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Zayn Malik Opens Up About How to Cope With Anxiety

Zayn Malik Opens Up About How to Cope With Anxiety

Zayn Malik is opening about about dealing with anxiety in his day-to-day life.

The 24-year-old pop star revealed that honesty is the key in a new interview with Us Weekly.

“Just being straight up. Just being honest about everything, explaining what it is that makes you feel uncomfortable, what it is that you’re cool with,” he explained.

“I feel like it was only a positive impact on everything that happened after it and people now have a better perspective on where I was coming from at the time and just an understanding that it wasn’t coming from necessarily being ungrateful, shall we say, or not aware of the opportunities that were in front of me, it was just me struggling with being able to actually be there. I’m definitely glad I got that off my chest, as anybody is when you feel like you’re keeping something from someone you have to speak about it and clear up the air.”

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  • Juan Cocco

    i get rid of anxiety by sucking dick!!!!!

  • skye3245

    Is he honest about his flaking? I understand anxiety but does he go thru treatment or just move on? Because i feel anxiety, if that extreme, should be treated. Help can be good. Especially if you can’t work. He cancels concerts and flakes at the last minute and can’t perform. How are you an artist who doesn’t do shows? He disses 1D but apparently a group element helps him

  • rainie chang

    its drugs not anxiety

  • SelmaMRios

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  • Khazija

    He is receiving treatment and you don’t understand the specific circumstances about his cancellations. He has only cancelled a couple of concerts and he does not “flake” at the last minute. It is called having a panic attack and not being able to perform. Anxiety episodes are hard to control. A real artist is able to sing and he is able to sing. There are other musicians out there who barely perform and have struggled with anxiety. Adele struggled with it for years before she was able to perform regularly as well as Frank Ocean. He is a great singer and a great talent, that is what matters in the end. It is this kind of ignorance that leads to abelism about anxiety. It was negative conditions in 1D that contributed to his anxiety later on. The group was not good for him or his health.

  • Khazija

    It is anxiety and he was diagnosed as such from a younger age along with other disorders. Then the issues became worse as time went on.

  • skye3245

    Let me speak clearly and divisively hear, because you seem to be coming at me like I stated something offensive when my questions and statement were everything but. 1. He has flaked numerous times. With talk shows, concerts, public events and the such. It has been a known fact. Also i’d like your postings his treatment because he has not once spoken on his treatment. He has spoken on the steps he takes on “controlling” his anxiety. Which is talking about it and speaking to those he works with or plans to work with. But there are recorded interviews and documents stating that he has flaked on studio times and the such. Also, him doing marijuana doesn’t help the situation. Can it help sure. I’m positive it does, but with out speaking to a therapist or an anxiety specialist it doesnt. and sitting and talking to your gf doesn’t count. And he has not once said that 1D hurt him thru his anxiety. He has spoken to him not being able to be an artist or have his voice during that time. But as of yet he has not done one non magazine interview. He rarely does performances. Do not place those who have taken steps to cope with anxiety in a healthy way like Adele to him. Adele has spoken candidly about therapy and the steps she’s taken. Also she has not made it a narrative in her story. She does her thing and leaves when needed. He has made it a narrative to feel sorry for himself. Do i feel bad he has anxiety yes. There are a lot of ppl suffering from it. But each and every interview or time he speaks its less about his music and a “whoa is me” story. He could do something else. He wears clothes beautifully. He’s a businessman. Music isn’t the only thing he can do. From the fact that he does not tour and the way music works his money is not solely from music(some from 1D the group he repeatedly disses granted thats where alot of his money came from). To speak as if i don’t do my due diligence before speaking is jumping. Zayn repeatedly spends his time in a narrative that is deterring away from his music. So yes i’m going to question his seriousness on how well he is attempting to cope with his anxiety BECAUSE HE BRINGS IT UP DAILY!!! Adele went on tour and spoke to her concertgoers that she had anxiety. That she was thankful and that it may be her last tour so that she can adjust since having her child and embarking on this after. Don’t compare someone like her who has a child and does far more with suffering thru anxiety. He is no Adele. Whether your a fan or not(and i love his music, bought his album and have his new song with Sia on rotation) but i’ll give credit where its due. He’s not there yet. He is doing a pity party instead of doing his job. Its a job. He’s not doing it up to par. To keep saying this and showing no results is doing just that. I have depression. I don’t harp on it. I seek help, do my job, live my life, and move thru. I don’t use it as a narrative to be felt pity for and then when i don’t feel like working or doing something say “oh i was depressed”. That is his narrative. So don’t use others who have found their peace with someone who would rather smoke weed and do a half assed job as an artist and say “they are coping”. No he’s wallowing and he’s trying to get pity. Which I won’t give.

  • Khazija

    You are writing a long trashing and bashing of Zayn when you do not know his entire medical history and are pretending that it is not an abelist narrative. He has not flaked numerous times, there were a handful of cancellations that occurred due to panic attacks. In interviews, he has stated that he has suffered through anxiety, ADHD, as well as eating disorders during his time with 1D. There are people in his life that know that there were poor conditions in 1D and what he had to suffer through with a weak support system. You are only going by certain interviews. I know more details about this situation. You don’t know who I am or what I know. It doesn’t change the fact that everything you state is from an abelistic narrative and it is attacking him because you don’t want to give pity. He is not asking for pity but asking for understanding. It was brave of him to open up about anxiety. He doesn’t talk about anxiety “daily”, I don’t know what you are blathering about. All you are doing is distorting and exaggerating everything to demonize him for talking about his anxiety and his struggles. You don’t know har far or deep the issues or struggles are. Everybody is a case by case basis. You don’t tear down one person by comparing them to somebody else.

    I will bring up Adele because it shows an example of another artist who suffered through anxiety and was able to perform later in her career. The example of slating that you give is not even relevant to her. This was in an earlier period in her life as well, so I I know Zayn is not at that level yet when it comes to pulling through it . I suffer from depression and anxiety too and it is degrading for you to attack me and others who still suffer from panic attacks. Every individual’s circumstances are different. Everybody is not the same and has different coping mechanisms. Any therapist would know what you say is demeaning and it is bullying somebody over their issues. I hope Zayn continues to be candid about his anxiety and continues to be treated over it. It can take decades for a certain person to be able to be treated over it. He is a professional musician and you don’t think he has sought treatment over it? Louis, Niall, and etc have all been caught smoking weed. You don’t know if Zayn still smokes weed or not since he left 1d, and are making rather nasty assumptions about it. He is looking healthier and more in shape since he was in 1D. Bottom line, as long as he is able to sing songs, he still has value as an artist. It has only been a year since he came out about having anxiety. Give him some time to conquer his issues. You are basically mocking and belittling him for still suffering from panic attacks and not overcoming these issues yet.

  • skye3245

    what makes me laug the most about you is the fact that you refute your own facts. First it was duing 1D that he had anxiety issues, now its a year ago he spoke on it(not true and i will be rpoviding sources). Also artistry is not in studio. If so then there are numerous ppl who should be dropping albums. Artistry is about performing, about placing yourself in your music and living thru it. Doing music and being an artist are 2 different things. I can see you are a “stan” and didn’t read an ounce of what was written. Unless you can speak ntelligently and not thru emotions your voice and views are not valid. He has been solo more than a year. He spoke on his anxiety for more than a year. Heres a recent interview from Elle ( ) where he speaks to how his way of coping is being “straight up” not therapy, not truly dealing. Just basically saying i’ll tell them when i’m not feeling well. Is that responsible no!. But ppl like you think its ok to give a pass to someone like him because he’s cute. There are business, companies, employees, fans, and various other things that the average person would have to go thru if we wanted to take a day off or have a sick day. Your job would be in jeopardy if you just said “i’m gonna cancel my day, not feeling it”. You’d need to at least have a doctors note. After a certain amount of times they’d wanna see your showing an effort to cope. Is that here? No! In his own words he got GiGi and a phone so he good cause he’s solo and told you he got anxiety so that should help him get a free pass. Nope! Because responsible adults get help so that if they need a day or moment to cope its not being “straight up”. Its ok we have that documented so we know. He could be lying and just saying it because, like i said, gives him a pass. Here’s Instyle ( ) where he says “he got it off his chest”. If your going to state facts for me leave some references. Again when GiGi(who is not the most reliable at this time with her own choices) is your coping for a mental health issue. That shows you are not taking things seriously. Yes he’s been open. But also open that besides telling his fans “i’m sorry i’m having a bad day” has done nothing. If you’d like i can list every single flake and cancellation he’s done. As you see I do my research. Maybe you should also.

  • Khazija

    I am not going to waste my time making endless posts, delving or analyzing every interview including going into discussions that are private and off-record about him on a site like this.

    I am going by facts and you are going by distortions, spins, and lies. There has been more than one interview or article where he discusses his anxiety and you do NOT know all of the details. I know private information about him and I am not going to disclose every detail. I am not going to waste time, writing essays on Just Jared trying to refute your nonsense. I did not refute anything I said which is backed up by the truth. He is documented by professionals as having an anxiety disorder as well as other ailments. If you want to dispute a FACT about him, you take that up with his team or his doctors. All you are doing is attacking him for not resolving certain issues yet and now you are reaching hard to call him a liar. He is not lying about having anxiety and his behavioral indications certainly qualify that as a diagnosis. You do NOT know the specifics behind his anxiety or panic attacks or mental illness. Now you are putting words into this mouth without even understanding what anxiety means. You prove you do NOT understand nor empathize anything about the illness. I know my research and my reality which is based on more personal verification from private sources that goes into way more detail about his personal and professional life.

    YOU are unhinged. This discussion has gone to a crazy level and I am blocking you. The End. End of Discussion. You need to seek help.

  • Khazija

    Learn what an artist is. An artist is somebody who is experienced and qualified in a craft or skill. He is a singer and he sings. He is suffering through anxiety and gets panic attacks. Learn what causes panic attacks and how different people will experience different triggers. It takes different people, a different amount of time to cope or overcome these issues. You are spinning something radically based on 1 interview. I am not going to dig out every interview or article. A lot of the specifics about his disorder and conditions are not listed in public interviews. He does not go into detail in interviews. You know NOTHING about his condition or diagnosis or treatment or life experiences surrounding his panic attacks or illness. I know about his history hence why I defend him when abelistic people like you demonize him.

    It does NOT change the fact that you keep harassing and spinning while slandering him about him having an anxiety disorder. Now you want to grasp at straws to call him a liar when the repeated cancellations prove that he has severe panic attacks that prevent him from performing. I suffer from panic attacks also that are severe and am still struggling through this to this day. You are an abelistic person who hates him and wants to deny his conditions. He has issues that affect his job performance and that he is being open about it. He is justified in explaining WHY he had to cancel appearances and explain WHY he is having certain issues.

    It is a circular argument with you. The reason he had to cancel is because of the panic attacks he suffered from when he about to perform. He is currently still dealing with this disorder. BLOCKING YOU because you are unhinged in your spin agenda against him. THE END.

  • skye3245

    Point proven, you have still taken 2 posts ti make a moot point and to make shots at me over things you don’t know. 1. I know what an artist is since its the industry I work in. So i thank you for coming at someone on things you don’t know. 2. You state you won’t go into things or speaking on what I don’t know. I supplied you with links and references to words spoken from the man himself. Instead you want to speak from what you “think” and what you “assume”. I stated exactly what i know, and what he has spoken in his view to be outwardly transparent. I don’t have to switch your words or your facts. Your doing that for me. You instead of doing a google search or looking in these places you pulled your first facts from came at me and my character instead of being an adult. If you don’t want to be held accountable for your words like you tried to do me, then be open to the words and use facts. I can leaved knowing that you had no point. YOU wanted to be seen and come at me on his “defense” when my first post was a simple rhetoric on a question asking “what he may be doing to handle his situation” or maybe not flake. I ca post if you like every single time he has flaked. You seem to not be able to post one FACTUAL occurrence of anything you stated. You have proven every thing i have said. I knew you would. I knew you childishly jumped into a conversation you had no business. I have been beyond civil. I even asked you to inform me of when these instances you speak of occurred. But we see you’d rather go low and do nothing of the sort. I thank you for showing your true colors. And like i stated i work with artists. Recording artists, Photographers, Model, Business professionals, influencers, and the such. Everything i say is factual. So lets not come for anyones character unless we have facts. So I thank you. You have a great day

  • Khazija

    Final response on this page: That person’s so-called reference does NOT prove anything they said against Zayn nor does it enable any abelism. All it is, is one link to his most recent interview. It does not contain a detailed diagnosis from his doctors or discuss any in-depth treatment or what medications he uses. It was one excerpt from his many statements where he discusses suffering from illness. That interview soundbyte is not meant to be taken as a literal description of how he copes with his panic attacks or how he is treated. He even said that anxiety was a problem he was dealing with in the band which disproves that person’s dismissal about him suffering while he was in 1D.

    He mentions briefly about how beneficial it is, to be open about having anxiety, that is it. That is all that link shows. That it served him well to be open about it and be open what about you are uncomfortable with. It never says that he won’t perform again. It never says anything about Gigi. It never discusses his clinicial procedures when it comes to dealing with anxiety treatment. It was about how ADMITTING you have anxiety is productive. The whole point of that interview was to remove the stigma of anxiety. Therefore, all of that person’s abelistic attacks on this page are disproven. They did not disprove anything I said. A lot of celebrities discussed that they suffer from a problem but they did not go into detail about how their doctors were treating them nor do they list the medications they are taking in interviews. That doesn’t mean the celebrity is not under medical treatment. He is a professional musician and I know for a fact that he was treated for anxiety by professionals. He doesn’t go into detail about anything here but is giving kudos to being open about anxiety and being grateful for the fan support in that link that the troll posted. It does not prove any of the trash written against him on other posts from the troll on the page.