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Minka Kelly & Jesse Williams Are 'Strictly Friends' For Now (Exclusive)

Minka Kelly & Jesse Williams Are 'Strictly Friends' For Now (Exclusive)

Minka Kelly and Jesse Williams are not dating right now, despite reports that they have been a couple for months, sources exclusively confirm to

The two stars became friends back in January while working together on the upcoming video game Detroit: Become Human.

Jesse is currently going through a divorce and custody battle with his wife Aryn Drake-Lee. He and Minka are keeping their relationship strictly friendly during this difficult time for his family.

“The truth is, maybe one day things will turn romantic, but they agreed not to cross the line until his life is sorted,” a source told JJ. “Minka has more dignity and respect for herself than to be ‘the other woman.’”

Jesse and Minka were spotted catching a movie together on Monday night (July 10) in West Hollywood, but weren’t seen showing any PDA. “You would see different body language in the photos if they were actually dating,” another source added.

We’ll have to wait and see if a romance blooms between Minka and Jesse, but for now, these two are just friends!

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  • Casey C

    “Minka has more dignity and respect for herself” the point I started laughing hysterically

  • Ra3nnV

    Wheres the dignity? Williams has Damocles sword over his neck due to the cheating allegations, shes going on a movie date w him both hiding like criminals. Never seen so much stupidity. He denies the rumors then getting caught w her on a date :)))))))) If you source says they could become an item means they are already lol

  • Take_a_seat

    LMFAO, right? All this hoe is known for is who she dates.

  • LolaSees

    Minka has already had a reputation of being “the other woman”, so that claim is null and void. Do they think the general public is actually that stupid?! Minka will one day get her karma and Jesse is officially CANCELLED. Mr. “Doing better for Black women” Lying scamming lookin mf. Can’t stand hypocrites.

  • sutton

    “they have agreed not to cross that line”, “it could become more later”…this does not help either of them. the “sources” should have stopped at, they are just friends. I don’t think anyone would believe them, but it would have been slightly better.

  • Ra3nnV

    Better say Jesse and Minka representatives are working hard to restore their image. alas, nobody is that naive! Cant see who will take these two seriously in the future anymore. Relationships are build with trust and if your word means nothing nobody wants to deal w you . Past weeks Jesse denied on IG, twitter and in the jay z vid hes not involved, now surprise :)) NO PDA? who knows what they did on the dark. Question is why were they on a date if theres nothing between them? Lying to us shamelessly!

  • rose

    Is this real life ? OMG ! They should have kept silent just like they’ve always been. Everybody knows about the lack of value miss Minka Kelly has … now I guess we know about Jesse’s as well. It’s so funny the pics come right after he’s trying to act smart on this 4.44 jay-z short film saying he would never jeopardize his family for a “cute girl”. He should try and actually remain private and stop trying to make his STILL spouse look like the bad guy by divulging information to TMZ. PHONY MOFO.

  • Ra3nnV

    Bet Minka gave the tip to the paparazzi they went on a movie. Shes a 37 yo desperate woman her clock is ticking badly so she has every interest for the story to be confirmed while she tries to look like a saint.

  • J2020

    I saw them in Paris last january. I thought she was his wife, they look like a couple and he look very awkard unlike her. My friend (the one I was in Paris) sent me the picture of his wife when the news of his divorce broke. The wife wasn’t the woman we saw them and I few weeks later we realized who she was and was deinitively Minka.

  • jenniferfleur

    All this double talk and rearranging timelines is just insulting to people. just come out as a couple.

  • Celina

    If u wanna be with new gina doesn’t matter if u do it it now or later. Jesse l mean rapping bout it etc just making us lose more respect for you. Be real don’t give us no fake publicist story. And to your wife your back is strong aunt sarah. God made us strong not petty.

  • awesome
  • Issyb

    Meh. Maybe she’s bearding for him. Its easy to say “maybe someday” to suspend the belief that he’s straight.

  • Casey C

    100%. Minka totally tips off paps and she’s likely the ‘source’. its hardly the first time its happened, that someone under the radar is papped in her presence. she’s gotta gte attention somehow , it’s not like she has an acting career

  • Gigi La Moore

    Lying pigs.

  • Greg Ray

    Who in there right mind would believe they’re not shacking up?

  • VanityInsecurity

    Give me a break he is too Pro-black to be dating a white girl. stop.

  • Shell

    She’ll get what’s coming to her soon enough because while he was cheating with her, there were photos posted of him with other women so it looked as if he was going behind her back as well.

  • Sarajbreeden

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  • Adeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Herpes patient Minka Kelly is infamous for being passed around Hollywood. This thot was messing around with Donald Faison when he was married to his first wife. She’s TWO time HOMEWRECKER FFS.

  • disqus_BuPrn6rF9f

    I read this way: “We are dating, but we are getting backlash, so let’s say we are friends that “are not thinking on sex right now” and in a few months, ban! We will say that we falled in love while you suported me during the tough time that was my divorce”. Really, they should just shut up and move on with their lives. This is the kind of information that only the blind fans (they have any?) will believe and that only helps the others to see that all the gossip is true. And it would be good if he stopped to leak information to TMZ about the divorce to make his wife looks like the bad guy. Now out of nowhere I’m seeing comments in other sites saying she has mental issues when none of this were said before. He is making his divorce ugly. Not his ex.

  • disqus_BuPrn6rF9f

    And for being a homewrecker. Marriage number 2 that she out herself in the middle?

  • rosaryblue

    People get divorced everyday but without dragging him, Jesse has disappointed me with this situation.

  • TT

    This is absolute bull. Jesse Williams is a bona fide liar. Lied to his wife, cheated, and lied to his fanbase – mainly black women. He lost a fan – joining the boycott of him with others – wonder how his black daughter will view him when she is old enough to know – and Minka – disgraceful. Jesse you are officially the story of OJ (4:44). Take several – the damage is done – stop leaking false info about yourself AND your wife. Oh and deleting comments on your IG and blocking ppl – pointless. People have made several screenshots of the deleted comments and shared them – particularly how you condone (didnt delete) offensive language about black women. The user who called black women salty B words. U finally deleted the offensive comment after you were called out by several black women for keeping it up for 24 hours. Again I wonder how your black daughter would feel? And blocked users will just speak louder elsewhere. Boy bye. You’re a coward. And who sent confirmed the PDA excuse – really? Jesse has acted distant in public with his wife he was with for 13 years- he just he like paps. He is WITH this homewrecker Minka – who obviously has this type of rep

  • OlivY

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