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Claire Foy Releases Statement on Adam Sandler Repeatedly Touching Her Knee

Claire Foy Releases Statement on Adam Sandler Repeatedly Touching Her Knee

Claire Foy has released a statement on her appearance with Adam Sandler on The Graham Norton Show, where he touched her knee several times on the air.

Fans took to social media to slam Adam for touching Claire‘s leg, and at one point, she even removed his hand from her knee.

However, Claire‘s representatives have released a statement saying Claire took no offense to Adam‘s behavior.

“We don’t believe anything was meant by Adam‘s gesture and no [offense] was caused to Claire,” the statement to Just Jared read.

See photos from the appearance below…

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claire foy adam sandler touching statement 02
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  • meme

    People get worked up over this are stupid. Big deal he touched her knee. People do touch other people sometimes when talking. So stupid but good for Claire.

  • Ram

    so I can touch you all over w/o your permission, right?

  • MimiB

    I don’t think it’s OK. If he touched her hand, or arm, maybe. But a woman’s leg or knee? It’s not right. It’s too close to how men try to force themselves on women, forcing their legs apart. Not that he’d do that on TV, but it’s almost as if he were testing her, trying to see how much he could get away with.

  • meme

    Your comment is ridiculous.

  • Sherry Dkhail

    Everyone is becoming so sensitive all of the sudden …. you have to put in mind they do love scenes don’t rationalize yourselves by saying but that’s work it’s all the same it’s what you allow to be done to your body
    No one took offense prior to the Harvey Weinstein allegations and now everyone is speaking out

    I don’t know why now but I feel that something has changed

  • cinemaniac

    People sometimes overreact. I watched the video and he puts his hand when he mentioned he was a golden globe nominee then she tries to hold his hand to reply to gesture, she missed it. Then he puts his hand back because in the first place she was trying to hold so he took back immediately. It is just funny awkward situation, and cringing. She is aware of it too so she is smart enough to make this statement. People who overreact should have interpretation problem. Sorry can’t see any drama here. If you wanna watch the video it is here;

  • persononhere

    if she said it’s ok, it’s ok. that’s the whole problem with touching and harassment… some people don’t mind. some women are OK with it. don’t care on her behalf.

  • Judy Kroeker Lusty

    Adam was on Jimmy Fallon’s show recently, with Dustin Hoffman, and I noticed that to emphasize a point he made about the movie they did together, he would pat Dustin’s knee. I think it is just an unconscious habit!!

  • Cooper

    The fact that you would try to equate the two is beyond moronic. It’s actually pretty disgusting.

  • Ash

    Oh here you are MimiB. I was trying to reply to your comment on Daily Mail about this article but my comment won’t appear because DM is too sensitive. So this is my reply to your comment DM ~ “Not as perversive, not as damaging” Really? Tell that to Terry Crew, Corey Feldman, James Ven Der Beek, Kevin Sorbo and countless other male actors, singers and especially male models who wouldn’t even dare to speak out about this because their dignity is not as valuable as women and to make it worse, people like you perpetuate this by undermining their ordeal. It happens to both genders and what’s between the victim’s legs should not be an issue.

    And this is my reply to your comment above. ~ If that was her putting her hand on his knee you wouldn’t even have a problem at all. Based on your comments on here and DM, you are clearly unwell mentally. I know a misandrist feminist like you are way too sensitive and nonsensically neurotic because you’re living inside your own bubble far too long to even think rationally or have a common sense. You are Paranoid and a liar. Oh and you are Serena Williams’ neighbor in Palm Beach Gardens, FL right? LOL!!! Seriously, get help.

  • meme

    It’s nothing. Some people are very tactile and touch people when they are speaking. This is a big fuss about NOTHING.

  • Publius

    Sure, if you’re a woman. Then the double standard goes into effect. Claire’s representatives saved her from being remembered as the woman who took the purge too far.

  • Karen

    But she removed his hand once, and then he did it again, no way, she said no, and he kept going.

  • Karen

    He’s a man.
    He touched her twice, and she didn’t want anything to do with his hand, after she removed it the first time, he still didn’t get it. Sitting there in the middle, looking like he has the right to do what he wants.

  • Karen

    He touched her knee, she removed it and then patted his knee, as if to say, your hand belongs on your knee, and then when she removed it the first time, he did it again. Nope he has not right, she said no, by removing his hand.

  • Karen

    You must be a man.

  • Karen

    Are you male? Just wondering. Calling someone “unwell mentally” just shows how your brain works. He put his hand on her knee, she removed it, patted his hand as if to say, keep your hand on your knee, and then he proceeds to put his hand on her knee again. She said no the first time, but he didn’t think that mattered.

  • Erin Burke

    You are WAY off. That’s not what happened. Do yourself a favor and watch the video again so you can stop perpetuating this false interpretation. Can you not see that he’s acknowledging her recent Golden Globe win and she tries to thank him by touching his hand? She is not moving his hand back. You can see him smile the second time he touches her knee, as if to say he know he pulled his hand away too soon, and “let’s try that again”.

  • Erin Burke

    You clearly have issues with men. Again, this is not what happened. At all.

  • redcan

    You’re wrong about what happened.

  • redcan

    I have been touched like this by women and men throughout my life. Sometimes it’s awkward, but you have to consider the context and the intent. That’s what you are not doing. I imagine you aren’t perfect and could be guilty of some awkward behavior at some time in your life. You probably wouldn’t want people judging you like you’re judging Sandler

  • meme


  • Ash

    Are you serious? My gender is irrelevant to this discussion. Any reasonable people can tell he’s very subconscious to all of that but of course in the wake of Harvey Weinstein scandal then all of a sudden it’s triggering a bunch of weak minded snowflakes like you and MimiB who love to feel victimized for other women. People like you are beyond pathetic and it’s going to get worse for you as time goes by. The fact that you can’t handle words and has reported my comment says a lot about you. Birds of a feather flock together.

  • Jacques Le Cousteau???

    lol people should try that at work and see what happens lol

  • Jacques Le Cousteau???

    He should just go make a stupid 80s themed movie about it now :D

  • meme

    Just stop. You sound deranged.

  • pfesser

    Jesus God, little girl. Grow up.

  • ColdBeer

    Claire disagrees with your interpretation of her life.

  • ableright

    Meme This insanity is typical today with a society of extreme feminism; I shouldn’t even call it “feminism” since the feminism that was started in the 60s for legitimate reasons has no comparison to modern day feminism.

    Karen, MimiBe, let’s say she didn’t want him touching her knee and he did it by accident or not. What do you feel resolves this “totally major issue”? Should Adam Sandler have to pay her millions in reparations? Should he get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness? What’s your solution here?

  • Travis Smith

    Knee rape? How stupid. They were laughing and having an interview. The term knee slapping comes to mind in a good way. Stories like this is demeaning to real assault victims.

  • RightOnandon

    It doesn’t matter what you think. What matters is what she thinks.

  • meme

    I think Karen would put him in jail. Karen has issues.

  • LittlePaperStars

    If you actually watch the whole show he touches Emma too when he’s talking about her (and she touched him), he was praising both their work and touched them on the knee as he did so, Im no Sandler fan but I truly don’t think he meant anything by it, he sat there quite quiet and shy for most of the show. And most important of all it didn’t offend Claire in any way, and she made a public statement to that point. I see no point in being offended on her behalf when she has stated she was not.

  • FrenchGirl

    THE 2nd time was clearly a joke.The 1 st time Foy was uncomfortable and she removes his hand but the 2nd time was a joke

  • Narima

    Wow , big deal girl (LoL)

  • Karen

    I guess we see things differently.

  • FerCat

    What you’re saying is that he tried to molest Dustin Hoffman.

  • Karen

    Who is Claire?

  • Karen

    No you are deranged meme……..or is it Mimi….I don’t get it.

  • Karen


  • meme

    are you kidding? psycho.

  • layla

    Agreed LittlePaperStars…people will b I t c h about anything…its getting out of hand. People are assuming here…making mountains out of mole hills


    How embarrassing for you that you reveal youre a nonreader.

  • cafeast

    People saying other overreact:

    You are forgetting how repulsively ugly he is. Had he been some Henry Cavill derivative, then his touch would not have been offensive. It would be sensual and welcomed. But he is gross looking and needs to get some perspective.
    He always casts much younger and very unrealistically attractive women to be his on-screen partners while playing absolute losers who naturally look like Adam Sandler.
    It is vile and laughable at the same time.

  • pfesser

    Dear English major and advanced reader: “You’re” is spelled THAT way.

  • Karen

    How did you know I was psycho???

  • Karen

    Just wondering, how do you know it was a joke, the second time?
    Only thing that matters, is how the woman felt.

  • meme

    You make it quite obvious.

  • Karen

    What if I were to tell you that I was molested as a child?
    Would you be a little kinder?
    Would you still say that I am “beyond pathetic?”
    This is because of what Weinstein did.

  • Karen

    Thanks. You were right.