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Brad Pitt Dons an Army Uniform on 'Ad Adstra' Movie Set

Brad Pitt Dons an Army Uniform on 'Ad Adstra' Movie Set

Brad Pitt steps out on the set of his upcoming movie Ad Adstra on Friday night (August 18) at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles.

The 53-year-old actor was seen wearing an army uniform for his role as a colonel.

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The film “centers on a man’s journey across a lawless solar system to find his missing father, a renegade scientist who poses a threat to all of mankind,” according to Variety.

Oscar nominee Ruth Negga recently joined the cast of the upcoming film!

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  • Lady Valeria

    Oy OK I went back and reread…..the project manager totalled way more $ than what Soudant’s company actually billed. So I can see Brad being pissed if that is true and not wanting to pay more.

  • GroundControl500

    I thought she was being paid and her team was being paid. And for quite a while. But then when Brad saw how high the costs were coming in at and the project was still infinished that he put brakes on further payments – probably until future work and costs were clarified. This so-called team working on the lighting for her is made out as HER employees or HER subcontractors. The article seems unclear about who the “project manager” actually is – the project manager for all Miraval renovation or just for the lighting project.

  • Marie

    there is a pic of Shiloh looking toward the camera and squinting where she looks just like Brad!!

  • Marie

    and Norman Lear is a known activist liberal!!

  • toastie postie
  • Lady Valeria

    There is too much missing. No dates/time stamps or whatever for the emails….. just from this the project manager seems inept or criminal….

    I think there’s more to it than this. It’s a working farm, for one……..he paid for 3 years to get extensive remodeling and then just randomly stopped paying someone whose work he admired? For the first time that I’ve ever seen in any of his design or remodeling ventures

    I feel like someone got screwed. And the article says she was paid 300k in unpaid bills (which in rich people celeb world does not seem to be that much, in terms of materials and labor…..especially if it was fancy/expensive materials) and the rest for basically pain and suffering….if she can prove copyright I would think that she would not have gone to the press. I can see bragging about it after you won….but before on anyone’s part ie hers or Brad’s looks like engaging public opinion to influence imo.

    I guess we’ll see when it’s all resolved. There’s too much missing and out of context to judge effectively (I say as I judge away, lol). Imo at the very least I am confused about the no contract thing.

  • Felinelilly

    Hi O2, you, GC and LV are welcome. Here’s what I got from the article. Brad hired Odile Soudant to work on Miraval’s lighting and gave her carte blanche to work. She then hired subcontractors to work with her, these 17 people. These companies she hired, overcharged her, the judges proved it in court, that the 4.9 millions totalled was way too much compared to what Soudant was actually billing to Brad. Brad was happily paying the bills for everything, in cash, until he found out how much these subcontractors were actually charging which was way too much money so Brad stopped paying, as he should have in my opinion.
    I’m sorry Soudant lost her business, but the people SHE hired to work with her, overcharging her for the work, is not Brad’s fault. Brad was sentenced to pay what he owed which was 300 000 € and not the 4.9 millions the subcontractors had billed Soudant, that she ended up not being able to pay.
    Now she’s going after Guerlain for a pool of light Angelina was shown in, in a commercial, whatever. That made me laugh.

    ETA: Brad should have kept a closer eye on the financial side of things during all this but it’s the only thing he’s guilty of, in my opinion. What I find strange is that there have been massive renovations at Miraval through the years and Brad has never had a problem with anyone else but her, for the lighting. So, yeah.

  • sunny_dayze

    They dropped out because they’re chicken shats when outnumbered.

  • sunny_dayze

    They dropped out because they’re chicken shats when outnumbered.

  • Lady Valeria

    That will be the difference to me. Were these contractors part of her regular team/firm and hired as part of it OR were they freelancers hired by Soudant? It seems like they weren’t?

    I’m more interested in how she says the designs are hers but she doesn’t have the copyrights. I would think that if she did the work, etc that she would be submitting as she went along, etc. I’m just finding it odd that Brad, the actor, put the paperwork in for the copyright for whatever lighting shit was developed but Soudant the businesswoman and architect did not. If that was even the deal. Like GC said……this is fairly common. Whoever pays for it, generally owns it. My dad is going through this with grad school. To graduate he has to write either a dissertation or a project (he’s a computer programmer) that his college will own when he graduates (which is why he’s coming up with a different idea lol bc he doesn’t want his school to own an idea that he can build a business with).

    So if that is the situation. ………imo she shot herself in the foot with that private vs commercial argument. As if Brad wouldn’t say that it wasn’t a private house.

  • Felinelilly

    From what I understand from the article, she hired them. She had her own employees working on the project, but also hired these engineers the article talked about. 17 people in all, including herself.

  • Felinelilly

    GC, thank you for your point of view! ITA that if Brad was paying for everything, which he was for a long time, he owned it. And the architect working on site testified to the court that the ideas were mainly Brad’s. But since I’m not a lawyer and don’t know how these things work, I so appreciate your point of view on all this.
    Soudant is responsible for her own billing, but to me Brad isn’t responsible for the people she hired, overcharging her.

  • toastie postie
  • Felinelilly

    Ok this has nothing to do with Brad, but good luck to your dad! You’re really smart, and I see you’re not the only one. Your entire family seems very studious and highly educated. :)

  • bap

    First They Killed My Father | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix



  • Lady Valeria

    Well we’re working on it! I think the biggest inspiration is my mom going to college for the first time at 50 and making plans to get a business degree and use it to start her own.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Very late evening hello to all

    Just getting back.


    Bless you for taking time to translate the article. I probably won’t have time to read it all tonight, but will get to it tomorrow.

    If anyone is still around who has read it, can you answer a question about this credit business? Was she looking for some kind of legal recognition of her work? Is it that she can’t claim she created these design because she knows Brad will publicly dispute that?

    Also, did Brad copyright his designs? And if so, were they presented to the court and that’s why she her credit claims weren’t recognized?

    I can tell from the comments made, and the questions asked, that girlfriend ain’t telling it all.

    And suing Guerlain? Pathetic.

    Why isn’t she suing Malick or Berger or Angie for that matter?

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Oh, wow.


  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Wow, good luck to your Mom and Dad.

    Hearing stuff like that is so inspirational.

    It’s never too late.

  • Felinelilly

    OMG, amazing. The best of luck to your mom too!

  • Felinelilly

    You’re welcome WB&TJ.

  • GroundControl500

    You’re welcome, Feline. I always want to remind anyone reading this isn’t my area of expertise. There are basic principles involved but there may be recent case law or statute that govern obviously.
    Are you still on vacation? Is it because France takes off for the month of August? Is that a reality and is it the whole country? Please be careful and cognizant of people around you. Trust your instincts and don’t worry about insulting people. Sometimes you have to profile.

  • chun key pipe

    Do these Hollywood types think military personnel like seeing erroneous betrayal of us on film? At least Depp and cruise has sense enough not to keep going there.

  • chun key pipe

    Colin Kaperneck has people all in their feelings. Sad… Ahahahaha

  • chun key pipe

    Rest in peace dick Gregory.

  • chun key pipe

    This cat should be the father of a soldier, and not still in uniform.

  • Kendramdavis


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  • chun key pipe

    Successful military personnel graduate to suits.

  • chun key pipe

    This is an old-ass soldier… Ahahahaha and Ahahahaha, my side is hurting, ahahahaha.

  • chun key pipe

    This service-man is long in the tooth… Ahahahaha

  • Glenn Giggity

    Hi all the you doin?

    Still holding out for Brangelina to reunite? Lol

  • The Ring

    and pityloons?

  • The Ring

    please,pics of the new hot daddy of Shi and Viv

  • The Ring

    Intriguingly, some e-mails sent by Pitt to Soudant were included in the lawsuit, and the The Guardian has obtained them. In one e-mail, Pitt wrote, β€œOdile, I need you. Come here please. I need you to finish.” This was after Soudant says Pitt stopped paying her. When tensions rose and Soudant stopped all work on the project, Pitt wrote, β€œI don’t know how things happen in France but in the United States, friends don’t attack friends. I’ve been nothing but a fan of your work. Do not attack. Let’s finish the project and be proud of it. The work is too good to end on a bad note. Life is too short, my friend.”
    Pitt followed that up with β€œDon’t waste time with legal action. Follow your artistic journey and don’t worry about the rest.”
    Which, sure, we don’t know the exact context of that e-mail, but a guy spending a kajillion dollars on the lighting system at his multi-building French estate telling a working designer to not worry about the money and just focus on the art is . . . a little rich, non?

  • The Ring

    this is old pity,not Jolie

  • mike

    How does it feel to be an illiterate cunt, Jen hen?

  • mike

    I read your comments at Female First. You love Aniston and trashes Brad and Angelina over there.

  • mike

    The cunts who upvote you are fucking dumb losers becausae they really think you care about Whorelina haha

  • mike

    Nah, but your whore mother is a big fan of my dick.

  • mike

    The Ring’s mother only costs 1 dollar a night, cheap whore.

  • The Ring

    I did not remember that without Jolie, this thread is..zzzzzzzzzzz

  • mike

    I hope the cunts who upvote you feel dumb when they upvote The Ring, a known Jen Hen at Female First haha

  • mike

    Jen hen Ring is one of Jennifer’s ass sniffers at FF haha

  • Lylian


    These little neo nazi’s claiming no freedom of speech.

    I agree that neo nazi’s have freedom of speech. But when they have biow back, they have to take it. They are on the wrong side of history.

    Also, every private enterprise is a allowed to take a stand and not host a racist website. Coz companies are people too! LOL!

  • Lylian

    About Odile and her contract.

    (1) It’s not clear if anything was put in writing. A Very bad idea on both sides.

    (2) Not clear from Feline Lily’s translation how much Odile claimed she was owed. But if she was paid only 565k for a claim of 4.9m then essentially, she lost. Because you can bet that Brad wasn’t paying anymore money until the dispute was settled in court.

    (3) If nothing is put in writing, in a contract about copyright ownership then I would think any copyright – if it exists belongs to Chateau Miraval. Typically, copyright belongs to the party who commissions and pays for the work. Sometimes it is so obvious, people don’t think about it. For e.g. if you commission an artist to paint a portrait, which you know is going to hang in her private home, I’d bet it would be a shock to the family that the copyright belongs to the artist and he can call someone to take photos of it and show it off at anytime. The artist retains her moral right to be acknowledged as the creator of the art, but not the owner of the copyright. I mean, let’s put the idea on the reverse: Would Odile think that copyright to those works belong to any of the sub contractors?

    (4) 17 contractors, 4.9 Euros is a lot of money for lighting. It sounds like Odile lost control of the situation. Brad has never been known as a bad pay master. And in fact, the story confirms that he was an excellent pay master – paying in cash, paying promptly, until it seems he thought it was excessive.

  • busted

    Good morning fans.. Happy Sunday to all.

    Thanks for the pics of Brad and Angie w/girls
    Really curious about the film. Brad wears a uniform very well I must say. Body wise hello.. he looks great.

    catching up on the thread.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Morning all.

    Unfortunately, I can’t stay, but I came across this NY Daily New post (originally from the AP) about this lighting case. There are still chucks of information missing. And we are still mostly getting stuff from her side only.

    It also explains to me why she’s whining about this credit business. The stuff bolded is from me.

    French designer in costly dispute over Pitt-Jolie chateau

    PARIS (AP) β€” A French lighting designer has won a $600,000 court ruling in a dispute with Brad Pitt over the re-design of the chateau in Provence that he and Angelina Jolie shared. But designer Odile Soudant isn’t stopping there.

    Soudant says her business went under and her career was irreparably damaged because of Pitt’s refusal to pay for costly architectural reveries. She’s now fighting for the intellectual property rights to the Chateau Miraval’s lighting design.

    Pitt’s representatives argue the project was late and over-budget and the disputed lighting design was Pitt’s brainchild β€” not hers.

    Soudant’s legal actions are the latest challenge for Pitt, who is in protracted divorce proceedings with Jolie.

    Chateau Miraval is a symbol of happier times in the couple’s relationship. They stayed at the sprawling 17th century estate when she gave birth to their twins in nearby Monaco in 2008, launched a successful wine venture from its rich vineyards, and married there in 2014.

    Soon after they bought Miraval, nestled in the rolling, wooded hills near the village of Correns, Pitt sought out designers to re-envision it for the 21st century. Soudant and her company, Lumieres Studio, were tasked with the lighting, notably taking better advantage of the sunshine in Provence, she told The Associated Press. She called natural light an “obsession” with Pitt.

    Unusually, she says she never supplied or was given a contract.

    “I had unlimited time and unlimited budget….They said, ‘If you ask for more, we’ll give you more.”

    A representative for Pitt contests this, and says there was an agreement that Soudant didn’t respect. The representative requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the legal process, would not say if the agreement was written or oral.

    The renovation project grew with “delirious demands” from Pitt and more and more designers getting involved, Soudant said. She hired new staff and relegated her company’s other projects to bottom priority.

    She says she had 17 employees working exclusively on the lighting for Miraval at one point.

    After 3 Β½ years of work, the chateau stopped paying Soudant for her services, she said. Her staff continued working on the project, she says, and her bills started piling up, notably for government payroll charges.

    Soudant contends she later discovered that Pitt was concerned with the project’s price. “One day he wakes up and decides he has paid too much,” she said.

    Pitt’s representative said Soudant was paid more than 4 million euros ($4.7 million) for work she didn’t complete; Soudant says the figure is inflated, that every hour worked and piece of material used was financially tracked, and that no one explained the stopped payments.

    “They sank my business,” she said in an interview.

    Facing potential bankruptcy, the designer sent a warning letter. In response, she says she received a threatening email from Pitt saying friends don’t sue friends, and she was barred from the chateau.

    Pitt’s spokesperson said Soudant didn’t get along with others working on the renovation and her presence “disturbed the work.”

    Legal proceedings ensued, and in April, the Paris court of appeals ordered Chateau Miraval to pay 565,000 euros ($660,000) to Soudant, including 300,000 euros in unpaid bills and 60,000 euros for damage to her image and reputation. Pitt was not a party to the proceedings, though central to the dispute.

    Pitt’s representative said the actor’s team felt the court decision was fair. Chateau Miraval and its French lawyer refused to discuss the case, referring all queries to Pitt’s spokesperson.

    Soudant welcomed the ruling, but said it doesn’t go far enough to cover her financial or reputational losses.

    “I gave up everything to accept the work at Miraval,” she.

    Because Pitt considers the lighting his intellectual property, Soudant says she can’t include the Miraval work in her company’s portfolio. She started legal procedures this month seeking to establish her property rights.

    “It’s my work, my creations. It’s like they cut off my arm,” she said.

    Pitt’s team appears serene about the risk of a new trial. His representative said the star was closely involved in Miraval’s renovation and has “personal drawings showing that many of the ideas regarding light installations came from him.”

    Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


    So, it appears that the judge basically agree with Brad.

    Also, it seems that Soudant’s relationship with Brad was supposed to be the same as it is with Pollaro.

    Brad comes up with the design and others are hired to execute. But the design is still his alone. Just like architects come up with the design but others execute it. Still, it’s the architect’s design.

    And it looks like Brad’s got receipts.

  • busted

    She seems to want badly to be associated with Miraval. That seems to be her foundation.

    I appreciate that Brad is handling this in a quiet way. He is not out trashing her the way she is trying to do to him. Keep it classy.

  • Lylian

    No written contract? Hmmm.

    And if Brad has personal drawings, then that would be very good evidence. I’m kind of reminded of the scene in Working Girl when the character played by Sigourney Weaver is unable to explain how she got the idea because she had stolen it from Melanie Griffith.

  • plez

    If I’ve learned anything from watching The Profit on CNBC it’s that a company should never rely on one project/business to pay your bills.

    Also always have a contract. So yep both are responsible for this mess