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LeAnn Rimes Keeps It Cute & Casual at Airport in LA!

LeAnn Rimes Keeps It Cute & Casual at Airport in LA!

LeAnn Rimes looks comfy and cute while making her way through the airport.

The 35-year-old singer-songwriter was spotted arriving back at LAX on Sunday (October 8) in Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn is definitely living the jet set life: she was also spotted at the airport a few weeks ago while heading out to perform at a concert.

She’s got more shows lined up for 2017 as well: “Come join me at @liveinthevineyard Nov. 3rd-5th! We can hang out and taste some wine plus you’ll get access to my acoustic show,” LeAnn wrote on her Instagram.

Be sure to head to her website to see if she is coming to your city.

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  • Cool Boots

    That Live in the vineyard show is going to be awesome! Wine and music! 🎶

  • Cool Boots

    SoulOfEverLe Chalk Talk

    You don’t have to change anybody you just have to LovE them.

    LeAnn Rimes – soulofeverleHappy Sunday! Have you ever found yourself picking someone apart and thinking if they changed all the little things about them that bothered you then the two of you could get along just fine? That way of thinking never gets us anywhere and drives a wedge between two hearts. If only we could look past everyone’s errors, flaws, quirks, projected pain and insecurities we could see who we REALLY are! We could see the divine being that is the soul of who we are, the divine that connects each and every one of us. We could extend LovE past our ego, past our limited human perception to the Christ within us ALL! When we find that internal LovE and we no longer need LovE from anything or anyone externally to fill us up, we allow room for people to just be, without judgement or expectation. That’s a sweet spot! Remember, if it’s not LovE it’s a call for LovE.

    soulofeverle#chalktalkbyle #ionlytalkinchalk #chalktalk #chalkboard #maharaji #quote #sunday #happysunday #sundaysoulday #LovE #LovEeveryone #dontgochanging #blogger #foreverle #soulofeverle

  • Joy

    So very nearly first! Booyah . :D

  • gwen

    9 minutes after posting from his Cool Boots account, the JJ moderator switched to his Joy/Clovis account! Why does he make it so obvious?

  • gwen

    Translation: Jodi Rimes is upset because she can’t make Eddie stop cheating on her.

  • gwen

    Translation: Jodi Rimes needs money so that Eddie can buy his girlfriend presents.

  • gwen

    Cute and casual? On what planet? Jodi Rimes looks horrendous. She is also shaped like a man. She doesn’t look comfy. She looks uncomfortable. That outfit is way too small.

    She was “spotted” because she paid the paps to be there and take the photos.

    How is Jodi Rimes living the jet set life, especially when she can’t make it to her concerts when her cheating unemployed husband refuses to go on tour with her? So once again, Jodi Rimes paid this site to write a nice article about her.

    She got more shows lined up? Why does this site make it so obvious that Jodi Rimes pays them to write nice things about her? How many more shows? 5? Compare that to celebs like Taylor Swift and Beyonce who are working 10X more than Jodi Rimes.

  • Beach

    Good Lord she looks awful. Cue the posts from the one poster- aka Palmdale Patty (from a ton of different accounts) who will make up lie after lie and accuse everyone of being the same person. Deranged lunatic is already at it!

  • Sneak Peek

    Napa valley has a major fire going on now. I hope that doesn’t affect the November vineyard show too much.

  • Faye

    Leann looks miserable lately. Wonder if she ever thinks that Ed wasn’t worth giving up her career and (from the looks of it) her sanity.

  • Nosy Parker Posie

    Where is the picture of her handsome husband Ed?

  • Cool Boots

    LeAnn’s Family album is 10 years old today! Check out the awesome video she posted!

    LeAnn Rimes – #Family is ten years old today, time flies when you’re having fun 🎈🎉

  • Cool Boots

    SoulOfEverLe Chalk Talk!

    Do not think you can be brave with your life and your work and never disappoint anyone.

    LeAnn Rimes – soulofeverleHappy Monday! When you take risks in your work, when you follow your heart, a lot of the time you’ll be standing out there in the great unknown all alone. Get comfortable there! Get comfortable with some, if not lots of people completely not getting it and criticizing. Get comfortable being uncomfortable and great things will be created. And never let someone’s inability to see your vision stop you from seeing your vision through.

    soulofeverle#chalktalkbyle #ionlytalkinchalk #chalktalk #chalkboard #oprahwinfrey #quote #monday #happymonday #magicmonday #blogger #foreverle #brave #life #work #sorrynotsorry #soulofeverle

    bammons1985Oh, how I needed this today 🙌🏾 @soulofeverle!!!!

    anthonydesmondpoetryYes! this is so necessary. Grateful to be able to say that Oprah’s read my work before. Definitely following my dreams!

    swall222Love this!

    ashley_neeseYesssss!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕

    simplyapostolia”be your own kind of beautiful!”🎀 How I love this picture!

    soberinthesunGrowth can only come from change 💖


    bitterwitchapothecaryOh wow, I so needed to hear this today! 💕

    lindsay_heckerLOVE THIS.


    favrejuliaI definitely needed this today thank you LeAnn😚😚😚 @leannrimes

    happy_pineapple_princess♡♡ always what I need to hear ♡♡ thank you sister 😙

    soulofsarahYes!!! ❤️🙌🏼

    dmkmadridGot take chances you’ll never know if you don’t try!

    sfjfsmfNeeded this today x

    lisawhaley84I absolutely LOVE this!!


    sfjfsmf@r_morgs I see your vision. And its inspirational x

  • Cool Boots

    Mondays don’t get us down!!!!! 🎈🎉🎊


  • gwen

    Translation: Jodi Rimes is upset because she is the primary breadwinner.

  • gwen

    Translation: Jodi Rimes can’t get over the fact that Eddie won’t stop cheating on her.

  • gwen

    Toni gee/Cool Boots is STILL cranking out posts in my name on CB.

  • gwen

    Translation: Jodi Rimes is a hasbeen.

  • Shell

    She would never admit that though because it would prove everyone else right. She will either stay with him to the bitter end no matter how miserable or until he leaves her for someone else and I bet I know what one it will be.

  • Drama Queen

    Wow!!! She’s still paying paps to follow her. Is she still doing her parking lot yodeling sessions that she calls tours?

  • AndreaIFelder

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  • Cool Boots

    LeAnn Rimes is thinking and praying for others.

    LeAnn Rimes – SO MANY fires 🔥 burning in Cali! Major prayers for all the firefighters and everyone effected by these fires. ❤

  • gwen

    Translation: Jodi Rimes is manically tweeting about the fires because she is trying to get her name included in the “Celebrities respond…” articles.

  • Toni gee

    Now that (parking lot yodeling sessions that she calls tours) line is a classic. I love it. I’m going to try and use it in a sentence today. : – )

  • Toni gee

    Well I think this answers the question of does she or doesn’t she pay the media to photograph her. The last two times she has been caught in airports she has looked like crap on a cracker so I don’t think she’s alerting anyone when she’s coming and going.

  • gwen

    Cool Boots is back to cranking out posts from his Toni gee account. He made 3 posts, 2 here and 1 in the previous thread where he posted a comment to his Joy/Clovis account. Cool Boots/Toni gee is still upset because he got his butt kicked on CB for manically stalking Why?.

  • gwen

    Just because Jodi Rimes walked through the airport looking horrible doesn’t mean that she didn’t call the paps. Jodi Rimes is very delusional. She called the paps.

  • gwen

    Cool Boots, why aren’t you manically cranking out posts from your Cool Boots account? Why did you go to the previous thread and brag about how you were manically stalking Why? from CB using the account MGM?

  • Artie

    It’s pretty much all she has left. She’s not getting the coverage she used to because she’s gotten lazy and skipping concert dates.

  • gwen

    Welcome back C. R.!

  • Cool Boots

    Brandi Glanville did not send any well wishes to the people in her home state dealing with the fires but she did take time to tweet f-bombs out at a record pace!!!!!!

    Brandi Glanville – Don’t fucking come for me right now I’m hurt wounded bird and shit-ish

    Brandi Glanville – You don’t get to just fucking have me by bitch

    Brandi Glanville – Romances will come and go but friends are forever…unless they’re assholes and then you’re fucked & will die alone

    Brandi can always be counted on to act like a vile, vulgar, uncouth drunken embarrassment to her poor boys whenever dj can’t spend time with her because he is with his girlfriend!!!!!!

  • Cool Boots

    Brandi Glanville did not send any well wishes to the people in her home state dealing with the fires but she did take time to tweet f-bombs out at a record pace!!!!!!

    Brandi Glanville – Don’t fucking come for me right now I’m hurt wounded bird and shit-ish

    Brandi Glanville – You don’t get to just fucking have me by bitch

    Brandi Glanville – Romances will come and go but friends are forever…unless they’re assholes and then you’re fucked & will die alone

    Brandi can always be counted on to act like a vile, vulgar, uncouth drunken embarrassment to her poor boys whenever dj can’t spend time with her because he is with his girlfriend!!!!!!

  • Cool Boots

    Check out the awesome picture Eddie aka hunky posted on Instagram!!!!

    Eddie Cibrian – #fbf to me and @mikeabeach in NYC with that serious photo shoot look. 😂 #thirdwatch #fdny #nypd

  • Cool Boots

    This is so cool!!!!!

    LeAnn Rimes – It’s ok to not be ok all the time.

    LeAnn Rimes – leannrimesGive yourself permission to fall apart, to ask for help, to feel your feelings. The more we deny parts of ourselves and push away any emotions that may not be pretty and a part of our “perfect package” we present to the world, the more and more we become fragmented and the further away we move from our wholeness. Allow for the mess. We are all wounded in our own ways, just trying to find our way back to LovE and the remembrance of who we really are. I am SO with you on this journey, more of us are than are not. Be brave. Speak up. There’s never any shame in asking for help and finding support. In fact, it’s one of the bravest things we could ever do. I LovE you! #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealthawareness

  • Cool Boots

    Get up and Boogie!!!

    It’s Tight Tush Tuesday on Work Out Wednesday!!!!

    LeAnn Rimes – soulofeverleForgive me! I forgot to post yesterday, so it’s #tighttushtuesday on a #workoutwednesday 😋
    Here’s a little #TTT warm up to get your heart rate up, your glutes turned on and your lats engaged. You’ll feel them engage a lot more throughout your workout if you prime them for success during your warm up.
    Bent Over Cobra Squats- externally rotate shoulder, squeeze your scapula together and be sure to keep your torso parallel to the floor throughout exercise. Perform at a quick tempo for a real challenge! 20-25x and squeeze your booty at the top!

    Bent Over Cobra Jacks – make sure your heels make contact with the floor. 20-25x
    En-JOY! 🙌🏼❤️ @impact_fitness_training
    soulofeverle#tight #tush #tuesday #ttt

  • gwen

    Translation: Jodi Rimes has been stalking Jaina’s IG and snapchat account again.

  • gwen

    Translation: Jodi Rimes is having a meltdown because Eddie won’t stop cheating on her.

  • gwen

    Translation: Jodi Rimes is manically posting from Eddie’s IG account.

  • gwen

    Jodi Rimes did not send any well wishes to the people in her home state dealing with the fires but she did take time to tweet f-bombs out at a record pace!!!!!! Jodi Rimes can always be counted on to act like a vile, vulgar, uncouth drunken embarrassment to her poor stepboys whenever Eddie can’t spend time with her because he is with his girlfriend!!!!!!

  • Cool Boots

    LeAnn Rimes is spreading the LovE!!!!

    Happy National Coming Out Day. Remember…. Regardless of who you are, you are not alone. You are loved.

    LeAnn Rimes – leannrimesIf you are ready and feel it in your soul to speak and live your truth, know that you are LovEd. You are supported, accepted and appreciated for being YOU! I fully support and LovE the LGBTQ+ community on #nationalcomingoutday and everyday!! LovE is LovE!!

    _meganchurchLove u!!!

    edgyozalyan💯% 👍👏👍👏👍👏👍👏👍👏👍


    jasonrayortizNo it’s not, it’s #dayofthegirl


    rendee❤️💛💚💙💜 Love is Love is Love

    mikeoraider@rendee is love is love 😄

    fotofrallistnx sweetie. Hug and a kiss from a distance. DJ frank.😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    jcrispy👏👏👏 thanks you for your love and support @leannrimes

    paulsullivan6969Im cumn out to say i❤️you🔙🚪❤️👱🏻‍♀️💥🔥👍🏻👍🏻

  • gwen

    Happy National Coming Out Day. Remember…. Regardless of who you are, you are not alone. You are loved.
    LeAnn Rimes – leannrimesIf you are ready and feel it in your soul to speak and live your truth, know that you are LovEd. You are supported, accepted and appreciated for being YOU! I fully support and LovE the LGBTQ+ community on #nationalcomingoutday and everyday!! LovE is LovE!!

    Translation: Jodi Rimes is using LGBTQ to promote her failed marriage to Eddie. Notice how many times Jodi Rimes wrote LovE, which she said means Leann loves Eddie? If Jodi Rimes really cared, she would have written love, not LovE as if she is trying to make LovE into a trend.

  • Cool Boots

    Every time DJ needs to spend more time with his real girlfriend Brandi Glanville loses her mind!!!!! Can you say Drama Queen Brandi?????

    Brandi Glanville – My horoscope says new beginning starting today! Time to heal my broken heart and move on enjoy the holidays

    Brandi Glanville – No need to call me DJ I already know!!

    Brandi Glanville – Good morning! It’s a new day don’t forget that unicorns DO NOT exist there just palominos with concussions

    Brandi Glanville – I’m fucking drunk and pissed off at DJ can you record this bit?

  • Cool Boots

    Show The World Your True Colors!!!!!!

    LeAnn Rimes – soulofeverleOn #NationalComingOutDay we wanted to share a few brave stories from three inspiring souls ~ link in bio

    soulofeverle#soulofeverle #everle #blogger #bloggingtips #bloggerlife #bloggersgetsocial #ontheblog #mission #evolution #thejourney #goodvibesonly #lifestyle #openheart #openmind #feelings


    My name is Craig, I’m 25 years old, and I am gay male. As much as I joke about being a strong, independent woman, I identify as being a male. People often ask me when I knew I was gay, and the truth is, I’ve always known I was different. And while I truly do believe all human beings unique in our own way, I always had different interests than boys my own age. Boys my age typically wanted to play sports, get dirty, play with action figures, etc. I always wanted to try on my mom’s pink high heels, play with the Barbie’s at my Grandma’s house, and listen to my cassettes. As I got to the beginning of high school, I realized I just wasn’t attracted to girls. Thankfully, I never tried to date a girl because I can’t even imagine how disastrous that would be.

    I eventually knew that I had to tell my family and friends, and I was terrified. I had to be honest with myself because I was miserable and lonely lying to others and myself. When I was a freshman in high school, I ended up telling some of my closest friends first. They reacted really well – most likely because they already knew. Either way, it was a big relief, and it was definitely the confidence boost I needed.

    This is where my story differs from some of other members of the LGBT community because my brother is also gay. It’s just the two of us, so my parents took that pretty hard. My brother came out to my dad several years prior, and my dad did not handle it well. Without going into too much detail, my dad basically screamed at my brother and said, “I can’t believe we raised a fucking faggot.” It broke my heart to see that happen. How was I supposed to tell my parents anything after that?

    I didn’t end up telling my parents I was gay until I was 21. My family has this really weird unspoken rule that we don’t like to talk about anything personal, which is really hard for me because I am such an open book. I am so open to a fault. It’s just who I am and I have accepted it now, but I used to be ashamed of that part of myself because it was so off putting to my family. Anyway, I was surprised I even had to come out to my parents because it was pretty obvious that I was gay. The whole world knew before I even told them – how could my own parents not know? It goes to show that people see what they want to see. It also goes to show that everyone has a different perception of who you are. People highlight different qualities of your personality since they are seeing you from a different lens than you see yourself. So after I told them, my dad actually didn’t say much, which was really surprising. He didn’t say the awful things to me he had said to my brother. He mostly just cried and said, “I can’t believe both of my sons are gay.” I was still living at home at the time this all happened, and we never really talked about it much after that. I ended up moving out the following year.

    My parents and I had kept a relationship that was very superficial over the next few years. At the beginning of last year, I went over to my parents’ house and told them I wanted them to meet the guy I was dating, and my dad said no. His exact words were, “I can’t. I won’t. It makes me sick. I don’t accept your lifestyle.” My mother was upset he said those things and said she wanted me to meet someone, but she never made a conscious effort to meet my boyfriend either. It really hurt. But even though it hurt, I was happy I stuck up for myself. I had no control of how they would react, but it took courage to be able to stand up for what I wanted. It was also a sad realization accepting the fact that my parents are never going to be the people I need them to be. However, that doesn’t mean other people can’t be there for me, and I have some of the best friends I could have ever asked for.

    With everything that has happened, I have a lot more confidence now than I ever have. I really now only surround myself with the people who make me feel like the best version of myself, which is something I couldn’t have had done if I hadn’t come out of the closet. I am really proud of coming out and because it has allowed for me to be the most authentic person I can be. There is a level of depth that comes along with struggle, and I wouldn’t change it because it truly has made me empathize with those who are suffering on a much deeper level. I have met people who have great relationships with their families and haven’t struggled the way I have, and while I am happy they haven’t gone through those things, I can’t relate to them on a spiritual level. There’s a depth and a paradigm shift that just isn’t there when you haven’t struggled, and I know my struggles have been really pivotal to how I have been shaped as a human being. There can definitely be a lot of negative things that arise from coming out because not everyone is going to have the same values as you. Even though there are many people who don’t agree with my lifestyle, I have met so many amazing friends that support me and share the same values with me. I truly believe the energy you give out is what you attract, and I am proud that the energy I am giving out is attracting some pretty wonderful people.


    As cliche as it may sound, I have always known that I am gay. When I was younger, I was always far more interested in forming any sort of bond with the women I came across than I ever was with men. My bedroom walls were plastered with posters of beautiful female celebrities; which of course is not as common for a teenage girl rather than to have boy band posters everywhere. I never really payed too much attention to this, it wasn’t something I even thought about until I was 14. This is when I properly realised but at this point I didn’t want anyone to know so I tried my best to ignore it. I was overwhelmingly embarrassed and feared rejection from loved ones and close friends.

    Each day I became unhappier and began to hate myself more and more. I was confused, I didn’t want to be gay. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to accept myself because I was too afraid of letting my true self be free. I became consumed by the worry that somebody would find out this “big secret” that I was trying desperately to hide. This went on for years, I would take this hatred out on myself in anyway I could. I tried to change, tried to force myself to be more interested in boys but of course it didn’t work. I was trying to force myself to be someone that I wasn’t.

    I realised that I couldn’t change myself in the way I was trying to but I could instead accept myself. So that is what I did. The first step was admitting it to myself and after that, I began to be honest with the people around me and the honesty felt so freeing! I learned then that there was nothing to be ashamed of. I didn’t always have positive reactions but I learned who my strongest support system was and who I could lean on.

    The journey to accepting myself has been so liberating. However, learning how to feel empowered in telling those close to me has not always been easy. As of now, I haven’t told my parents. I’m almost certain they know, I can tell. My mum always asks me, “Do you have a boyfriend yet? Or a girlfriend? Because that’s okay too. Do you prefer girls?”. Each time I answer no. Just because I’m not 100% ready to tell her yet. Maybe that time will come soon or maybe it’ll take a little longer but whenever it happens, I no longer fear for her disappointment or hatred because I know it’s nonexistent. She loves me, and will always love me, for who I am. Just as I’ve learned to do in my journey of coming out.


    I’m a 30 year old man, living comfortably in London surrounded by friends and family that support my lifestyle and me being gay. However it was not always that way…
    Growing up I was very flamboyant and feminine and naturally chose to play with barbie dolls and anything pink and glittery (much to my families dislike). The first feeling I had that I was gay was when I very young, it wasn’t a sexual thing but I instinctively found myself drawn to male characters in TV shows and not the women.

    I think this is the reason I struggled with confidence issues later in life. When I was younger I was never truly allowed to be me, when I took that control back I wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

    I wouldn’t describe my family as homophobic but they didn’t understand why someone would be gay or like seeing it. I remember watching TV and a gay couple would make an appearance and my family would all moan that they didn’t need to see that. My uncle was also gay, this was not an open topic in our family. I didn’t find out about this until I was in my teens.

    It was during a family party that my cousins cornered me and asked if I was gay. I wasn’t embarrassed about it so told them the truth and said yes. The news of course got straight back to my mum, “I don’t know why you can come out to everyone else but not to me” was her first response. Two years went by until we spoke about the subject again. This was the first time I brought a guy home. I was so nervous about him meeting my family but they accepted him straight away.

    Although how I came out wasn’t ideal as I didn’t get to decide how and when I did it, I feel that me being gay is teaching my parents new life lessons. We’ve all learnt from each other and feel as a family we have shifted into a more understanding, loving place.

  • Cool Boots

    Fun Fit Fab!!!!!!!

    LeAnn Rimes – leannrimesI am loving all the goodies in my #funfitfab Editors box! As a #funfitfabpartner i get to offer you guys $10 off with the code “LEANN10.” Head over to to grab the limited edition Editors Box, valued at $300 for $39.99 when you use my code. There’s everything from a hot red lip set, a jump rope that I’ll be taking with me everywhere, a sterling silver wishbone necklace and several great beauty products, from a sheet face mask, dry spray body oil and a nourishing, leave-in hair treatment. You even get a super cute vegan clutch, perfect for all your nights out during the upcoming holidays. Honestly, there’s so much great stuff in this box! You’re gonna LovE it!
    #funfitfab @fabfitfun

  • gwen

    Translation: Jodi Rimes has been stalking Scheana’s IG and snapchat accounts.

    A day after Scheana tweeted to Brandi, Jodi Rimes mysteriously gets the same FFF box that Scheana posted to her account? Could Jodi Rimes possibly be anymore transparent? So how much money did Jodi Rimes have to dish out to FFF to get them to send her a box like Scheana? Notice how Jodi Rimes couldn’t even post the correct hashtag for FFF? All of Scheana’s tweets have Fab first, but in Jodi Rimes attempt to single white female Scheana, she put Fun first.

    * April 5, 2017
    This is totes my fave #FabFitFun box ever, but sorry to say Riley doesn’t come with it. #fabfitfunpartner Check out my snapchat to see my fave products in it like the RealHer Lip Kit and the “Slay All Day” Molly zip pouch. You can get $10 off w code “SCHEANA” at @fabfitfun snapchat: scheanamarie

  • gwen

    Translation: Jodi Rimes is such a hasbeen that she is using NCOD to keep herself relevant.

  • gwen

    Every time Eddie needs to spend more time with his real girlfriend Jodi Rimes loses her mind!!!!! Can you say Drama Queen Jodi Rimesi?????

  • gwen

    Too funny. If you click on the link that Jodi Rimes posted, it doesn’t take you to a site. If you click on the link in Scheana’s email it takes you directly to the FFF site. So what happened? Why did Jodi Rimes get the website wrong, 3 times in one post?

  • gwen

    Headed to the cold ❄️☃️with my man tmrw! Cannot wait!-Leann Rimes

    Translation: Jodi Rimes set up a loving handholding staged photo-op at the airport with her drunk unemployed husband to prove to everyone that Eddie isn’t cheating on her.

    Poor Jodi Rimes, she has to take Eddie on another vacation to get him to spend Halloween with her.

    Who is Jodi Rimes kidding? We all know that Eddie isn’t going anywhere with her without Kiki. Why does she act like it’s just going to be her and Eddie on these trips? Why does she even bother to go on these vacations when Eddie ignores her so much that she spends the entire vacation tweeting and on IG manically posting about Brandi’s kids or how much fun she is supposedly having?

  • Cool Boots

    LeAnn Rimes- Heading to the cold ❄ ⛄ with my man tmrw! Cannot wait!

    LeAnn gets to have some warm cuddles in the cold with super hunky Eddie!!!!! Lucky girl!!!