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Blac Chyna Breaks Silence On Rob Kardashian: 'I Felt Betrayed'

Blac Chyna Breaks Silence On Rob Kardashian: 'I Felt Betrayed'

Blac Chyna has finally broke her silence after Rob Kardashian slammed her on Instagram and posted inappropriate photos of her body without her permission.

The 29-year-old reality star spoke to Good Morning America‘s Linsey Davis in a pre-taped interview that aired Monday (July 10).

“I was devastated, of course. I’m like, ‘How could somebody, like, post these pictures of me?,’” Chyna said. “And I’m like, wow, okay, like, this is a person that I trusted. I just felt…betrayed.”

Chyna also spoke about Rob‘s Instagram post showing her with another man: “I’ve been broken up with Rob since December and it’s like, if somebody keeps pokin’ at you and pokin’ at you and pokin’ at you, and keep pokin’ at you, you’re eventually, you’re gonna pop,” Chyna explained. “And so I was just like, ‘Maybe if I send this video to him, then he’ll just leave me alone.’”

Chyna‘s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, revealed that she’s filing for a restraining order in court today against Rob but that she plans to keep joint custody of their young daughter Dream.

Watch the full interview below…

Blac Chyna Speaks Out
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  • Blair Waldorf

    They’re both trash

  • Repete

    Playing the victim when the only victim here is their poor child

  • Brandon Brown

    Blac Chyna felt betrayed?? She’s the one who cheated on Rob with 7 other men and is using him to get back at Tyga for cheating on her with Rob’s underaged (at the time) half-sister Kylie. That bitch is in no position to say she felt betrayed because the only ones who should feel that way are Rob and his daughter.

  • eternalfratboy

    GMA was a reputable morning news show – why do they have this ratchet on ???

  • TaraTeller

    she’s trash. victim, my ass.

  • norah mackenzie

    she is way smarter than rob. he sd never have posted any of those pics of her -

  • Happy Camper

    “I felt betrayed”

    Translation: I wanted to be the one to post my whore pictures, not Rob.

  • Just Saying

    Rob and Chyna are like reduced sugar ketchup and zucchini fries, bad while they are separated but worse when put together. I feel so bad for their child, the only real victim in this disgusting situation, and is not like the child has any family member she would be better off with.

  • RayonLight

    This is nothing more than a “Revenge” for what happened between Tyga and Kylie, like they believed this girl was going to walk away quietly and not retaliate. She went for the weakest link, keep in mind, this girl was part of the “K” clan for many years before this fall out, she knows stuff, she knew Rob was weak, she used him to permanently attach her self to that family. That whole family & co are seriously twisted.

    How emotionally screwed up is Rob to have believe he was going to build a family with this girl and she had good intentions.

    All those kids will need serious therapy and meds to deal with that family history.

  • SquidBillie

    I was thinking the same thing….She came across like an ass, too. Very unlikable person.

  • Carrie Duncan Newman

    I don’t believe Chyna sent that video to get him to stop. You don’t do that to an unhinged person. Rob K. is in the wrong legally and hopefully the restraining orders will be granted and he will be found guilty of revenge porn. Don’t think either is very moral, but they do have a beautiful daughter and she deserves better than either of them.

  • Jenny from the flop

    She cannot even formulate a proper sentence, her lawyer is feeding her the words lmfao

  • Catrinargraves

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  • SaraJ

    How do you know she cheated? Seems to me she was faithful while they were together – she tried many times to make it work, but Rob is INSANE.
    I do agree that she got with Rob to get back at Kylie and Tyga, but come on.. Rob is an idiot for that. He wouldn’t listen to anyone. Hey dude you’re a fat, dumb loser who lashes out at anyone (including ex girlfriends like Rita Ora) who tries to help you. You’re going to give her all your (i.e. Kris’) money and things??
    Rob deserves what he got in Chyna leaving him. Chyna on the other hand, like any woman, did NOT deserve to have her personal photos put out there.

  • SaraJ

    It may have been revenge but Rob is no victim. He wanted to get with her either way, no matter what his family told him about her intentions. I actually think after awhile she wanted to help him but he couldn’t be helped. He’s insane and an a**hole.

  • Gracielacromo

    my friend’s step sister makes $82 an hour on the internet… she has been unemployed for 7 months. last month her payment was $16434 only working on the internet a few hours.. ➤go➤ to this➤ page

  • Brandon Brown

    “Hey dude you’re a fat dumb loser”
    Those are the kind of words that Rob hears from his sisters a lot. Plus, his mom doesn’t favor her only son as much as she does with her daughters which is why he’s shutting them out.

    Also,Rob just posted pics and videos of Chyna kissing other men. One of them named Ferrari proudly admits to hooking up with Chyna behind Rob’s back on TMZ. Rob had every right to lash out at Chyna, although I will admit that he went too far when he posted nude pics of her.

  • Cee Gee

    What a joke. This girl lives in the bottom of the barrel. If you’re so afraid of this Rob, why taunt him? Now she and Lisa Bloom, the attention seeking, high profile story attorney, are laying the ground work for a settlement. Chyna is not a victim. She’s a street smart opportunist looking for a pay day.

  • Cee Gee

    Betrayal would suggest some ethical boundary has been crossed. Anything seems to go with Chyna based on what I see, including intentional pregnancy for profit.

  • Cee Gee

    Nobody deserves to be mistreated, even if your eyes he’s not worthy of the same level respect that you would want.

  • Cee Gee

    Anything for ratings huh? Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred and the Kardashians are all friends of the show. Guess they can get booked anytime they have an agenda to promote.

  • Cee Gee

    That statement made no sense. You don’t discourage communication by sending a video meant to enrage someone.

  • KwaneYarnell

    The ex-pole stripper is giving Donald Trump a race in the ‘too stupid and clueless to breathe’ category.

  • SaraJ

    And I see that she has been badly mistreated, not him.

  • SaraJ

    They broke up in December. She sent him ONE video to get him to leave her alone because he couldn’t get it through his thick head. Obviously it didn’t work.
    Rob is a dumb fat loser. His family tried to help him for what, 5 years? He’s such a lazy victim. Just sticking in his house playing video games, eating bad food and smoking weed. Khloe let him live with her for years and tried to help.

  • Cee Gee

    Right. So mistreated she trolls and taunts him.