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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Why She's Taking a Break From Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Why She's Taking a Break From Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence has announced that she is taking some off from Hollywood.

While promoting her new film mother!, the 27-year-old Oscar-winning actress shared that her schedule is free for the next two years.

“I’m taking one [a break]. I don’t have anything set for two years,” Jennifer shared on The Today Show. “I don’t know [what I'm going to do]. I don’t know, start making pots? I think I’m just taking a little break. I’ll see you in six months.”

Over the past seven years, Jennifer has starred in several blockbusters including The Hunger Games series, Silver Linings Playbook, Joy, and Passengers.

Jennifer went on to say that she’s ready for some time out of the spotlight to enjoy her privacy.

“[People] feel so entitled to everything,” Jennifer said. “You know, like when I’m getting photographed just like walking to Starbucks, I’m like why does anybody feel鈥”why do you feel entitled to this? [At first,] I was angry and resentful because I thought that I deserved the right to do what I love and to do my job, and then still have privacy, and then after a few years you’re like, but that’s not the way it is, it’s just not.”

Watch Jennifer‘s full interview below.

Jennifer Lawrence on The Today Show
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  • Guest

    YAWN. Bye-bye.

  • persononhere

    tough life, being able to stop work for a few years

  • Nurse Shadie

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. People have a problem with her in the spotlight and will surely find some way to do the same when she gets privacy. This girl can’t say anything with people hating on site.

  • Anna

    She keeps making terrible films. Maybe take some time off to reassess your choices. What I don’t understand is how she keeps making crap movies, yet she’s constantly being awarded during award shows. She keeps making shit films and keeps getting nominated for shit. Goes to show that Hollywood is all about popularity and not about the actual art and talent. Taking time off won’t do anything negative to her career since Hollywood has put her up on a pedestal. Mind as well take a few years off for yourself.

  • Effy

    Agreed. She honestly has been lazy with her acting since the second Hunger Games.

  • FrenchGirl

    Is she not in the next XMen movie ? Is she not the lead of Red Sparrow who released soon ? I guess we will continue to see her in the next 2 years .

  • Pippa Martin-St_Onge

    She has now slept her way into the Hollywood “elite” those that make all the decisions for her.

  • MelissaGWeaver

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  • Edward Aldrich

    Yes, why take pictures with peasants who actually buy your tickets as fans. Elitist bitch.

  • cutitout

    She said she had nothing scheduled for the next two years, she did not say she would be taking a two year break and whatever she has in the hole will still roll out starting 6 months from now.

  • cutitout

    Big difference between privacy and anonymity. She still has plenty of privacy if she chooses to move somewhere out of the usual hollywood stomping grounds but the whole walking around unrecognised thing is gone.

  • Sprite

    It’s going to be AWESOME !!

  • TaraTeller

    I like Jennifer but aside from SLP and her franchise movies, she hasn’t made good films or given any memorable performances and none of these movies were hits. I give her credit for doing mother! even though I won’t go see it since I read a spoiler about the ending which I thought was abhorrent. She reminds me of Julia Roberts whose career was gangbusters, then she made some bad movies and then had a resurgence. I don’t think Jennifer has Julia’s mass appeal as Julia never did any franchises and had many many hit movies.

  • suzybel

    I for one, will not miss her.

  • Barry

    Well, Red Sparow is done, and X-Men 6 is filming since last june. We can guess she finished her scenes.
    So yeah, that means she’s not gonna work during 2018, and so, if she sticks to her decision, we’re not gonna see her in movies in 2019.

  • Jack Abraham

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  • Ausangel01

    That roar you’re hearing is the World rejoicing at the prospect of not seeing you. Whether it’s 6 months or 2 years, it’s still something to celebrate.

  • Sara

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! She may be a decent actress but she is a terrible person.

  • Rhonda Schuck

    I loved her in Winter’s Bone and Hunger Games and then I think she just got to big for her britches and drank to much. Go to rehab, find some humility and get back to basics.

  • Nurse Shadie

    American hustle is a great ensemble and Winter’s bone is a great performance. Saw Mother! and its likability is debatable but it’s a real departure from her previous roles and she handles it well. Tbh she’s so young and hasn’t been in that many movies once you think about it.

  • Rhonda Schuck

    just like Julia she got her mouth going on politics. I haven’t paid money to see either since. both of them SEEMED so nice and then their nasty mouths got them in trouble> good comparison>

  • Rhonda Schuck

    taylor swift went away for awhile and it was all good!

  • TaraTeller

    I forgot about Winter’s Bone which I think is her best performance to date. !mother SPOILER.

    I have no desire to see !mother where an infant is murdered and eaten. That’s disgusting and repulsive. why she would want to make that film is beyond me. i’m glad I read the spoilers because I would never have been able to UNSEE that.

  • Shell

    What annoyed me about Hunger Games was that she got all the attention. It was an ensemble film not a Jennifer one yet you would think there were no other actors in it.

  • Minha Sincera Opini茫o!

    seriously? LOL. People believe in anything these days…

  • Rob Lux

    I have no sympathy for someone who feels entitled to tell the rest of us “peons” how we should live.

  • dalovelee

    She’s not that great of an actress. And her gobby mouth puts off would be movie goers. The more films she makes the more one can gauge her range and if she is really good. Why did Passengers flop, Serena flop and this flop. She might be fine in franchise or ensembles but she’s losing audiences.

  • ken20886

    You are in a very small but vocal minority. The vast majority of people love her and appreciate her spectacular acting. I can’t wait to see her again in movies with better directors. You see her in interviews and on talk shows because she is required to do them as part of her contracts. She doesn’t like to do them and knows that many people are annoyed by seeing her so often and by her personality, and she is apologetic. She has a disorder that makes her impulsive. You haters are annoying and stupid. Look at IMDB, where it shows “Won 1 Oscar. Another 113 wins & 170 nominations.” People who know acting voted for her for those awards.

  • ken20886

    She takes pictures with fans at events where she is working. She has to say No at other times because there are so many people who want pictures with her that she could not do anything else if she accommodated all of them. She is very much not elitist. Read about the things she has done, especially the charitable things she does not talk about, to see the kind of person she really is, and read what people who have worked with her say about her. They are all very complimentary. You write things you do not know anything about.

  • ken20886

    She doesn’t do that and doesn’t need to. Don’t make ignorant accusations. Look at IMDB, where it shows “Won 1 Oscar. Another 113 wins & 170 nominations.” People who know acting voted for her for those awards. You write things you do not know anything about.

  • ken20886

    IMDB: “Won 1 Oscar. Another 113 wins & 170 nominations.” Thousands of people voted for those awards. Donald Sutherland repeatedly calls her a genius at acting, the best actor he has ever seen in his decades of work. Others call her “brilliant.” We don’t see what the other cast members of her movies see, including how she can do a scene in many different ways. You are not the best judge.

  • ken20886

    She was horrified by the script but wanted to work with Aronofsky (even before they were together). I think he sold her on it with his enthusiasm. I also think she should not have made it, or she should have persuaded him not to have that scene in it. (It is supposed to be allegorical. I am not a fan of allegories.)

  • ken20886

    You don’t know what kind of person she is. Ask the patients at the Korsair Children’s Hospital, the Shriner’s Hospital in Montreal, etc., which she visits in secret without announcing it, the people with Down Syndrome in Louisville, etc.

  • ken20886

    Answer: directors — and, with Serena, Mockingjay executives who would not allow her to go back to do post-shooting work (and the editor of Serena). Read what I wrote on this page about Donald Sutherland (who says she is a genius at acting) and about the awards she has won. Thousands of people who know about acting (a lot more than you know) voted for her for 283 awards, 40% of which she won! Almost no one of any age, let alone her age, has so many nominations and awards. Wait until you see her in Red Sparrow, Marita, The Dive, It’s What I Do, and Zelda! Incidentally, read what I wrote on this page about the disorder she has that diminishes her ability to control impulsive behavior.

  • ken20886

    I will miss her terribly if she has a hiatus, but I don’t understand how she can say that because IMDB shows that she has five or more movies to make. Please read the other things I have written on this page. She is a good person who deserves understanding and compassion.

  • ken20886

    She is known for treating people well (including restaurant servers, store clerks, etc.), and she states her opinions because interviewers ask her. It is their fault that they ask her those questions and print the answers. She is not trying to tell anybody what they should do, but she understandably criticizes people who do terrible things, and I agree with her 100%. When she is asked about how Miley Cyrus, for example, and other people behave, she declines to criticize them. She does not look down on people. Read what has been written about her by responsible writers. Please also read the other things I have written on this page about her work with children’s hospitals, people with Down Syndrome, and others.

  • ken20886

    You should read all of the critical things she says about herself. When she confesses about mistakes she has made and stupid things she has done, she is criticizing herself. She definitely does not think she is better than other people. I agree with your drinking remark. She is not perfect, and you and I are not perfect.

  • ken20886

    How can she say she has nothing for two years? She has “Marita,” “Zelda,” “The Dive,” “It’s What I Do,” “Project Delirium,” etc. I also think that after “Red Sparrow” people will want to see her again as soon as possible.

  • ken20886

    Please watch her movies again, and pay close attention to her. Her acting is excellent, but she could not control what other people did.

  • TaraTeller

    yes, i know she was “horrified” by the script but she did it anyway. and shame on her. aronofsky ain’t good enough to decided to be in this repulsive movie

  • TaraTeller

    who cares what donald sutherland has to say. she is NOT a genius. I am MY best judge and that’s all I care to be She’s making bad choices. Red Sparrow looks like a BOMB

  • JoannDMiller

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  • Edward Aldrich

    Whatever – glad to see you reply to all posts. Must be nice to be a paid troll that she hired.

  • Celebs Dude

    She is really cute after Jennifer Lawrence managed to achieve most payed actress in Hollywood, she kinda got really cocky, how ever it is normal Jenny became a multimillionaire.

  • AndyZep

    I think she was getting a little too sore for the grueling auditioning process she goes through.

  • Celebs Unmasked

    Jennifer Lawrence had a great role in American Hustle… I hope she makes more films like that. Ever since her pics were released I’ve been following what she does very closely!

  • Last Comment

    are you people blind???she was one of Harvey`s pets, he bought every fucking award for her , with Harvey gone she is just another shit actress, she was black mailing Harvey and that is how she got the top payment as 25 years old whore in the industry , learn to read between the lines already