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Kim Kardashian Freaks Over Paparazzi Bikini Photos, Gets Real About Body Shaming (Video)

Kim Kardashian Freaks Over Paparazzi Bikini Photos, Gets Real About Body Shaming (Video)

In this new sneak peek from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian is upset about some beach photographs that leaked.

The photos are from Kim‘s trip to Mexico with her gal pals earlier in the year where they all were photographed in bikinis on the beach.

“Oh my god,” Kim said in the clip. “F*ck. I don’t get it! I literally don’t look like this!”

“It’s just this scrutiny that we get all the time,” Kim added during an interview. “We try to avoid that, so I thought, ‘Okay, I’m going on a private vacation, not posting, I’m doing all the steps to try to be as private and discreet as possible.’ And then you take pictures and if they’re not, like, ‘perfect’ people just like body shame you and criticize you.”

Watch below…

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  • Kat

    Lol Kim you play too much, you look like this stop lying.

  • bennfbeckmaN

    This is sad. She actually doesn’t realize how grotesque her body looks.

  • Casey C

    truth hurts and that girl is in serious denial as to what she really looks like

  • Ash

    “Okay, I’m going on a private vacation, not posting, I’m doing all the steps to try to be as private and discreet as possible.” BUT IM TAKING A CAMERA CREW WITH ME!

    Come onnnnnnnnnnn….

  • imsn


  • NerdyBirdy

    awww boo fucking hoo XD

  • Danae

    She’s voluntarily sharing her nearly nude photos via every social media channel available and I’m supposed to believe that she won’t applaud paparazzi gathering in the bushes? Suuure.

  • 🦇💩 crazy

    delusions of grandeur

  • meme

    Like oh my god like I want PRIVACY. She’s a fucking joke.

  • Newromantic

    Boo Hoo! Anything for ratings!

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    It is a picture of YOU…what do you mean it doesn’t look like you?

  • RealHousewivesofCrazyTown

    That’s what no filter and airbrushing looks like Kimmy!

  • Bubbles

    Poor thing has never seen her body without some serious photo shopping. Well Kim, honey, this is you. This grotesque thing of lard that’s hanging off of your rear is you behind and now that you how it looks in real life without filters, airbrushing and shrinking it for pictures do something about it. I am sure you’re not opposed to lipo since you had it after each of your children. Or even better go away and never, ever post another picture of yourself.

  • Bubbles

    Not the ones she didn’t invite, because they will post pictures as she is vs. the invited ones that agreed to run her fat (a)zz through a 100 filters to make it not as gross as it really is.

  • DukeSteele

    “private and discreet”. Yeah, sure honey.

  • DukeSteele

    Just delusions.

  • bull dog

    Kim, we seen the real you. Get over yourself people are dyeing of cancer. Your nothing but a whore

  • Silver Surfer

    She lost 100.000 follower’s after those un photo shopped photo’s were taken after she tried to post photo shopped photo’s after she was busted..
    And she still has fan’s… They must be moron’s after she lied to them.

  • bull dog

    She is a grow woman, she is nothing but a slut. this is what our daughters look up too. Not mine

  • LPetrou

    Okay I put my naked ass out there all the time and then get upset when someone films me. Give me a break. You went on vacation with a film crew for goodness sakes. Yea it was a private vacation. What a joke that is.

  • Dismalhead

    She’s just pissed she didn’t have a chance to photoshop the cottage cheese out of her huge ass.

  • jim

    She is grossss …

  • I.Am.Guest

    No Kim, that is exactly what you look like, so stop your bitchin’ and be grateful they want your pic at all.

  • GC

    She is extremely delusional.

  • JP

    She is so full of crap, It is sad how entitled these people really are.


    Kim with Reggie was the best, and prettiest Kim ever! After him it was all downhill!

  • Nanita

    yes kim u do look like this. Body dysmorphia is real.

  • JGC2429

    Yes Kim that’s why those pics were followed by a bunch of photoshopped ones.. lord

  • JGC2429

    “You’re body does not look like that” some friends you have

  • Reader

    Nobody gives a crap about her. If she’s so concerned about the scrutiny, she should stop walking around half naked. She is SO DESPERATE for attention, but doesn’t want anyone to say anything negative about her. She’s the most insecure 38 year old ever.

  • Ken

    Because she has a fat waffled ass?

  • namers

    The family shares delusions; no one tells anyone they look bad.

  • Betty Glocke

    Interestingly, the majority of people polled(99.9856%)would prefer absolutely NO new pics of Kim Kardashian.

  • Zod2020

    You’ve been filmed getting rammed Kim… I think you can calm down about the beach pics.

  • Jeanette Parise

    well without editing your photos this is what you really look like… sorry but real photos don’t lie…

  • Shugie

    That’s what happens when you have too much plastic surgery on your body. If you don’t want pictures taken then cover up your big butt.

  • Shugie

    So true. Just think what she will look like when she gets old and everything really starts to sag.