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Anthony Rapp Explains Why He Came Forward with Kevin Spacey Story

Anthony Rapp Explains Why He Came Forward with Kevin Spacey Story

Anthony Rapp is opening up about his decision to come forward with his story about Kevin Spacey allegedly making a sexual advance toward him when he was just a teenager.

The 46-year-old actor, best known for originating the role of Mark in Rent and starring in Star Trek: Discovery, alleged that Spacey tried to seduce him when they were alone in his apartment after a party in 1986.

“I came forward with my story, standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out, to shine a light and hopefully make a difference, as they have done for me,” Anthony said in a statement to People. “Everything I wanted to say about my experience is in that [BuzzFeed] article, and I have no further comment about it at this time.”

Spacey released a public apology on Sunday night and he also came out as gay at the same time, which caused outrage on social media.

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  • opiul99

    This guy almost got raped as a child, and that’s all you have to say. Can you be anymore of a fucking loser

  • Lalique Murano

    Good for him. It takes a lot of guts to disclose something as painful as sexual harassment and abuse. It makes you vulnerable and you open yourself up to hurtful comments. Hopefully, the #MeToo movement will spread, and help remove the shame out of having been sexually molested.

  • Sherry Dkhail

    What would a 14 year old be doing in an all adult party ?! That just baffles me the things people do to be in the business prior to this I had no idea who is Anthony rapp although I recognize his face
    But he’s in a party and he’s too young to be at a party then he’s left alone
    What would happen in this situation seriously even if it’s not Kevin spacey anyone else would do the deed !!!
    Like that lady who left her daughter to be raped by roman polanski
    That’s just bad parenting

  • Miriam Ma

    This just shows how stories about hollywood being filled with pedophiles were true! I just wonder why he spoke now?! It’s my understanding that he made a vague remarks back in 2001 and he could’ve spoken about it fully then! I guess like most, once their ”career is secured” then they feel the need to say something! I just hope that didn’t give opptonity for KS to abuse other boys!..

  • Miriam Ma

    I agree with you but also bear in mind that he’s raised by a single mom and obviously she didn’t have experience or knowledge about the possible harm. I hope this makes other parents examine how they expose their children to the business!! Needless to say that the fault is on KS and not him but he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  • GroundControl500

    Actually his mother was quite the stage mother and he seems to have been raised in a very dysfunctional family on many levels. I have heard some really disturbing things about his relationship with his brother which I can’t say are true or not.

  • GroundControl500

    I think you’re speculating. He doesn’t describe almost getting raped at all.

  • Patty

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  • Utope

    Thank you for coming forward, Mr. Rapp! I hope more men, women and children (unfortunately) will be able to come forward. It’s never ok for someone to touch you or do worse without your consent. It’s time all those predators learned that!

  • Craig Walker

    Sherry Dkhail made the first important point. My point is…and I‘m sorry if this sounds sexist to you women. Why would a mature adult Man even think of telling this story in public 31 years after its occurrence? The world is a hard, mean, mean, tough place, and this guy…Rapp, has done a lot better…by any measure, than most. Yet he chooses to try and ruin some guy’s life 30 odd years down the road? ‘Cause the guy tried to put the move on him when he was drunk? When he should not have been there? (See point 1) No “real man” would ever have done this.

    I say to him, “ Deal with it! What are you? A girl?” I hope the Rapp’s career is dead. I know I would never watch anything with him…not that I ever have.

    Note: I am a real die-hard Clinton/Obama liberal. I believe in gay rights, universal health care, gun control, etc., but I really believe strongly in individual responsibility too.

  • cafeast

    In other words, you were propositioned, you refused, he simply let you leave without any assault, harm or abuse, and you decided to raise your D-list fame to a solid C-, so you came out with this nothing story after 30 fucking years.
    I bet Scorsese and Fincher will be fighting each other to cast you in their next film now.

  • Stacy Smith

    It’s about the fact that he was 14, and a 28 year old man propositioned him. But hey, if you don’t think that’s a big deal.

  • Stacy Smith

    He wasn’t a random 14 year old attending a party, it was full of actors. Drew Barrymore was attending cast parties at age 6. And victim blame much? The lady left her daughter to be raped??? How about we focus on the men doing the raping. Jesus.

  • Mo

    Spacey was 26 and drunk. This was 31 years ago. I just can’t get outraged over this.

  • Stacy Smith

    Yeah I’m not outraged either, I love Kevin Spacey and still do! I’m just angry at the people blaming Rapp for being at the party, victim blaming him when he was a child . Spacey’s the only one so far to apologize and acknowledge what he did, so kudos for that!

  • cafeast

    KS may not have known he was 14. Working on a Broadway play w/o any guardians present, attending late night parties at a grown man’s place w/o any parents present?
    It’s not like he was cruising the kids’ playground or the high school recess area with candy in his hands.

  • ballistic

    Rapp should have been raped with all his holes penetrated with full-power 1” drill.

    We pay to watch Spacey’s brilliant work. And will keep doing so.
    No clappytrap, whack fap Rapp can change that !