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Brad Pitt Made Surprise Appearance at Frank Ocean's Show (Video)

Brad Pitt Made Surprise Appearance at Frank Ocean's Show (Video)

Brad Pitt made a surprise appearance at Frank Ocean‘s FYF Fest set on Saturday (July 22) in Los Angeles!

The 53-year-old actor was brought out on stage while Frank sang “Close to You” and a cover of the Jackson 5‘s “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

During Frank‘s songs, Brad sat and held a cellphone to his ear, as if listening to Frank singing.

During an interview with GQ, Brad admitted to listening to Frank often!

I’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean,” Brad said. “I find this young man so special. Talk about getting to the raw truth. He’s painfully honest. He’s very, very special. I can’t find a bad one.”

Watch the fan video below…

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  • whodunit?

    That was weird. Awkward really. Brad is definitely trying to tap into his inner artiste

  • TaraTeller

    I love Brad but this is lame. This public mooning over St. Angie Ho is pathetic.

  • African Girl

    Lol…Love it!!!!!

  • Lynnsay

    Brad is full of surprises!

  • busted

    If Brad is doing it as a part of Frank Ocean’s Tour Video then cool. If it is for a commercial.. again Cool. And if it was just to do it.. cool still. He looks wonderful. and I love his hair. Can’t get over the hair.

  • busted

    a few cute tweets

    hunter harris‏Verified account @hunteryharris 11h11 hours ago
    more invested in the brad pitt frank ocean friendship than anything i’ve got goin on rn

    Bryant Giles‏ @bryantgiles123 13h13 hours ago
    Brad Pitt on the phone with Angelina during franks set was beautiful. Some classic shit man.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    So, Brad is doing some kind of video thingy with Frank.

    Or a possible commercial using his music.


  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    I did get a chance to go through some of the past thread, didn’t read everything, but got the gist I think.

    So, we had a troll invasion eh. And looks like some caught up.




    1 2 3

  • ali7

    Lol u can say that and I have to go and WB&TJ I can count on you to keep this thread positive and block them. ✌️✌

  • busted

    A new thread is always a welcome after that. It give everyone a chance to start over and take a breath.. well before it stars again. But that hopefully is a long way off.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Now, to really important stuff.

    Weekend Estimates (July 21-23):

    1 N DUNKIRK WB $50,500,000 – 3,720 – $13,575 $50,500,000 1
    2 N GIRLS TRIP Uni. $30,370,720 – 2,591 – $11,722 $30,370,720 1
    3 2 SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Sony $22,010,000 -50.2% 4,130 -218 $5,329 $251,711,581 3
    4 1 WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES Fox $20,400,000 -63.7% 4,100 +78 $4,976 $97,750,914 2
    5 N VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS STX $17,020,000 – 3,553 – $4,790 $17,020,000 1
    6 3 DESPICABLE ME 3 Uni. $12,714,475 -34.3% 3,525 -630 $3,607 $213,322,700 4
    7 4 BABY DRIVER TriS $6,000,000 -31.1% 2,503 -540 $2,397 $84,233,939 4
    8 5 THE BIG SICK LGF $5,000,000 -33.9% 2,597 – $1,925 $24,539,378 5
    9 6 WONDER WOMAN WB $4,630,000 -31.9% 1,971 -773 $2,349 $389,033,279 8
    10 7 WISH UPON BG $2,477,816 -54.7% 2,154 -96 $1,150 $10,522,081 2


    Forget Dunkirk, what matters here is Girls Trip!!!

    Congratulations to the ladies!

    Oh, and Wonder Women is now the number 1 movie so fare this summer domestically, passing Guardian of the Galaxy ( still lagging internationally).

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Will do Ma’am.

    Hope to chat with you again soon.

  • busted

    Girls Trip was so funny. I hope people check it out. Going to see it again with my Mom on Wednesday. There are parts I was laughing at that I’m sure caused me to miss some of the jokes.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    My work schedule is all over the place at the moment, but I hope to catch it soon.

    This may just be the breakout comedy hit of the Summer since there have been nothing but duds so far.

  • Lady Valeria

    Damn Brad’s about to give me a heart attack!

    The commercial would be interesting. I find it hilarious people are so butthurt over Brad being out and about. Isn’t Angelina “winning”? So they should be happy.

    But lol this stuff is so Brad. Its also a good way to showcase a diff side of you without it being an interview or whatever. He and Angelina are funnier than they think. I liked her cameo in Sludge???? Some weirdass name but she was funny. JA should be glad Angelina doesn’t think she’s funny or else she’d dominate that too.

  • Lady Valeria

    I’ve never listened to his music but I think Frank is a beautiful person.

  • Lady Valeria

    Lol I’m too lazy to flag so I just block. Both sides of the cray “only” fans.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    A fresh start is always good.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Thank god for the block feature.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie


    She was funny as fvck in Mr.&Mrs. Smith.

    I don’t understand why she thinks she can’t do funny.

    Even if it’s the “straight” role, I would love to see her in a comedy.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Ahem, being an attention ho, I am bringing back this post from yesterday.

    Now I wonder who wants this out here and why. The bold is mine.

    U.S. investigators seek to turn Manafort in Russia probe: sources

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. investigators examining money laundering accusations against President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort hope to push him to cooperate with their probe into possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia, two sources with direct knowledge of the investigation said.

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team is examining Manafort’s financial and real estate records in New York as well as his involvement in Ukrainian politics, the officials said.

    Between 2006 and 2013, Manafort bought three New York properties, including one in Trump Tower in Manhattan. He paid for them in full and later took out mortgages against them. A former senior U.S. law enforcement official said that tactic is often used as a means to hide the origin of funds gained illegally. Reuters has no independent evidence that Manafort did this.

    The sources also did not say whether Mueller has uncovered any evidence to charge Manafort with money laundering, but they said doing so is seen by investigators as critical in getting his full cooperation in their investigation.

    “If Mueller’s team can threaten criminal charges against Manafort, they could use that as leverage to convince him to cooperate,” said one of the sources.

    Manafort’s spokesman, Jason Maloni, said, “Paul Manafort is not a cooperating witness. Once again there is no truth to the disinformation put forth by anonymous sources and leakers.”

    Manafort is seen as a key figure in the investigation because of his senior role in the campaign and his participation in a June 2016 meeting that included the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., close adviser Jared Kushner and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

    The meeting was called after the lawyer offered damaging information about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

    Mueller’s team asked the White House on Friday to preserve all of its communications about that meeting. Mueller is examining contacts between Russian officials and Trump associates during and after the Nov. 8 presidential election as part of a broader investigation into whether Russia tried to sway the election in favor of Trump.

    Manafort became Trump’s campaign manager in June 2016 but was forced to resign two months later amid reports of his business relationship with the Kremlin-backed former Ukrainian leader, Viktor Yanukovich.

    Manafort previously worked as a consultant to a pro-Russia political party in Ukraine and helped support Yanukovich. According to a financial audit reported by the New York Times, he also once owed $17 million to Russian shell companies.

    Former Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was investigating Manafort’s real estate dealings before he was fired by Trump in March, and Mueller has now assumed control of that investigation, one of the sources said.

    Bharara was not available for comment on his investigation on Friday.

  • busted

    In between binge watching Curb You Enthusiasm and checking the thread off and on.. I’ve been listening to Al Green.. and Frank takes me there.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Ooh, yes.

    The Right Reverend Al.

    One of my favs is Love and Happiness.

    That intro …

  • Lady Valeria

    She is hilarious when she’s being sarcastic. She probably can’t do slapstick but I rarely find that funny. I’d die if she did satire, etc.

    And damn Brad as Chad. We got yer shiiiiiiiiiite

  • busted

    It’s funnier than Bridesmaids and The Hangover.

    I know there will be a sequel. And I will shout it from the roof top. Tiffany H. is amazing.

  • toastie postie

    He is as dumb as Dumpster

    Seconds after quoting an anonymous source, Anthony Scaramucci admits the source was Donald Trump

  • Beedyq

    They are all identical peas in a pod of total dummies LOL.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie


    How desperate is Cheeto to hire somebody who obviously is not a real believer and probably just craves the limelight?

    This is exactly the kind of person I expect to sell him ou …

    On second thought …

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Apologies if this is a duplicate.

    Maybe Brad was there only to film his piece? I am not sure if he’s coming or going here.

  • Malf

    Saw there was some drama, skipped it & glad we’re on a new thread. Nice that Brad was out & about.

    JMHO, it’s tiresome whenever the convo starts devolving into the zero sum game. SMH, I don’t see why we can’t comment & be supportive of one without shading the other. Oh, well….block block.

  • busted

    This must have been after. His appearance was a surprise. And the guy is saying here he “fcuking comes”. meaning they saw him and he is leaving the stage. At least that’s whats I think

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    I wholeheartedly agree.

    I agree sometimes it’s best to let be until people get upright again.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie


    Now I guess we wait to find out what this is really about.

    I wonder too if we’ll get the back story on how this came about?

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    I just realized that if Brad does start filming on the 10th, I guess this means he’ll miss the harvest.

    He usually is present for that yes?

  • Passing Through

    Thanks for the bread crumb trail on the last thread…

  • Malf

    Good for Wonder Woman! I really enjoyed that movie & I like how Gal Gadot has conducted herself with the new found success. Hopefully, the success won’t get to her head.

    Cool that the non-white sistahs are scoring at the box office. Sowwy, don’t care about Dunkirk, not a Nolan fanboy & WWII movies don’t hold much interest for me anymore. He’s made some good movies but he can be overrated.

  • Malf


  • Passing Through


    That’s some funny shite. That woman was about to hyperventilate. Not that I can blame her. 5’11″ of hot man walking toward you..and he keeps going past you and doesn’t even know you’re there drooling on yourself. LOL!

  • Passing Through

    plez • 2 hours ago

    If I did not know better I’d think Scaramucci is a stepford wife.



    He’s a big time poseur. There’s some videon on YT of him coming for Drumpf’s neck before he won the race. Then he switched horses and became Drumpf’s biggest defenders. This is a guy who wants to go places – on other people’s backs. I was watching some YT videos last night and there’s a video where he’s trying to confront Obama at a CNBC town hall meeting. First he starts by sucking up to Obama and reminding Obama that they went to law school together. You could see Obama looking at him like, “Really? We did?” LOL! But all he said, “Yes, and it’s good to see you again…and you are?” LOL! I died laughing…

    It’s at the :48 mark. This is just a 90 second excerpt. Obama’s answer was 5 minutes long. Check out Scaramucci’s face at the end when Obama said he doesn’t think it makes him anti-business to say he thinks someone making $100MIL a year should be taxed at the same rate as their secretary….

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    I saw this comment at another site regarding the panel for the The Justice League at ComicCon.

    “what in the sam hell is happening in this panel?

    wtf fuck is geoff johns? get control of your damn kids.

    Kevin Feige would never”

    I can’t lie: I roared.

    And this pic of possibly soon to be no more Batfleck:

    See the whole mess at:

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Sir Christopher is coming for that Oscah he thinks he should have gotten for Interstella.

    Let’s see how far he gets this time.

    And I love that a group of non-white woman are really scoring so massive at the box office.

    Once again Hollywacked. Give people a good film with a good cast and people will come.


  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    He has been looking great lately.

  • Malf

    OT: Hey, LV….just saw Beauty & the Beast with your favouritest actress Emma W. How did that movie make a billion $$!? No magic to this live action version. All the dudes who were EW’s love interests were too old for her character & creeped me out. As for EW’s performance….she had the right clothing…that’s all I’ve got. LMAO.

    Thank gawd, I didn’t pay to see it. Meh.

  • Beedyq

    FrankO’s set was the closing act last night. So Brad probably arrived in time for Spike to film but was not there for most of the earlier acts.

    Seems to me that he was leaving but what do I know lol.

  • busted

    I haven’t seen any tweets about him after the appearance. Nor any of him before. So that could be the case

  • Passing Through

    Reading the discussion on the other thread about Brad doing the video to Never Can Say Goodbye and I have to LMAO. Thank God it wasn’t for Thinking ‘Bout You…the song that he wrote about realizing he was bisexual and his first sexual experience with another man…. LOL!

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    It’ll be interesting to see just how long this snake lasts.

    Of if he winds up being another one to stick a knife in Doofus’ back.

  • Passing Through

    I watched his first press conference and LMAO. You can practically see the Crisco running out of his ears. Sean Spicer should be glad he quit – because this Scaramucci dude would have no problem making him look like a even bigger fool than Drumpf already has.

  • Malf

    Are they CGI’ing Batfleck to make him slimmer in the Justice League reshoots? He’s looking very chunky. Sowwy, he’s not Batman…he’s Fatman! My bad for the fat shaming.

  • Passing Through

    I think Toastie posted about this yesterday.. Looking at the pix makes me want to cringe though. I’m gonna have to change the name from Batfleck to Bloatfleck…