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Harvey Weinstein Threatened to Destroy Eva Green's Career After Denying His Advances

Harvey Weinstein Threatened to Destroy Eva Green's Career After Denying His Advances

Eva Green is the latest actress to reveal she was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein.

The 37-year-old James Bond actress was allegedly harassed by Harvey for two years after he threatened to destroy her career if she refused his advances.

“My daughter Eva was the victim of this horrible man. At the time, I was truly horrified, so scandalized that I wanted to do something but my daughter said ‘Absolutely Not! You do not know the evil he is capable of,’” her mother, French actress Marlene Jobert, told Europe 1 radio.

Marlene added that it took time for Eva to recover and she prefers not to speak about it.

“Under the pretext of a professional appointment, he’d given her a script with a beautiful key role it. And as his office was also in his hotel suite, they’d go up and then…He promised her, like the others that he’d favorize their careers in exchange for sexual favors,” she continued.

Marlene added, “Eva managed to escape him but he threatened to destroy her professionally. Because if the ‘big pig’ had been outed by a victim, for revenge he would forbid [directors] to select them. That’s a brutal reaction to take on a young actress because it was putting themselves in danger of being scratched off casting lists.”

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  • YupVideoFever

    he is like bathrobe mafia.

  • FerCat

    So this is why we’re left with mediocre actresses doing big budget films.

  • Anna

    I was thinking the same thing. Not only mediocre actressses, but it also explains why there’s less minority actresses like asians, blacks, and middle easterners. The guy clearly has a preference.

  • Vanity

    these Hollywood people all claim that they are for justice & when one small thing happens they all flock on twitter to express anger about something so trivial & small.. meanwhile this is whats been going on for years yet none of them had the courage to speak out. hypocrites they are all cowards.

  • Honeybee

    The bathrobe mafia! That’s awesome!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Honeybee

    And I was thinking the same thing you were! He might not be preying on actresses of color, but he isn’t concidering them for roles either because they don’t fit the profile of the women he likes to victimize.

  • persononhere

    they’d still be medicore in big films too, just sayin’. they might have got better parts but the acting would still kinda suck

  • DarkEkati

    Ξ€hey all were quiet and not saying a thing while they agreed to take part at the movies he produced in order to get famous and as long as they kept getting their millions and their Oscars all was fine! Now that they don’t need him anymore or they are not so hot in the business anymore they remembered how much he humiliated them back then!! If you felt humiliated why not speak earlier? Why agree to work with him? Why take the money? A self respected woman would never agree to that. But you wanted the fame and fortune more . By saying this i don’t justify his behavior and i think he behaved like a pig with power and he deserves all he gets now. But he was not alone in this power play

  • Lisa

    Agree, that disgusting man probably does not think that they fit the profile of the women he likes to treat like sexual objects.

  • Lisa

    it would have made more sense if some of the actresses, who did not have that much money from the beginning, choose to take part in a movie, and then after making the first million, speak up and condemn his behaviour.

  • Jamie

    How was he able to tell other directors who to put in their films?

  • Vanity

    srsly? TWC doesnt have hundreds of films each most 10 in production. don’t blame diversity on this one producer. is he a pig yes but dont confuse the two issues.

  • Kim

    “and then after making the first million, speak up and condemn his behaviour.”

    I get what you are trying to say. But the problem with Harvey is/was that he could even ruin the career of someone who was already somewhat succesful. Apparently he threatened some actresses that he would make sure not a single director/producer would want to work with them again. From our common people point of view this doesn’t seem like a big deal. But to a female actor, with good roles already being very limited, I kind of understand as well why even after some success they found it hard to speak up sooner.

  • Kim

    He is/was one of THE biggest producers in Hollywood. A producer has more power than a director. A producer is responsible for a film’s budget, not the director. Quite often the producer also looks for a suitable director once he pitched a film script. So a director’s boss is the film producer. Therefore Harvey was able to make final decisions on casting, instead of directors. The only person above a producer is a film studio boss.

  • tom

    Women have to take some of the blame they were blinded by fame and all they had in their minds was the chance to thank the academy, and god.

  • Jamie


  • soggybiscuit

    Almost as horrible as working for child rapist Polanski

  • starchy

    I think you are underestimating this man’s power. He is not ‘no longer hot’ in the business. It isn’t a case of mere fame and fortune for these women: it’s having a career at all. You may think that wanting to be an actress is a frivolous career but to actors and actresses it is their life. This man had the ability to ruin people – as do powerful men in ‘real life’ who get away with harassment and rape. Those women don’t bear the blame for their harassment so why should actresses just because they are involved in a profession based on fame and fortune?

  • calafeast

    Jew men mostly favor ‘aryan’ women. First wife always a jew, then always as white as possible, Third wife, an Asian.
    Howard Stern always fits the norm.

  • calafeast

    …and the most unfathomable things is: that grotesque and appalling naked body underneath that bathrobe is most likely his worst selling point.
    It is not like he is Warren Beatty or James Dean. This guy is repulsively hideous. Way before this, everyone knew him and about him. People were aware of his ways, he was so visible and public. Almost as known and familiar to the general public as one of his victim-starlets.
    Ever since I had first set eyes on him, I have always regarded him as the ultimate wretched and beyond disfigured looking male I have ever seen in my life. It is repulsive to even see his image.
    Grotesquely, unforgivably awful looking.

  • Sansa Squad

    There is strength in numbers. Victims feel safer coming forward when they’re not alone. He was a scary guy, it’s irresponsible to blame them for how they reacted when they were scared. Why is empathy so difficult? I sincerely hope this kind of thing never happens to you.

  • Sansa Squad

    NO THEY DON’T!!!! IT’S NEVER THE VICTIM’S FAULT!!! The blame is on Harvey and the people who had the power to stop him (his brother, TWC board members, etc.) GTFO with that victim blaming attitude, it’s disgusting and it’s part of the reason they don’t come forward!!! Ugh πŸ™„

  • Sansa Squad

    I see a lot of people wondering why she would stay silent just to keep working… Why is it so wrong for women to want to keep their careers? Shouldn’t we be angrier at the system that makes them choose between success and their dignity? If you worked your whole life towards something would you walk away from it because some slimy pig decided to ruin it for you? (It’s worth noting several of the women he victimized DID THAT, they left the industry altogether, and it still didn’t change anything.) Victim-blaming is wrong and unproductive on so many levels. Stop holding women accountable for the actions of men.

  • spiderliliez

    You don’t mess with my Eva.. she has the most powerful eyes.

  • Kat R.

    Wow, I always wondered why she isn’t in more movies. Could this be the reason why? Green is so beautiful and so talented.

  • Fredda

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  • DarkEkati

    It has happened to me. (not in show biz industry but there is sexual harassment at all areas /jobs). You know what i did? I said a big fat NO and i left! Because i refused to be seen as piece of meat for some perverts pleasure. And God knows how much i need the money because i am not wealthy or rich but i have my priorities set straight. My honor, dignity and self respect come first.

  • Sansa Squad

    Good for you, but not every situation is as simple as just walking away. In this industry (and many others), women are conditioned not to turn down opportunities or make any waves. It can be confusing and when you’re acting on fear, not everyone is capable of being so clearheaded. Not to mention, Harvey had a reputation for violence as well (JLaw’s joke “Thank you Harvey for killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here” when she won her Golden Globe was met with laughter for a reason)… People were scared not only for their careers/financial future but for their lives. Walking away isn’t as easy when the person victimizing you is as powerful as he was. Again, I stress the importance of empathy.

  • Lisa

    Weinstein is not the only powerful guy in Hollywood, so if someone less powerful with good connections still choose to speak up , it could either way.