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Anna Faris & Chris Pratt Shared Steamy Encounter Right After She Left Her First Husband

Anna Faris & Chris Pratt Shared Steamy Encounter Right After She Left Her First Husband

Anna Faris is spilling on the steamy first time she and Chris Pratt got together.

The duo announced their divorce back in August after more than eight years of marriage, but the 40-year-old House Bunny actress details their early days in her upcoming autobiography, Unqualified.

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In an excerpt, Anna explains that she and Chris met on the set of Take Me Home Tonight in 2007. At the time, she had been married to Ben Indra for three years, though the marriage wasn’t really working out.

Anna shared that she felt “jealous” of the “background actresses” Chris was hanging out with, and her feelings for him grew even stronger while spending time at his apartment with co-stars one night.

“My friend Dan [Fogler] also told me that if I was going to leave my husband, I had to be a surgeon with a scalpel about it,” she added. “‘Do it immediately and effectively,’ he said.”

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Anna called up Ben and told him she wanted to split up, though he insisted that she was “just tired.” “Nope, I’m leaving you,” she answered.

“I went to set and was like, ‘Hey everybody! I just left my husband,’” Anna continued. “Pretty soon I was knocking on Chris‘s door and was basically like, ‘Hi, I’m ready to get boned.’”

She said they got “‘hot and heavy in a way that I’d never experienced before,” revealing that she was “desperate to f–k” even when she was still married.

“Sure, I get to proclaim that I didn’t f–k Chris before I left Ben, but what is there to celebrate in that?” Anna wrote. “It didn’t make me a hero. After all, I wanted to. Desperately. And I had feelings for him obviously even if I wasn’t honest with myself about what those were.”

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  • nicpace

    hmm that’s a bit too much information..what comes around goes around i guess

  • forest4trees

    Nauseating woman!!! And I also lost any respect I had for Topher Grace.

  • Effy

    Why? Topher literally didn’t do anything …

  • Effy

    Agreed. Bummer she pretty much cheated on her first husband ( even if it was just emotionally). Karma I guess.

  • Lee

    She’s just nasty

  • Penny Dreadful

    Wow, she sounds like a real winner. What man wouldn’t want her for a wife? (rolls @@ eyes)

  • Penny Dreadful

    I don’t know much about her, but I never realized she had this side to her – vulgar and gross. Weird, given that Chris has been so religious the past few years. Wonder if that’s a big part of what broke them apart. I mean, that and the fact that she’s nuts.

  • Penny Dreadful

    Yes, she’s a cheater. She basically left her husband the first minute she had a crush on someone else – instead of working on her marriage.

  • Adeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I’m sure she cheated on her husband with Pratt and now karma came back to bite her in ass with Pratt cheating on her LOL. I’m disgusted by how these cheaters present their adultery as some kind modern day fairytale. First that ugly gutter cunt Jenny Slate and now this. YUCK

  • Penny Dreadful

    LOL how did Topher get into this?

  • meme

    wow. totally classless. no wonder pratt dumped her.

  • Amber

    Not a good look revealing those types of details. She comes off as desperate to win Chris back by sharing that story publicly instead of moving on. Why do people insist on kissing and telling???

  • Amber

    He cheated? With who? Do tell.

  • Tania Alvarez-Hildebrand

    I’ll never understand the fundamental need for a tell-all book. At what point do people decide what happens in the intimacy of their bedroom and their lives as a couple is okay for total strangers to openly read about and discuss? : /

  • Ellen Ripley

    Wow what a nasty thing to do, put that in a book for the world to read. I guess she has no shame and no cla$$.

  • disqus_BuPrn6rF9f

    Remember that she said in a interview that after the pod cast with Evans and Slate that Evans called her or sent a message saying him and Jenny were going on a date? Guess that Evans was checking with someone that went through the same situation and listen that everything was ok lol

  • Sansa Squad

    Jenny Slate was married when she and Chris met and they started dating right after she and her husband split up. (So, same situation Anna was in with Chris Pratt.)

  • Ash

    Topher encouraged her to dump her husband and be with Chris. Go to and you can read more about this. I really hope Topher would get a taste of his own medicine someday. I used to like him but then I realized he is so full of himself.

  • Sansa Squad

    I feel bad for Anna that she can’t even share anything with her fans (in her book or on her podcast) without the media broadcasting them to a wider audience who will judge her – I’m sure the publicity is all part of the plan but it’s annoying that vulnerability like this is preyed on and exploited. It’s one thing to have your fans read something like this (when they know your tone and sense of humor) and another for just anyone to weigh in with no context.

  • disqus_BuPrn6rF9f

    They are celebrities. They know how it works. People will take things out of context, will analise each word, will even add things to the story they are telling. They know that happens and they still keep oversharing. Ordinary people go through the same everyday, with friends and family and strangers on SM. The difference is that when celebrities do that they are profitting anyway, they are getting attention and some even make that their “brand”, like Jenny Slate. If the result of the oversharing is positive, it’s good PR. If it gets a negative reaction, they are victims and everybody has nothing to do with their lives and should not judge them . Don’t want anyone to have an opinion about your personal life? Don’t talk about it. Not many would care about Anna’s book. But talking about her marriage with someone that became much more famous than her is what is calling attention for it.

  • Shell

    Some say they were actually together before she actually left the husband and had a thing on set and that’s why a lot of people are calling them both out.

  • Sansa Squad

    I love how people are pretending this kind of crass humor is why Chris Pratt isn’t with her anymore, as if he hasn’t said things ten times filthier in the past (ntm he wrote the foreword of this book IIRC, so he’s cosigning what she wrote)… This is and has always been her brand/image/sense of humor – whatever you want to call it – not some new revelation we knew nothing about. JJ is just broadcasting it to people outside her normal audience using the more salacious elements as clickbait because they’re too lazy to find their own stories.

  • disqus_BuPrn6rF9f

    Some blogs on tumblr tracked Jenny twitter and instagram at the time, as well her now ex husband twitter that showed they were pretty much together when the rumors started. Adding the timeline of the pod cast they recorded in february and Anna talking about the message Chris sent to her, it seems that cheating actually happened.

  • Amber

    And then he dumped her five minutes later when he went to shoot another film. I really liked them together, she made him seem more interesting.

  • RebeccaLLaflamme

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  • Michael Lambretti


  • Veritis

    Karma then completely smacked in the face when he left her. Scumbags in Hollywood. TMI Anna.

  • Veritis

    BTW if you are under 50 you do not have enough life to put in a book.

  • NolaChick

    ….and not they’re divorced. WOMP

  • tina

    She is making it hard to feel sorry for her. I’m not sure why she is saying this.

  • Fredda

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  • Glorious_Cause

    She needs to stop talking and find Jesus