comment because I was disgusted. The shelter didn’t say anything public but she felt she was being put on “blast” or “being accused of something”. So she goes and sticks up for herself but she never mentions anything to counteract what the shelter apparently said. Which to her own admission she said that the dog wasn’t abused but had a rough go from one previous home. So basically she lied and just couldn’t handle a large dog. I’m over her thinking she can make herslef the victim or that she can stick up “for some” not others. I’m glad she’s no longer on tv. She’s just a girl who grew up rich and had the world handed to her and now feels she can still do what she wants. I’m sorry for the previous dog and honestly sorry for the new pups because she maybe as fickle with them also

  • Bee

    Why is it such a bad thing? She housed the dog for 4 years and now set him up in what sounds like a nice environment where he will be cared for. Had she left him, he most likely would have been put down 4 years ago.
    My family had 2 dogs, one has been with us for 10 years and the other we took in after my sisters friend decided she didn’t have the time to care for him. He was really difficult to handle and would snap at you if you got to close to him and at times would bite. We still had him with us for 3 years. Sometimes you try and you fail. And in Lena’s case, it sounds like she spent a lot of money in the process. In the end, the dog got a better life than the one he would have had in the pound. I can’t fault someone for trying.

  • skye3245

    Ok i’m going to try to answer your question and not sound combative because that is not my intention going forward. Like i had stated I believe that owning a pet for 4 years, even in your case 3, knowing that the animal has social issues and not handling that before is irresponsible(like i stated i believe doesn’t mean its law just stating my belief). Animals even when they have behavior issues after a while get attached to both the behavior and the parent. She has been documented as taking this dog to promotions, press events and the such. This dog, if having behavior issues, would have been a liability at events where they take place mostly in hotels with numerous press outlets, costars, and other shows(at these events its normally multiple shows from the network that shows the show with same themes example Girls may have press at the same place as Silicon Valley or Insecure). So she’s going forward saying for 4 years she put others at risk for a dog that supposedly was biting someone. Plus we have an animal that may have had issues with maybe not being a city animal or needed a yard and these things could have been handled well before the 4 years. It shows that still the caring wasn’t for the animal it was again for her wanting something new and fresh. Like you i had a dog that had temperment issues , we found out what they were and found it a new home. When owning a dog like that for years or any pet putting it into a new home after years of that behavior doesn’t help it makes it worse because it then feels abandoned by placing it in a new home after it is used to a parent for 4 years which is a long time for an animal. An adjustment like that is not helpful to the animal. Like i had mention, in her case because i can’t speak for yours, she had no issue the last 4 years posting the puppy on social media, speaking about its well behavior, and taking it to multiple things outside the home. Then she goes and leaves the animal at a shelter, posts about leaving it at a shelter when no one asked, and immediately got to smaller puppies which most would consider “fashionable” since small dogs are always seen as more wanting then larger. Plus with this long standing behavior of hers whats to say the small dogs don’t have behavioral issues and she does the same? Animals don’t need a past owner to behave in certain manners. Any dog needs adjust. I had 3 dogs a minature who basically ran the house, a rottweiler who was shy and slightly timid, and another rottweiler who was hyper active. I never taught any of them that and all i got as puppies. I just don’t trust after watching this long standing issue. Not holding myself higher. Just opinion wise i just don’t know about her as a pet owner. But again shes the one with her pets. Hopefully the next two are treated well.

  • Bee

    I didn’t think you sounded combative at all, I suppose I just didn’t really see it from that point of view. You make really valid points.
    But I also think a lot of people only really learn about caring for animals through living with animals. It’s like children, you can read as many books as you want, but you really need to have one to understand.
    I didn’t realise she was taking the dog to events etc (I dont follow her on social media) and thats pretty awful. I hate people parading their pets as accessoires. But at the same time, from the sounds of it, she tried multiple different things and eventually realised she couldn’t cope. I assumed from reading her statement that people were asking about the dog?
    In our case, (not that it matters) the dog would’ve been left in the streets had we not taken him in, or gone to the one shelter in our country, who do their best but are overwhelmed. Personally, I believe fostering/adopting a dog is better than leaving them in a shelter/streets/to die. Maybe I’m wrong.

  • skye3245

    I don’t follow her on social media it was just an outlet posted pictures of the pet at events. But again i don’t wanna name call her or pass judgement for someone I don’t know. I hope in the end she was doing right by the pet.

    Also i want to leave this on a positive note and commend you and your family. The cat(which is my first ever in life) that i presently have was going to be put down by a shelter because there were too many animals and i dont know if this is everywhere, but told me that animals turned in were put down to make room for strays. i couldn’t fathom allowing that, so like you I kept her. Now she’s literally my spoiled little kitty. So i commend you on your heart with animals. Hopefully others see your example and do the same. I also believe in adopting rather then purchasing at pet stores or down right ignoring.