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Angelina Jolie Shares Her 'Harper's Bazaar' Cover with Three Rescue Cheetahs!

Angelina Jolie Shares Her 'Harper's Bazaar' Cover with Three Rescue Cheetahs!

Angelina Jolie covers the special 150th Anniversary collector’s edition of Harper’s Bazaar‘s November 2017 issue, which was shot at a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia.

Here’s what the actress/director/humanitarian had to share with the mag:

On what Namibia represents to her: “For me, Namibia represents not only ties of family and friendship but also the effort to the balance between humans and the environment so crucial to our future.”

On the link between the environment and women’s rights: “Women make up most of the world’s poor…when the environment is damaged”for example when fishing stocks are destroyed, wildlife is killed by poachers, or tropical forests are bulldozed”it deepens their poverty. Women’s education and health are the first things to suffer.”

On what her life experience has taught her: “If my life experience has taught me anything, it is only what you stand for, and what you choose to stand against, that defines you. As the San people say: you are never lost if you can see your path to the horizon.”

The three Cheetahs on the cover with Angelina are three orphaned rescues that she has been sponsoring since they were cubs! Angelina‘s aim to to bring attention to the impact of our choices on the environment and wildlife, and the dangers of poaching and the demand for products made from wild animals.

FYI: Angelina is wearing a Ralph Lauren Collection dress and K. Jacques shoes on the cover.

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Credit: Alexi Lubomirski/Harper's Bazaar
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  • meme

    she’s a beautiful woman so why they had to shop 10 years off her face is beyond me. still can’t stand her.

  • shoes4life


  • plez

    Beautiful cover.

  • neer
  • bap

    Loung Ung

    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. ~ Buddha
    11:11 AM – Oct 10, 2017

  • bap

    — IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

    The N/a’an ku sê Foundation’s mission is to conserve the land, cultures, and wildlife of Namibia. It provides a haven and a second chance for injured, orphaned, or vulnerable animals. The three cheetahs featured in this story were rescued and sponsored through the foundation. Animals are released whenever possible so that they may be free to live a natural life in the wild. Only those animals too ill or human-habituated remain at the sanctuary. The Jolie Pitt Foundation has supported N/a’an ku sê since 2006. On her most recent trip to Namibia, Angelina opened a new clinic for wounded elephants and rhinos. For more information or to donate, visit
    This article originally appears in the November 2017 issue, available on newsstands October 24.
    Lead image: Alberta Ferretti top and pants; Hair: Adam Campbell for Wella Professionals; Makeup: Toni G. for; Production: Colette Massier for N/a’an ku sê Films.

  • bap

    The HB will be available October 24, 2017.

  • Beck

    I love the cover and especially the picture of her in the white button down with her hair down. I’m not as into the one with her hair back, the coloring looks a bit off/harsh somehow? The cheetahs are beautiful, and I liked the letter a lot, especially this part: “…it is only what you stand for, and what you choose to stand against, that defines you.”

  • Liz

    “If my life experience has taught me anything, it is only what you stand for, and what you choose to stand against, that defines you”.
    And yet, she never said anything about being harassed by Harvey Weinstein until somebody else come forward. Sigh. Whatever.

  • Passing Through
  • bap

    A good solid year so far for Angelina.

  • Passing Through

    As soon as I saw this photo…I knew that dress was Atelier Versace. The shape is very similar to several other dresses that Donatella has made for Angie – especially the dress she wore the AFI BTS premiere -;center,top&resize=*:2922

  • meme

    She’s a phony just like the rest of those overindulged celebs feigning ignorance of perverted Harvey.

  • meme

    she’s just so freaking deep, isn’t she? phony pretentious asshole.

  • sandra

    Awards season wise would be better a month later. Anyway, great cover splendid pictures. Much better then the recent Vanity Fair and Vogue ones she did. After the Vogue 2004 and 2007 this is the best she did. Still nothing compares to 2004.

  • GroundControl500

    A well thought out, simple and straight forward think piece. Lovely pictures. When you’re this beautiful simple and elegant works best. Oh, yea, and Angie looks great, too. 😅😅😅

  • Passing Through

    Felinelilly • 2 hours ago

    I read Angelina’s Harper’s Bazaar letter. I still don’t believe that she’s including Brad when she says “our” family, just the kids, but for those JP fans still hoping, I don’t know when she wrote this but this is the first time I’ve seen her say “our” daughter (Shi). So there you go.

    Beautifully written letter and these are the most stunning pictures of Angie I’ve ever seen, and it’s saying a lot considering how breathtakingly gorgeous she is.


    Felinelilly -

    I’m going to shock everyone today and be the anti-DD. I think her use of “our” in all instances was inclusive of Brad. I have no idea when this was written, but my gut instinct say it’s fairly recent – within the last few weeks. It’s not an interview so it’s not something that would have had to be turned in 4-6 weeks in advance of publication.

    Also, I think it’s a very well written piece, too. Clear and consice and hits on many points that are important to Angie without being preachy. And not one word about the tabloids and body shaming while bragging about her body… I’m just saying…

  • sandra

    I love the blond strands. I prefer her with light hair. It elevates her beauty if that is possible.

  • Passing Through

    loff • 2 hours ago

    I love the HB Video of Angelina those cheetahs juts casually roaming around her and walking with her WOW..


    As Angie points out in the article – those cheetahs were hand-fed by humans are basically domesticated. They have no fear of humans and can’t be returned to the wild. Just from the way they’re roaming around you can tell they’re used to humans. YOu don’t see the stalking and crouching behavior you normally see with big cats in the wild. Shite…I’ve watched too much National Geographic…

  • bap

    Angelina is Fearless.

  • Lady Valeria

    She is actually a really good writer! As I was reading it, I was thinking about how it was a bit odd that the writer had yet to mention Angelina, and some of the phrasing–until I saw it was a letter (not a article) and Angelina wrote it, lol.

    But yes–it is so much clearer than some of the crap some journalists come out with.

  • Passing Through

    OH SNAP! I just saw the headline at the top that the former host of MTV’s TRL called bullshite on Batfleck and said he groped her a decade ago when he was on TRL. Damn…WTF was Batfleck thinking when he issued his statement? First Rose McGowan said he’s a liar because she told him about Harvey herself. And now a woman is accusing him of sexually assaulting her. He is a self-defeating nitwit even when he’s trying to do the right thing. Wherever she is – I hope Jennifer Garner is wondering why she spent a decade with this dipshite…because this happened while they were married just like his many alleged affairs.

  • Lady Valeria

    LOL–that is Hilarie Burton aka the wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who we were just discussing a few days ago. She was on that teen show…..One Tree Hill. Apparently she literally went from being a fan who won a guest spot on TRL to tv/acting.

    Also–I don’t think Batfleck can deny it, because apparently he grabbed her during a show on camera.

  • Passing Through

    Oops…I stand corrected…Batfleck’s TRL groping was in 2003…when he was dating JLo…who should also be shaking her head!

  • GroundControl500

    Despite my reluctance to comment on their thought processes during this time, I tend to think it’s a confusing time for them. I remember when they were just a new couple and they both made comments that they didn’t know exactly what it was yet. And this went on for months. People ragged on them as if they were just playing games or lying to cover up their relationship. But in real life people do go through personal situations when they really just do not know how they feel, what they want, how they describe it because, well, they are still sorting through it all. This is a huge upheaval in their lives at its core and to be expected to have all the answers and all the right words and terminology for public consumption just seems unfair to me.

    I am still sad for them both and hope they each have the courage and humility to find their way through this.

  • Passing Through

    Yeah…and I just saw it was in 2003 not 2007. So he was dating JLo. Ah…the Gigli years. LOL!

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    “I think her use of “our” in all instances was inclusive of Brad.”


    I haven’t had a chance to ketchup with everything yet, but I have to ask …

    who are YOU?

    And what have you done with PT?


  • Felinelilly

    Daaaang PT. It explains the flying pigs out my window just now. LOL

  • Passing Through

    Another thing at the top of the page – Hohan seeking another 15 minutes and reminding everyone she’s still alive by saying she feels sorry for Harvey. Go back into the woodwork, Hohan. Thank you….

  • cee

    It was 1997 and Hollywood was a different place and back then she was perceived very differently. Do you really think she would be believed?Also seems everyone knew but kept HW’s nasty secret.

  • Felinelilly

    LMAO. Never change, GC.

  • cee


  • LetMeTranslate

    She did warn others after what happened to her but everybody else probably didn’t believe her or too busy prioritizing fame.

    Just as Rose McGowan’s been saying all along but many condemned Rose for years and years calling her a liar and on and on. Just as Winona Ryder telling everyone years and years ago what an a-hole Mel Gibson is and she said everyone didn’t believe her.

  • Lady Valeria

    LOL, I agree–but that doesn’t mean they’ll get back together. I think, at the very least it means they are working through their issues. Both seem to be a lot…calmer? IDK how to describe it. Just the general mood. Angelina was almost crying and visibly withdrawn to me, during the promos in Cambodia. More confused/everywhere in the VF interview. These past few months she’s seemed a lot better.

  • bap

    Angelina Jolie
    My mother, who was part Iroquois Indian on her father’s side, taught me the Iroquois saying that we should consider the impact of our decisions upon the next seven generations. It is hard for us to be that thoughtful, with all the pressures in our lives, but it seems to me to be a beautiful aspiration.

    So whoever you are as you read this—a doctor, lawyer, scientist, human rights activist, student, teacher, mother, wife, or boy or girl flipping through your mother’s copy—I hope that you will join me in taking time today to think about how we can all contribute to making a better future.

    There is a lot we can’t predict about the world 150 years from now. But we do know that our great-grandchildren will be living with the consequences of decisions we make now, just as we can trace the origin of problems we are dealing with today to their roots in earlier centuries.

    It was early in the 19th century, for example, that the craze for ivory and other products made from wild animals took off in some countries, along with wider destruction of the environment. Where millions of elephants, lions, and other species once roamed the African continent, today small, scattered populations cling on in the face of relentless poaching and the expansion of agricultural land reducing their natural habitat.

  • Passing Through

    Note to Kate, Meryl and JLaw: -

    Cate Blanchett has issued a statement condemning Harvey’s behavior…WITHOUT saying whether or not she’d heard the rumors before or after working on his movies. She therefore doesn’t get added my growing list of “I’ve been in the business for 40 years but I never heard the rumors” liars…

    “Any man in a position of power or authority who thinks it’s his prerogative to threaten, intimidate or sexually assault any woman he encounters or works alongside needs to be called to account. It is never easy for a woman to come forward in such situations and I wholeheartedly support those who have,” Blanchett said.

  • Marie

    Jessica has been outspoken about the Weinstein scandal and her support for the women who have come forward. “I was warned from the beginning. The stories were everywhere. To deny that is to create an environment for it to happen again,” she tweeted on Monday.
    and yet you blame Angie for not speaking out at 20!!! my guess is she was the one who warned Jessica since her first big movie was with BP. women hating on women….when are we going to learn to support each other….shame on you!!

  • Felinelilly

    That’s who Hilarie Burton is? I thought her name sounded familiar.

  • Passing Through

    Lesley Starkey • 5 hours ago

    Angie’s Halloween party looks like it is going to be amazing!

    Blurry pics and crappy commentary from the misogynist TMZ (must be something about the name Harvey…):



    I’ll give Angie credit for preparing early…cuz Halloween is still nearly 2 1/2 weeks agway

  • bap

    Though Cate never condemned Woody Allen, probably because of the Oscar. That movie of his with Cate was overrated.

  • Kimber

    everyone knew, including Jolie and did nothing

  • Beck

    I’m sure his statement was written by a publicist who didn’t know about what he said to McGowan, Ben probably hardly looked at it.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    If she’s still continuing the therapy, perhaps that is part of it.

    And I would think if she’s doing therapy, she may be working through issues that don’t have to do with the marriage per se, but addressing issues that stem from childhood which, of course, impacts everything.

    Just like Brad would.

    And all of this takes time, so I just hope they both continue the therapy and to heal.

  • bap

    Unbroken Retweeted
    William Hague‏
    Verified account
    @WilliamJHague 3h
    3 hours ago

    “Wild animals belong in the wild, and ivory is not beautiful unless on the tusk of a living animal”. Important call to protect the environment by Angelina Jolie. #IWT

  • bap

    Very true Cee.

  • Cool Boots

    Thats an awesome cover shoot!

  • neer

    AJ is really into doing her part in contributing in whatever capacity, to make this world a better place.

    Her concern for animals and environment is very inspiring.

    She might have been influenced by her good friend Jane Goodall. That’s why she loves to be around with PEOPLE OF SUBSTANCE because she herself is a woman of substance.

    I love it that she has many causes for HUMANITY, ENVIRONMENT & ANIMALS.

  • meme

    Jolie doesn’t have any female friends in Hollywood so she didn’t “warn” anyone.

  • cee

    And people like you are the reason why. You would be the first to blame. So get real.

  • Passing Through

    LOL! He had to have approved the idea of it though. Most publicists don’t have the green light to speak for their client without consulting them first. Unless you’re Huvsy who pretty much confirms or denies by rote depending on if the story is flattering to Ticky or not.