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Fergie Breaks Silence on Josh Duhamel Split & Why They Decided to Announce the News

Fergie Breaks Silence on Josh Duhamel Split & Why They Decided to Announce the News

Fergie and Josh Duhamel announced that they had separated earlier this year after being married for 8 years, and she’s speaking out about the decision to announce the split.

“Honestly, it was just getting a little weird for us with all the romantic questions,” the 42-year-old entertainer told People about having to keep the news a secret. “We’re great friends, we love each other so much, and it just got to the point where it was getting a little weird…there’s no perfect time so we just decided to do it.”

When asked if they announced the news so she could promote her album Double Dutchess without lots of relationship questions, she responded, “I don’t know, you can ask him, but it was just getting a little weird to laugh through the first date questions.”

A source said about their split, “They have been leading separate lives for a long time. She wants to be out on the road doing her thing, while he is more chill. They clashed for a long time before they did anything about it.”

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  • TaraTeller

    we’re best friends and love each other so much. LOL. you’re getting divorced because you can’t stand each other. celebs say the stupidest shit when they break up.

  • Danae

    It’s not like “he’s more chill”. She just wanted to have her old life back and treated him like a nanny.

  • persononhere

    i was surprised. i thought they made a nice couple and their son is adorable. but her career went nowhere after marrying him

  • rosaryblue

    I am sorry to hear they are breaking up but I always thought they were an odd pair. He seems so clean cut and she….doesn’t

  • plez

    No one cared about this couple which is why they could go so long separated with no media writing about it.

  • Rebecca Averill

    Because you’re a human like detector and can tell whether she is being honest or not? Maybe she’s acting like an adult and accepted that her and Josh have a child together and that’s their priority. A lot of people are still friends after divorcing.

  • Rebecca Averill

    So you’re best friend’s with the family and know all? If she treated him like a nanny then why has her career halted since having her child.

  • TaraTeller

    shut up. if you love each other and are best friends why would you get divorced? how gullible are you?

  • Gina

    Part of the reason her career halted is because she is too old and irrelevant to still be shaking her ass and rap-singing.

  • Jo

    Disagree. He wanted more kids, she couldn’t give them to him. Lots of pain comes from that situation.



  • shoes4life


  • disqus_KwgiMZNJ54

    “he is more chill” = he likes to find different women to f$kc

  • Eriicharlie

    No offense but what you said is purely stupid. Many people divorce or seperate due to change. Divorcing doesn’t immediately mean they can’t stand each other.. a Relationships can grow apart without adversities. Sounds like Fergie wants to be free and move on. I know many people who divorced and are still friends. You can’t speak for everyone hun

  • fun and flirty86

    Tara you miserable little witch. You are on almost every JJ article of various celebs in the comment section leaving nothing but judgments and negativity. Only one needing to shut up is you. There are plenty of people who get divorced and remain best friends.

  • KimberlyTAlbritton

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  • sheigh

    So… it’s time to a Black Eyed Peas’ come-back !

  • FlatulenceOdor

    Simple it was about political views and how they differed in voting this past election year.

  • ViolettaBliss

    I totally agree with you people that love each other and are best friend’s do not divorce. Your naysayers have obviously not been divorced. Although you can get to a good place eventually, it takes time..

  • TaraTeller

    Exactly. Maybe eventually you become friendly or friends but people who are each other’s best friend and love each other DO NOT divorce.

  • TaraTeller

    No, it’s not stupid. People who BEST FRIENDS and LOVE each other do not divorce. why would they?

  • fun and flirty86

    Naysayers have not been divorced? lol you’re right that doesn’t mean I don’t have experience with divorce. Just because your experience with your own divorce has been negative doesn’t mean everyone’s is. My parents are divorced. Right after their divorce they were still best friends. It didn’t take any time. I never had separate things. If one of them hosted a Birthday party for me or holiday Both parents included each other. My parents also spent time together with out us kids which always included their significant others. If you are not friends you don’t hang out. You are not Fergie you don’t get to determine what her personal experience is. You also don’t get to determine what other people’s experiences are just because they don’t mirror your own. Tara it is people like you that ruins the internet. We have been over this before. You asked me who pissed in my cornflakes remember? It seems someone is pissing in your cornflakes because you are so damn bitter all the time. I have not once seen a positive comment from you. Your misery is showing, quit trying to spread it around. Instead of leaving nasty and judgmental comments on the internet talk to a therapist it would be far more beneficial.

  • fun and flirty86

    And for the record there are all different forms of love. Fergie may not be IN love with Josh but she can still love him.

  • kenn3304

    Im wondering who would ever buy her new record ?

  • ViolettaBliss

    Experience with Divorce ? Because your parents divorced ? You are hilarious. Comedy in the AM !Perfect I love delusional simpleton stans like you. I’m feeling generous this morning so let me break this down and simply as I can. This is a celebrity gossip site where people come to mind someone else’s business and state there opinions. This is not a local girl scout meeting where we roast marshmallows by the fire , braid each others hair and sing Kumbaya. OH and by the way you are not Fergie either, so how do you know how she is feeling??? You sound pretty angry about Tara stating an opinion that has nothing to do with you. Sounds like you might be the one that needs therapy. Namaste.

  • fun and flirty86

    Never said I was experienced in divorce. I said just because I am not divorced doesn’t mean I don’t have experience. That isn’t the same thing. Then I went on to give a different experience. There are all sorts of experiences not just yours. How many divorces have you had in order to be more experienced than I or Fergie? I Also never said I was Fergie. My point was Fergie personally stated her feelings, so who are we to tell her she is not feeling what she stated she is feeling? You and Tara told her she isn’t feeling that way. What gives you two more experience with Fergie’s feelings than Fergie herself? Just because it is a gossip site doesn’t give you rights to acting like a complete Ahole. You don’t have to be a girls scout to not be an ahole so quit it with the exaggerations . I am not angry at all about Tara’s crappy and judgmental opinion. I am annoyed with seeing her crappy and judgmental comments EVERYWHERE. On almost any article there she is spreading her negativity. Just as well as other people’s crappy and judgmental comments. It would do the world of service and be far more productive if she and other people sought help instead adding to the ridiculous amount of negativity there already is on the internet. Just because it is there and you can doesn’t mean you should. If more people like me called out people like you and Tara instead of ADDING to it like the two of you are, the internet would be a far better place. Btw instead of calling people delusional stans (even though I am not even a fan of Josh nor Fergie so I don’t see how I could be a stan, I would be saying the same thing no matter who the person is) and commenting on gossip sites, and worrying about celebs and other people calling you out on acting like an ahole you should probably put more focus into learning the difference between *there *their and *they’re. I don’t need to seek therapy simply for calling someone out. If a child hits another child and an adult comes over and puts the child in time out the adult does NOT need to be corrected. The adult did the proper thing. Essentially what you are saying is the adult shouldn’t have corrected the child which is insane and laughable. I corrected you and Tara for your crappy actions that doesn’t mean I need to seek therapy. You both need to seek therapy because you think spreading such negativity is acceptable.

  • ViolettaBliss

    Like I said before you have mental problems. If you think I bothered to read your delusional diatribe, you are mistaken. Keep it moving LOCA.

  • fun and flirty86

    Translation I don’t have a valid excuse for being a crappy person so I will accuse you of being the problem lmao. How about you take your own advice. You could have kept it moving on this article. You could have kept it moving after my first comment. I will continue to call people like you our whether you want me to or not.