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Louis CK Accused of Sexual Misconduct By Five Women

Louis CK Accused of Sexual Misconduct By Five Women

Comedian Louis CK has been accused of sexual misconduct by five women.

The New York Times piece begins with comedy duo Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov, who met the comedian at a comedy festival in Aspen back in 2002. He invited them back to his hotel room, and then asked if he could pull out his genitalia.

“And then he really did it,” Dana said. “He proceeded to take all of his clothes off, and get completely naked, and started masturbating.’”

The three other women who spoke, Abby Schachner, comedian Rebecca Corry and a fifth woman who did not reveal her name, all had similar stories of what happened when they were alone with Louis CK.

Rebecca described an incident while working on a pilot produced by Courteney Cox and her ex David Arquette. Louis allegedly asked her back to his dressing room so he could perform a sex act on himself.

“What happened to Rebecca on that set was awful,” Courteney said in an email. My concern was to create an environment where Rebecca felt safe, protected and heard.”

Louis has apparently refused to comment on the situation, saying via his publicist, “Louis is not going to answer any questions.”

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  • Guest

    fucking animal.

  • cutitout

    If this stuff did not happen in a professional setting then it really does not count. As long as he asked first. Did they say Yes? Am i missing something? Shooting your shot is not harassment or misconduct if when”no” is said it does not go on. Some people are freaks. As long as they ask you if you are game first then i see no issue.

    This is getting out of hand. its one thing for someone to do something like this in an interview or work related situation where you have no choice to be there and they have power over you but if you choose to be casual with people in your industry and make social visits to hotels and what not, there is a lot more leeway for what is appropriate or goes in those situations.

  • disqus_KwgiMZNJ54

    yes, but then he should have waited for a “yes” or “no” from them, not just whip it out. that’s at the very least flashing someone, which is still against the law. but on top of that, he friggin masturbated in front of them, that’s not okay, no matter where it took place. additionally, i’ve heard other stuff about him too. that his work kinda mirrors his life issues

  • j.

    but he DID allegedly do this in a professional setting. It was at a comedy festival and he pulled out his dick in front of his fellow comedians. Later (also in a professional setting) he asked a colleague if he could masturbate in front of her

  • j.


  • cutitout

    There are several different occasions cited some happened in professional situations others did not. Also, some people date colleagues, marry colleagues, sleep with colleagues so what does being a colleague matter anymore? Especially in hollywood where everyone is sleeping with everyone. The industry is too casual and the lines are too blurry and a lot of women and men are using personal relationships to get professional favors. etc so the issue is where is the line?

  • cutitout

    Some of the women in the article said yes or said nothing, now they are complaining when all they had to do was say no in the first place. If somebody asks you to do or witness something sexual, and you are not into that then SAY NO, if it is not a joke, walk out.

  • j.

    Most people are able to read a situation and think “hey, would it be okay for me to whip out my dick rn or nah”. And the comedy industry in 2002 was probably not only dominated by males but also not comparable to actual hollywood. But speaking of which, hollywood is such a particular and peculiar thing where one literally sells their own persona as a product and i guess that line between personal life and business gets kinda blurry, but still – again – most people have a developed brain that can read situations and know when not to sexually harass someone

  • cutitout

    If you ask a mentally competent person if you can and they don’t say no or just sit there and laugh like you are playing a fun game stuff like this can happen.
    My rule is when clothes come off in social situations i leave because that’s when it gets messy, in these cases literally…

  • cafeast

    Why is it always disgusting looking ‘progressive and oh so liberal’ men who do this shit in Hwood? Aren’t these retards supposed to be all about gender equality and female advancement? lol, after you suck their shriveled old dick, that is.

  • 777

    “there is a lot more leeway for what is appropriate or goes in those situations” Masturbating in front of women (or men) is never fine, no matter how you look at it. They all said “no” to him. He also had a friend holding the door so they couldn’t leave until he finishes in some of the incidents. This isn’t an ex sex partner deciding to tell what they did when they got their freak on.

  • Kerria098

    This pretty much happens in every profession out there. It crosses Party lines, it crosses Race lines etc. Doesn’t matter. Hollywood, DC, NYC, LA, ANYWHERE the pigs are out there.

  • Gina

    Oh, the stories I’ve heard about this perv…

  • Bill Killernic

    And he is a perv because IN ASPEN on cold winder NIGHT he invited a WOMAN to his personal HOTEL ROOM and asked if she would like to see him naked?? Why would she think he called her at a resort intertwined with partying and lust (people that time went to aspen to do coke party and fuck not to have family time especially teenagers ) to come in his room at night? to scatter economic forecast plots? BS

  • Bill Killernic

    Since when a “Festival” (aka party in other words) is considered a professional setting? Also he did not do that in the festival he invited her IN HIS PERSONAL HOTEL ROOM at NIGHT and then asked her…

  • Gina

    You must be a perv too, Billy boy.

  • Bill Killernic

    If the definition of perv is a 25 yo guy who would like to have sexual encounters with the opposite sex and one of the methods he uses to achieve this is by waiting for consent when inviting the opposite sex to his personal hotel room after a party on an aspen night and on top of that proceed on asking if the opposite sex would like to see his sex bare naked and after receiving a positive response proceeding in doing so, then yes I am a perv.

    Everybody appears to be so shocked by this while 1000 times more hardcore stuff happens in prom parties (between teenagers) like blowjobs in the bathrooms during the party etc

    here we have people in their mid twenties after a party on an aspen night in a hotel room after consent has been given and yet we are shocked..

    I am pretty sure the hoes who wanted to get some publicity by destroying a talented comedian’s career by doing this “exposure” (20 years after the actual event) have a bunch of sextapes on the internet to begin with.. yet they were so shocked after 20 years and only waited for a nice hype wagon to start in Hollywood and on the media in order to come out and describe their trauma…

  • Gina

    You should write a sexual predator manifesto. I’m sure you’d be good at it.