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Ed Westwick Rape Claim Being Investigated by LAPD

Ed Westwick Rape Claim Being Investigated by LAPD

A rape claim made against Ed Westwick is currently being investigated by the LAPD.

Actress Kristina Cohen claims that she was raped by Westwick at her house in 2014.

The 30-year-old actor has released a statement in which he denied the allegation.

Cohen filed a police report with the LAPD’s Hollywood division on Tuesday morning (November 7). The report states that “suspect forced victim to have sexual intercourse inside his residence…three years ago,” according to Deadline.

Blaise Godbe Lipman, whose allegations of sexual assault and harassment against APA agent Tyler Grasham led to the agent being fired, is backing up Kristina‘s claims.

“I’ve known her since 2009. We were teen actors. We worked on a few projects over the years. We met on the Warner Bros. lot in 2008,” Blaise told Deadline. “She came over to my home the following morning and told me everything. She was in a state of shock. It was without a doubt a rape.”

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  • Flying Horse

    i truly believe Ed is innocent of this horrific accusation. may he stay strong.

  • cutitout

    Would have been nice to have a rape kit done or some real evidence. This is so unfair because even if nothing comes of this or she is lying it will forever be attached to his name.I believe alleged rapist should be shielded in the media until they are proven rapist just like victims.

  • Shell

    It’s a catch 22 though unfortunately. Obviously, with Ed as you say unless there is proof there is no way of knowing who is telling the truth but on the flip side, it’s usually because one person comes forward publicly and names a person that it gives others the courage to admit the accused did it to them as well.

  • meme

    this is starting to look like a lynch mob/witch hunt. People are just believing everything they read or hear. No presumption of innocence. It’s not right.

  • Flying Horse

    except so-called nobility doesn’t help if it turns that the accusation is false

  • cafeast

    Should have done smthng about it years ago when it allegedly happened. What, she was scared b/c this z-list actor was too ‘powerful’? Anyone can accuse anyone they wish of rape & assault now it seems.
    Let’s hope for his sake it is not true, but even if it is, there will be practically no way to actually prove it.

  • SamFarrah

    Agreed. As a female, I feel bad for men in certain situations when they are accused of such crimes because people are so quick to believe things and like it was mentioned above, if it turns out to be false, the accused will always be associated with it.

  • cutitout

    And how does a man go about proving his own innocence? who remembers where they were that many years ago or still has an alibi? its basically slander. Unless multiple women pop up then its basically a wash where the man ends up with the cloud over his head and the woman can still go about her life. Not fair. If a crime happened too long ago to the point where it can’t be proven or unproven then making a public claim like this should be libel.

  • Will

    What about the cloud these women have had hanging over them? She has talked to the police and she has a witness, if he has never met her as he stated this should be resolved quickly and if he lied about that there’s only one reason he would do that.

  • Honeybee

    This one seems a little different because he isn’t saying it was consensual, or there was a misunderstanding, or that he was drunk and gay at the time, he is saying he doesn’t know her and has never forced himself on anybody ever. She is going to have to have some strong evidence to prove her case, if it really happenedπŸ€”πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  • Loraine

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  • Leila

    If I would be raped I think I would now exactly date and time, it would be print in my head… Also it’s IT age, if she was in his house and had her phone with her it can be proved. Also it’s all in small details. How his house look like and etc. If she said she didn’t remember details I would think she is lying. I have some hard experience and I don’t remember all, but I remember some details really clear…

  • meme

    Why didn’t she go to the police when this allegedly happened? This guy is not some powerful mogul. She has a witness? Someone who watched?

  • Kat

    … get tested for stupidity alright

  • cutitout

    He will forever be known as an accused rapist. there is a worse stigma attached to that then being an accuser and in most cases, accusers are deemed victims and their names never make the news. His cloud is filled with thunder and lightning. Also, how does he prove he never met her? How many people do famous people meet in a week? How many girlfriends of agents and producers do they meet? He could have forgot. She could have been drunk or high but there can be no drug test this many years after the fact.

  • AeeJay

    People always seem to judge on what someone should do after they are raped. but you don’t know cus you haven’t been raped before. its easy to say oh you should have reported it & in all honesty you should. But some people do not have the courage to do so, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.
    time will only tell if this is true or not.. and even then we might not ever know.
    he could have made her take a bath or clean herself, we dont know the details of it.. there would be no proof of rape without dna.

  • xica

    No wonder why most of them have problems with alcohol or drugs. It’s impossible to be happy if you have that bad atmosphere around you and your job depending on them. Sexual abusers, bitch liars, whores… what else? And sometimes they release beautiful movies with morals… how fake is that?