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Celebrities React to Kevin Spacey's Apology to Anthony Rapp

Celebrities React to Kevin Spacey's Apology to Anthony Rapp

Prominent authors, journalists and actors like Billy Eichner, Dan Savage and Aimee Carrero are angrily speaking out against Kevin Spacey.

Following the 58-year-old actor’s response to Anthony Rapp‘s allegation that he attempted to make a pass on the 46-year-old Star Trek actor when he was just 14 years old on Sunday (October 29), stars are bashing Kevin for coming out as a gay man in his statement – seemingly to deflect from his alleged behavior.

Kevin Spacey sexually assaulting a minor has nothing to do with homosexuality. Also, someone should explain this to #KevinSpacey,” wrote Aimee.

“Nope to Kevin Spacey‘s statement. Nope. There’s no amount of drunk or closeted that excuses or explains away assaulting a 14-year-old child,” added Dan.

See more responses below.

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  • beaner

    First off, he attempted to make a pass, HE DIDNT ASSAULT ANTHONY, ATTEMPTED, Anthony got the hell out of there, Kudos to Anthony for that, but dont condemn someone over one incident that happened over 30 years ago, if more people come forward about Kevin then let the condemnation begin, but not now, wow so many people are quick to fire judgements.

  • fred watkins

    Hollywood is sodomy and Gomorrah. If you love your children don’t allow them to be child actors and boycott their movies. Can’t believe they lecture us

  • RayonLight

    wait for it….its falling apart..

  • Ram

    oh trust me, beaner….there are more to come. many, many more. spacey has been an open secret (much like his friend bryan singer) for YEARS.

  • Ram

    being gay or straight has nothing to do with it, spacey, nice try though trying to deflect from you being a predator. SEXUAL ORIENTATION DOESNT MATTER – YOU’RE A PREDATOR PLAIN AND SIMPLE. he’s trying to turn this into something its not. just wait…this is small potatoes compared to the likely hundreds of men that are out there that could tell a story about him that would make your skin crawl. LA, NYC, LONDON – they are out there….

  • cafeast

    Queer as Folk had this as its major storyline – 15-16 year old Charlie Hunnam (he was 18 when filmed) spreads his legs to a guy in his late 20s-early 30s. He takes Charlie’s ‘virginity’.

    It was depicted as something loving, courteous, somewhat dangerous but highly normal. Same in the US edition. Both were kids in highschool.

    The fast times of the homosexuals change.

  • Hattie McDish

    I hope this perv and Bryan Singer share cells in prison someday soon, along with all the others being revealed. As for his poor excuses, gay and booze doesn’t explain away the action, nice try.

  • cafeast

    Leo, Beyonce and Liz Taylor were child talents.

    I do not think anyone is gonna stop pushing their kids into this industry hoping they will become another Nathalie Portman.

  • meme

    Exactly. This has become a witch hunt. Never heard of these β€œcelebrities.”


    Congrats Robin Wright on your own tv show

  • eternalfratboy


  • AeeJay

    Since when do allegations equal facts?

  • GFW

    And it’s been upgraded to “assault” by the trial of public opinion.
    I’m kinda like why did the 14YO even go to a nightclub with an older man? And why would any tween get into a man’s bedroom and not be able to ‘do the math’? No, this actor waited 30 years for a reason, and it smells like payback and revenge. And who’s to know if he didn’t go willingly being gay himself? It seems too filled with mixed messages.
    That said, Kevin did the noble thing. The right thing.

  • Legendary Trolly

    He didnt deny it, he lied and said he forgot, then admitted that he remembered, but used the excuse that he was “drunk” Lol

  • Patty

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