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Barack Obama's Charlottesville Tweet Is Most Liked Tweet of All Time

Barack Obama's Charlottesville Tweet Is Most Liked Tweet of All Time

Former President Barack Obama has the second-most liked tweet to ever be sent out on the social media platform.

His tweet was in reaction to the white supremacist rally that occurred over the weekend, and at this time, has over 2.4 million likes and over 1 million retweets.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…” the former President tweeted. The quote comes from Nelson Mandela’s autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom.”

The current most-liked tweet on the social media platform is Ariana Grande‘s tweet reacting to the bombing at the Manchester, England arena where she was performing. This tweet has 2.7 million likes.

UPDATE: The post is now the MOST liked tweet of all time with 2.8 million likes so far.

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  • VanityInsecurity

    would have been nice if he spoke himself instead of a Mandela quote.

  • Curt Noydb

    So one again, Mr. Unoriginal is being praised and heralded by the Alt-Left for plagiarism. I will stick with Trump. He doesn’t lie as much.

  • Veronicawfrost

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  • A2er

    Trump lies all the time and way more than any other politician in recent US times. Mexico will pay for the wall? Carrier jobs are safe? No Russian collusion in our election? He loves gay people? He’ll clean out the swamp?

  • A D

    why don’t you stick your head in the sand like the idiot that you are…don’t worry, you’ll be dead soon enough…dumb racist and angry is no way to go through life…Even two of those 3 is a terrible affliction…

  • Lulu

    all Trump does is lie a waste of life not worthy of the air we breath fortunately he will be impeached soon and can continue to be the piece of shit he is out of the public eye maybe go to Russia, maybe go to jail, time will tell, but he is and will always be a pathetic waste of life

  • GI

    No one is born knowing 2×2=4.
    You learn about the realities of life.

  • RS

    First, it is well documented that Trump lied more than any presidential candidate in modern history and he’s only continued the pattern as president. Second, directly quoting someone isn’t plagiarism. Seems you’re unfamiliar with quote signs.

  • Randy

    Yeah, but unfortunately most on the right are taught far more about hatred than math.

  • GI

    We all are, Randy.
    However, I am not sure if this is about hatred at all. Whites feel cornered and they fight back.
    Nothing new under the Sun.

  • Maggie P.U.

    He knows how to play the American people…and others. Tell them what they want to hear. Yet, look what he did to the country. Americans were murdered and it couldve been avoided…and the country went down hill. Any disaster hit he went on vacay. Trump, is no Saint but he is crucified without hardly out of the gate…..least hes shown respect to the military and doesn’t kiss ass from those cross the pond

  • SquidBillie

    You need to do your homework on how many lies have come out of Trump’s mouth. He contradicts himself all the time, but his idiot followers always blame “liberals, libtards, the left, fake news or nothing burgers.” Take your pick, you embarrass yourself more every day and are too ignorant to realize it.

  • SquidBillie

    He knows how to play the moronic, uneducated Trumptards.

  • Randy

    Thanks for confirming that you’re all hateful idiots. Also, nobody cares that you feel “cornered” just because other races exist and aren’t inferior to you.

  • Gina

    Let’s hope you are as critical of the current president.

  • GI

    Yeah, you know nothing Jack.
    You will be surprised.

  • JWC

    Obama Often said “Only one President at a time” His comments and criticism are acceptable because the sitting President is not preforming as a President

  • Maggie P.U.

    I did not vote either way….but the others are just as moronic and uneducated. Anyone can go to College but it doesn’t make the person educated. Agree/disagree.

  • CodeStud3

    And yet he persisted… by plagiarizing. Just because one puts quotes around it doesn’t make it less. Plagiarizing.

  • Robert Muniz

    I sugest you get a lotbotomy. It may improve your ability to critically think for yourself. p.s.: There is no such thing as the “alt-left.”

  • quartzoup

    Donald has actually enhanced Obama’s legacy. The more Donald reacts like a child, the more Obama looks like a saint, and he wasn’t a saint, but when you compare him to Donald…

  • Ben in Oakland

    Yeah. A., of the trumpanzees are now saying they didn’t vote. And what did OBama do to the country? Cleaned up the mess that George bush left.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Whites feel cornered? I’m white. I don’t feel cornered. There’s not a single white person I know that feels cornered.

    Oh, you mean that white people have to share the planet with other people.

    That isn’t what cornered means,

  • Sandrajfisher


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  • Maggie P.U.

    Ur opinion. Plus u have Nno clue who did what. Just assumption. What did obumma do for this country…? Made if far worse. First Bush then him. So quit Makin fun of people who did vote for Trump…u voted for ur choice…it blew doing the job…so only fair someone else try it. U obimbos need to move on.

  • Ben in Oakland

    I think I’m pretty well informed. I see you are long on name calling and invective, short on actual citations, shorter still on reasoning power, and even worse on spelling.

    Have a nice day.

  • Curt Noydb

    During one of your brief periods of sobriety and possible cognitive reasoning perhaps you should use it to illuminate yourself. There is an Alt-Left, Antifa, Black Panthers, Communist Workers Party, New Dawn. Don’t be so naive child.

  • GI

    Well, if you’re fine where you are, then don’t worry about it. In case you’re the curious type, do some research on demographic changes and projections and see how our elected officials pander to an ever growing minority, threatening the prevalence of white culture in America. Stroll the streets of Detroit, New Orleans or Atlanta, see the masses of minorities sitting on the porch, lurking all over their neighborhood, hear them hurling swear words after you, feel the sizzling hatred in the air and ponder: what has become of our country?

  • Ben in Oakland

    Well, as a white man, I am unaware of anything remotely resembling white culture. Oh, wait! IM Jewish! does that make me non-white? And I’m an atheist! OH, no, I’m contributing to the decline of Christianity! And I’m gay! So I’m not making any of those white babies! And maybe the politicians are pandering to me! except when they are trying to make me go away, locked safely in a closet, if not a prison cell..

    All your link shows is that things change. this is not the world I was born into. but then, 67 years later, no one is living in the world they were born into. It doesn’t work that way. Things change. They do nothing but change. And to pretend that you can stop it somehow is just silly. It’s even sillier to pretend that it matters. Most people are simply not concerned about it, as your link shows. why are you?

    My grandparents came to the US in 1890, from Bessarabia. Within 25 years, their world changed irrevocably. My fried Gary’s great grandparents came to this country in 1865 from Japan. And have lived here ever since. That would make him more American than I am.

    As for your comment about sizzling hatred in the air, I’m just not feeling it, unless it is from heterosexual Christians of a certain sort. I know all kinds of people, all colors, all races, all ethnicities, some religious, some not, gay straight and bi.what matters is the pat they are good people who wish to live in peace with their neighbors, as do I.

    It must be terrible to live with that kind of fear and paranoia. It must be worse to be afraid from a totally mythical standpoint, which “white culture” surely is. Like jazz or rock and roll? Those black people gave it to you. I’m old enough to remember white Christians trembling at the thought of Elvis Presley and his “jungle music”.

  • GI

    Indeed, the world has changed and if you are an atheist baby boomer and a homosexual Jew, you might be fairly content with the trend of the past 20-25 years: yes, things are going your way. For this to enjoy, you all worked hard and even though you are happy with what you see, I am sure you know that people outside your bubble are angered by what they consider a decline of WASP values.
    Fear and paranoia and trembling?
    Nah, that’s so Jewish.
    Nothing of that sort in my circles.
    Just a solid determination to reverse what you did and sustain OUR values.
    On the side, if you’re ever in a soul-searching mood, answer yourself these questions: “mah nasata, mah lakachta?” – and see what the balance sheet will tell you …

  • Ben in Oakland

    I had a feeling if I mentioned I was Jewish and gay, I would hear something like that. You didn’t disappoint.

    Here’s the difference between you and me. I have no problem allowing you to have your values and live your life the way you wish.

    You have a definite problem wth allowing others to do the same. You will always be at war, and drag others into your little war, because of that.

    Your war is based simply on fear. well, fear and and your completely unwarranted belief in your totally imaginary superiority as a Christian, a heterosexual, and a white person, your desire to exercise dominion over the lives of other people.

    You may succeed in the short run. I certainly hope not, but you might. Unlike many idealists, I don’t believe that love is stronger than fear and hate and that imaginary superiority, not in the short run, not in the long run.

    I have no idea what your transliteration of Hebrew means

  • GI

    Not exactly sure what part of my response was that did not disappoint your presumptions.
    Please read it again and let it sink:
    “Fear and paranoia and trembling?
    Nah, that’s so Jewish.
    Nothing of that sort in my circles.
    Just a solid determination to reverse what YOU did and sustain OUR values.”
    But back to the original article about Obama quoting Nelson Mandela: ““No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…” – even though it sounds great and pleasing, it is so trivial and misleading.
    To see through it, I proposed in my first comment that no one is born knowing two by two equal four either. This you need to learn just like other realities of life, including the struggle for survival of which the Charlottesville rallies are just one tiny episode.
    This struggle to survive, aka the immortalized “selfish gene”, is a natural phenomena, a process that will sort out the fittest, if you like.
    Now, as for the questions in Hebrew.
    An approximate translation is “What did you give? What did you take?”
    It might be better, or at least closer to the original to say it in present perfect tense, that is “What have you given? What have you taken?”.
    I travel a lot and I remember this rabbi who keeps telling his congregation, that the only thing that really matters is this: how did you contribute to the betterment of the world, and what did you take from others for the betterment of yourself. He said once you die, the next moment in afterlife you will hear the Almighty thundering the very same questions: What have you given? What have you taken? And what is the final balance? (Bao-lamecha)
    So, you’re 67 and an opinionated Jew?It’s time to make an attempt and answer those questions even now.
    Enjoy your day!
    And learn some Jiddish, would you? ;)

  • Robert Muniz

    I don’t think I’m naive, I think you’re making false equivalencies all over the place. If I were you I would clean up your own mess, the one that’s all over the sidewalk…

  • Robert Muniz

    I don’t think I’m naive, I think you’re making false equivalencies all over the place. If I were you I would clean up your own mess, the one that’s all over the sidewalk…

  • Ben in Oakland

    I’m not surprised you don’t see it in “so you’re an opinionated Jew?” And “that’s so Jewish.”

    It would take a special person not to see that. I’ve encountered those people my whole life.

    And what have I given? IVe fought my whole life for the rights of my people, both Jewish and gay. Not to take anything away from your people, but so that my people have the same rights, obligations, and responsibilities as yours.ive fought so that gay kids don’t kill themselves, so that my friends’ children have the same protections that having married parents will give them, the same protections available to the children of a certain married adulterous and fornicating small handed reality star with a penchant for sexual assault. I’ve fought so that people like my brother, dead by murder or suicide or both don’t learn the kind of abject self hatred for being gay that he had shoved on him.

  • GI

    I’m sorry to hear all that, what a mess …
    That, indeed, is living in fear and tremble.
    Write a book on your story, or hire a ghost writer to do it and help people make up their mind, either for or against.
    Hope you have some good days ahead!

  • Phil the Donahue

    Conspiracy theorists were abused as children