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Gerard Butler Enjoys Cabaret Night Out in Saint Tropez!

Gerard Butler Enjoys Cabaret Night Out in Saint Tropez!

Gerard Butler has switched up his vacation destination!

Last night, the 47-year-old actor was spotted making his way back to his car after checking out some cabaret at the famous cabaret restaurant L’OPERA by Philippe Shangti on Sunday (July 30) in Saint Tropez, France.

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Gerard was joined by a big group of friends, which included Raquel Gran Mamut and Italian model Valeria Marini.

Earlier this month, Gerard was seen lounging on the beach and taking a scenic boat ride during vacation in Formentera, Spain.

In case you missed it, check out a first look clip from Gerard‘s next film titled A Family Man!

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  • sassafrass

    Why you go through the trouble of these alternative monikers is anyone’s guess.

  • MovieBuff

    For a man, sex does not equal relationship. For a woman, it does. The two are completely different things that have nothing to do with one another.

  • MovieBuff

    Not your problem, chelsea.

  • MovieBuff

    What? That ambiguity is no voice of confidence?

  • MovieBuff

    You can only be who you are.
    You can’t fight who you are.

  • sassafrass

    Too true.

  • sassafrass

    Still delusional.

  • MovieBuff

    You are still overtly hostile with imperial disdain. You still revert to personal attacks while deriding us in hope of some will provide you with more ammunition.
    Only I’m not delusional… most women are.

  • MovieBuff

    Personally, I think he is “concerned” but no one knows why. Maybe vanity? Pretense? Or as you say, peer pressure? Wants what others have until it turns into too much work? Who knows? Does he even know what he wants?
    Maybe it’s the age-old issue of getting involved hastily then discovering later on former feelings for others don’t die so easily even if all reason told him to move on? Their moving apart had ramifications that reached far beyond themselves? Then, like how it is when you get with someone new then they’re no longer new, and you wonder what to do next? Maybe there’s a struggle for supremacy? This other person doesn’t make him feel whole? Just speculating. That’s all any of us can do.

  • Legume Duprix

    Fuck buddies or whatever, Morgan and Gerry are NOT a healthy thriving relationship.

    Not at all. If you believe that, you need medication.

  • Lace

    Snow Ponies filming expected to begin in January in Budapest. Discussion begins about 30:05.
    A Western….pulling it on Gerry’s name alone..hummm:):)

  • Nicole

    Gerard Butler To Star In Action Pic ‘Snow Ponies’ – Berlin, February 3, 2017
    Gerard Butler is back in action with the lead in Snow Ponies, the feature directorial debut of second-unit veteran Darrin Prescott
    Snow Ponies follows a crew of seven hardened men who travel across a vicious landscape to deliver a mysterious package. Met by murderous bandits and brutal obstacles at every turn, they are forced to choose between survival and honor, loyalty and deceit — all the while wondering what secrets their precious cargo might contain. Production is set to begin this year.

  • Lace

    Those articles were written in February of this year, the above video was posted today, I am glad to see it is still a go!:)

  • Nicole

    Yes I know. These articles are just for full information. It’s good that they will still shoot this film

  • AJ

    Wow! Fully financed on GB’s name alone. Way to go GB!!! Also this director sounds like the real deal. Congrats!!

  • Sonia
  • AJ


  • Sonia

    He looks good, eh? I forgot to add that. :) Unless your ‘ahhh’ was for the parking ticket, lol.

  • AJ

    Yes my ahhh was for the parking ticket. Lol. But yeah I agree with you he does look good.

  • Nicole

    New thread
    Gerard Butler Flaunts Buff Biceps During Coffee Outing

  • 💕👰💫german-girl💃fresh-blood💫👰💕

    Parking ticket < LOL:)
    ….what a home welcoming…..:)

  • The truth is ALWAYS out there

    Well, this is a very interesting response you have written, except I see much of the IMO littered throughout your letter. So therefore this is all opinion. And opinions are nice, except when they are SO completely wrong. My BFF is connected to Mr. B. So she knows that in fact Mr. B IS a family man, as God created him that way. Just hard to function split apart from the other half of his soul and not connnected back to everything he is, like her. He is not a family man with anyone else, but only to his other half and her connections (the same for her). Like her half, he despises those who try and control or wrangle him into something and somewhere he knows he’s not to be around. So tell me why would he want to have a family with another bunch of regular souls when he is a split soul of the highest power? Why would he himself “join” not just with a regular soul, but one who is evil and being used by the other power to hurt and disable my BFF and her twin? And no, a half soul can NEVER fit with a whole soul. So you won’t see him parading around with Remy or anything else, as it completely goes against the grain of his creation and who he is. Anything else you have seen has been contractual with the games they play in that world (some evil). The same goes for MB, as she has nothing to do with Mr. B. She has only tried to grab Mr. B for her own selfish reasons and needs, by extented her invitation (which has been revoked, but keeps pushing it). In something she has no clue what she is stepping in (sacred TerriTORY). Needing to be escorted OUT by the “ushers”, before it gets so much worse (but refuses to get the hint). There is no right woman for Mr. B, only the one that was created the other half of him that completes his very being in every way.

    MM is a regular soul, so is his wife, so he can leave for weeks at a time. That is NOT how a split soul/ twin flame works or functions. Split souls are their very existience to each other and the longer the seperation the deteration begins that kills them inside from missing the entirety of who they are. Which are one in life and need each other completely to grow and thrive. In heart, mind, body and soul, that is also spirtually, mentally and emotionally. In every way that makes them the full and complete man and woman in life. The full power of love that God created in them, of love, sex and marriage and all they were intended to become. That is the real family man Mr. B is, but has yet to show the world (the truth of what he is and has been split from).

    And why would he wish to support a movie that has been so trashed on? No other single person from the movie other than Mr. B stood behind it, so why should Mr. B? Not to mention, as his time in HW was granted to him by our Father. It now needs to be done, and there would be no need to uplift something that will soon be behind him (when he no longer is supposed to be in that world anymore, because both halves are fading). This movie was a flop to begin with, because he himself is dying in all ways from the lack of rejoining his soul and the rest of who he is as that man God created (you can see his face fading in the movie scenes, which my BFF is becoming worse). Just because he “poured” himself into the movie, doesn’t mean he is supposed to stand behind it anymore. I don’t agree with “poured” himself in this movie at all, because of his PAIN of being split and knowing he doesn’t belong in that world anymore. Not because he is not a “Family Man”, but because he is not THAT kind of family man (but a special kind).

    NO, it’s not three years of trying to squeeze in a family man suit, but THEM forcing someone upon him who he is nothing like or anyone else. Mr. B, who was created differently and separated from the rest of who he is in existence (something that is much bigger than blood). Mr. B being coerced and compelled to keep him in line for their plans and desires (that is what has aged him). Not just aged him, but has ravaged him inside that has shattered my BFF. From being forced to fit their idea of being stable to their world. Perpetuating a GRAND lie, because he is a split soul who has been wielded for their benefits at the expense of my BFF’s half of the soul. She who is STILL incomplete with tormentive pain in everything (unbalancing all within her, as well as him). This has dismantled severely his inner being from the immense connection that Mr. B and my BFF share.