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Gerard Butler Dresses as Mad Hatter for Halloween!

Gerard Butler Dresses as Mad Hatter for Halloween!

Gerard Butler got into the Halloween spirit last night!

The 47-year-old actor dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland while attending the treats! magazine annual Steve Shaw-hosted trick or treats! Halloween Party with a “The Spirit of Ecstasy” theme on Tuesday (October 31) in Los Angeles.

Also in attendance were Paris Hilton as a bunny with her boyfriend Chris Zylka as an emoji, Diplo as a skeleton, and Josh Hutcherson, also as a skeleton.

FYI: The party was done in conjunction with Rolls-Royce Black Badge, Absolut Elyx, and Perrier Jouet.

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  • Koos

    he was born as a joke?

  • Guest

    Crawl back under your stone.

  • 🌻JustJenny🌻

    I wouldn’t mind futterwacking with this guy! 🎃

  • Julia

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  • Pamela

    Hi Michael.

  • Julia

    Hi Pam. Btw, yours was the best comment of the day.
    “Yes, but when you are with the one you really love, it’s easy for 2 grown ass adults to be in love and be together.”

  • Pamela

    I suppose I am the narcissist, right?

  • Julia


  • Pamela

    You sure? Cause I am sure I am doing something wrong in all this.

  • Julia

    “This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

  • Pamela


  • AbbyRichter

    Are you talking about yourself?….Or?

  • Pamela

    A grown ass adult doesn’t give their self worth away in a relationship.

  • Pamela


  • Pamela

    I don’t think Julia was naming anyone in particular.

    but if the shoe fits.

  • LuvsDaBoy

    Thank you, Julia. Most interesting article. I wish you had posted the Link. How much is narcissist, Scorpio, coddled spoiled baby of a family with issues, how much is organic, how much is environment? In truth, I honestly believe there is much more at work than this article suggests. Gerard has acknowledged that he has seen psychiatrists since he was a teen-ager. He knows all too well his “issues”, and far, Far beyond smoking and pain killers. He is tormented. Narcissists blame others for that “void”. Imo, Gerard blames himself. He has a hideous self-image. It is not “humility”, or “self-deprication”. I think I understand where it comes from in him. My life has been about children of abuse. He presents ALL the classic symptoms. That is why I am here. Don’t worry about the others on this site. They are phannies and much worse. I do not feel much in the way of great sympathy for Morgan. Yes, she got tossed about a bit, but anyone could have seen from the get-go this had nothing to do with Love. She had her own issues, and her own agenda. She milked it for all she could, just like MG, and probably most of the others. JC is the one I fault here. He is, Imo, a very dangerous quack. These sychophants and enablers, I speak of constantly, obviously feed Gerard’s “issues”, they gain their own sense of self-power through manipulating Gerard. The blind leading the blind, only they are dangerous, and he is needy. I have always thought Freud would have a hayday with our fair Mr. Butler. He is in the best and worst possible career and lifestyle for someone with his issues. I feel like he accepts no sense of real pleasure or real happiness anymore. Actually, I find that very encouraging. Very encouraging indeed. There is, after all, real Hope for the Boy.

  • lamcha

    Any sign of Dracula’s daughter at the party?

  • Yeah Right

    Great description of Morgan. Good job Julia. You nailed her.

  • Nicole

    Thank you, Julia. Very interesting article.

  • Pamela

    Shaking my head.
    Pray tell, what fantasies do I have?

    Yeah, you got me. I am wanting to marry Gerry or Michael… oh no wait, give me HARVEY! I can change him for the better. *eyeroll*

  • Sonia
  • GFW

    Wow, so subdued and adult.

  • Yeah Right

    Good interview. Thanks Sonia!

  • Sonia
  • Time to ask…

    Interesting Julia. That type of person will always be empty. Those who follow behaviors with that kind of pattern will never be happy, and soon find themselves seeing their own reflection on another who will be doing the same to them. It’s the way life works, it’s karma, as if written, never fails.

  • Time to ask…

    “That is why I am here. Don’t worry about the others on this site. They are phannies and much worse.”

    Unbelievable! You are a dangerous fanny yourself.
    You’re practically saying that Gerry could be that type of person, yet you’re blaming Morgan for being the victim. That is absurd!
    If and only if that were true, then Gerry should have consciously stayed away from every woman, as he has done with the alcohol. Anyone who recognizes the problem and doesn’t stay away is guilty and should feel as such. They should continue to get help until they can safely enter into a relationship without the need to play and hurt more people.

  • Brad King

    Looks like he’s lost the weight again.

  • Brad King

    I just wish they had subtitled what the interviewer was asking him.

  • Brad King

    If you mean who I think you do, if she had been there she would have made her presence known. She’s not camera shy and would want the world to know she was there. She would want to show off her costume, especially if it was as tasteless and tacky as previous years.

  • Sonia

    Good times tonight!!! 🔥😎🔥bunker77film premier w/ gerardbutler Heavy flick! Great film…

  • Nicole
  • LuvsDaBoy

    I have never heard him speak of Brian directly, in any interview. I have never heard anything about Brian being the one to get in trouble when they were young. And Gerard had to settle him down? Really? He seemed sincere while he talked about it in this interview, but I do not believe him. In the many family photos I have seen of them, the body language, the Everything about Brian, even as a very young boy, completely refutes this assertion of Gerard.Everything about Brian’s life now, from his family to his jobs speaks volumes of the man.
    If he did just have a wild phase, like most healthy kids, especially from a discordant home, he outgrew it very long ago, and has been the one closest to Gerard, by Gerard’s own statements.
    Imo, this is his weirdness talking, wishful thinking, maybe, but for him to also refer to Dean Devlin as a “master film-maker”, and he would “do the film again”, proves he is in PR/BS mode.
    And I know, directly from someone within that production, who was on-set with Gerard in New Orleans, that his statements about what went on are flat out LIES. The week before MB showed up, Gerard had become “unmanageable”, and had even gotten into a physical altercation on set. (Not his first time doing so on a set either.) MB was brought in to calm him down. The same as the sudden trip to Mexico during DOT. You may recall the outing at the Saints game. Word had already leaked out about the incident and troubles on set, and this was damage control. There were even Tweets from Devlin that came out after saying how wonderful it was to work with Gerard. PR/BS. I trust this source, after very many years. I know several people who have known Gerard, professionally, and personally, and not from a few moments at a phannies convention, or from years on phan sites, or seconds with him getting a selfie. My comments here are based on my several friends close personal interactions with, and observations of the man, as well as Gerard’s own statements, and actions.

  • LuvsDaBoy

    I am not a fan, so I certainly am not a phannie. I am only dangerous to the lies, the mis-information, the toxic waste fans, and the PR/BS. I am not an enabler, nor a sycophant. I feel absolutely no need to defend my posting here, nor justify it. It is no one’s business “why” anyone posts here.
    I am absolutely agreeing with Julia, that in my experience with similar people, Gerard exhibits much but not all this article suggests. I place responsibility with Morgan, for knowingly participating in the relationship, for her own ends, knowing full well it was not a “Love” relationship. Not victimhood.
    He in fact has turned to “professional help” repeatedly. Unfortunately, Imo, he turns only to those who enable his issues further, like the truly “dangerous” “nutritionist” who not only gave him the over dose of bee venom, but left the supply with Gerard, so he could do it himself later. He also had a Dr., during #300, give him, purposely, a similar over dose. And said so to Michael Strahan on live TV. Gerard has long history of this sort of thing. Imo, the single most “dangerous” of these “professionals”, has been JC, and JC’s entire entourage. “Dangerous”, being a gross understatement.

  • 💕👰💫german-girl💃fresh-blood💫👰💕

    i`d love to have his conditions > partying all night and next day looking good at a premier……:)

  • 💕👰💫german-girl💃fresh-blood💫👰💕

    < yeah, THAT`s right :)

  • Sonia
  • Sprite

    Gerard has good taste !

  • Yeah Right

    Thanks Sonia! He looks great.

  • Yeah Right

    Yes, that would have been nice.

  • Ashton

    Thanks Sonia, what a good interview, they are the typical Scottish lads, always enjoyed hearing these stories 😄

  • Guest

    What a load of sh it

  • GFW

    Both are armed and overwhelmed by rage. Like the turncoat. And both are parents? You can ‘kill’ a child with neglect like you can with ‘kill’ with disappointment. They’ve developed motives that make sense to them to treat him like this, their object of disaffection. Cruel.

  • LuvsDaBoy

    Sorry to disappoint you, but every word is TRUE.

  • GFW

    He’s never done anything to you. Or Julia.
    It’s not like he abandoned you. Left you.
    But I put it down to bad manners and lack of boundaries.
    There’s a time and place for everything.
    This is not that.