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Armie Hammer Slams Buzzfeed's Article About Him: It's 'Bitter AF'

Armie Hammer Slams Buzzfeed's Article About Him: It's 'Bitter AF'

Buzzfeed published an article titled, “Ten Long Years of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen,” written by Anne Helen Petersen, a Senior Culture Writer at the site, and now Armie is responding to the piece.

The article directly asks the question, “How many second chances does a handsome white male star get?” and says, “Ultimately, the problem isn’t that Armie Hammer was given this many chances to happen. It’s that the system that ensured those chances – along with those given to so many other white men – also withholds chances, leeway, and faith from those who need and would benefit from them most.”

Armie tweeted at the writer, “Your chronology is spot on but your perspective is bitter AF. Maybe I’m just a guy who loves his job and refuses to do anything but what he loves to do…?”

Armie is receiving critical acclaim for his work in Call Me By Your Name, which is sure to be big this awards season.

Some people on Twitter are outraged at the article, writing, “Wow. I never want to refer to someone’s writing as “hot garbage,” but that’s what this is,” and “This “article” is so many different kinds of needless, and irrelevant. Also, just mean for no reason.” You can read the article here.

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  • FrenchGirl

    Hammer is too sensitive to the negative critics. Why do you care about his opinion ?

  • Angel MS

    Why wouldnt he? Why do you care about him caring about other’s opinion on him?

  • agus

    It wasn’t about negative critics but example of typical misandry of “feminist” media.

  • Linethea Leeks

    I care when I read things people write who don’t care. But what happens when one doesn’t care where all the others care?! In that case let’s not care together!

  • Torii Wehling

    Anne’s comment on Hammer could be applied to any number of performers. To single out his race is inexcusable.

  • cutitout

    Its rude and unnecessary. Its bullying. There was no reason for this article whatsoever other than to make fun of him or to hurt him. How many actors act in dozens of films and never really make it big? Its the luck of the draw that they all sign up for.

    And to try to use him inwhatever vendetta she has against men, white men in particular is just sad and petty.

  • Mafer Garrido

    It’s ridiculous that this woman turned it into a “white male” issue.

    Halle Berry is a black woman who won an Oscar and never lived up to what it represents, that she’s some kind of “BEST Actress” and that she, of all black female actors, was the one to become that first winner. Yet she keeps getting chances and screwing up with awful films. Are they going to write an article about how many chances a black female actress gets? How many good things besides Django and Baby Driver has Jamie Foxx done? Will they write an article about this black actor who is getting a lot of second chances? Why didn’t they write this article about Johnny Depp who starred with Hammer in one of his flops and keeps getting chances?

    Also, he’s getting this praise for an indie film, he’s clearly not getting “those” chances anymore, he’s not doing U.N.C.L.E or Lone Ranger. Hollywood already made this decision and maybe this new film and possible acclaim will turn this thing around. This article is just rubbing salt in his wound. He’s right to be upset and why not call somebody out? He’s being called out by a major publication. It’s only fair.

  • Kelley

    he needs a thicker skin. women are fighting sexual assault and harassment in hollywood and he’s so hurt by a bad article about himself? pathetic. he’s so whiny

  • cafeast

    And this is why ppl hate these so-called feminist women…

  • cafeast

    You can say the same thing about the useless garbage who wrote the article. She whines b/c she is bitter, petty and angry.

  • Ash

    This is a form of harassment as well. They attacked him for the color of his skin and his gender so please pull your head out of your ignorant ass and get a clue.

  • Kelley

    ha. so a white writer mentions the race of a white actor and thats attacking his race? sure. pathetic and overly sensitive. no one’s ego is more fragile than a white man.

  • StJames Jesse

    If you want to write articles on actors that hollywood is trying to make happen write on actors who’ve done fucked up things and how fucked up it is that they still get work, all we know there are alot of them…. To me this articule is hateful and innecesary. Looks like Armie stole her cat or something like that.

  • SquidBillie

    His current film is getting Oscar buzz, so the timing of the article is suspect. Sounds like sour grapes on the author’s part.

  • plez

    So agree. He should have ignored the article and let his work prove the writer wrong. He’s not the first nor he be the last to have to deal with negative articles.

  • Vanity

    It’s gotten to the point where lets pick on everyone that is white no matter the talent no matter what.

  • Jeff

    I tend to agree with her. He’s had so many chances and it’s never quite worked. He will get some buzz from this but to me his performance was not as strong as the younger guy who i thought was absolutely brilliant.

  • cafeast

    They were playing different roles.

  • Maria M.

    She is not a journalist at all but some blogging dilettante that calls herself a journalist. She is quoting Lainey Gossip for Christ’s sake. Are we supposed to take her, Lainey, Perez Hilton and similar losers seriously? He made a big mistake by acknowledging this loser’s existence.

  • usertr

    I haven’t read the article but maybe it’s not personal from her perspective (?). She’s commenting on the industry as a whole perhaps. And it’s true, of course. White blonde actresses and blond actors get a free ride all the time. Mediocre ones also (see Jen Lawrence). Of course it’s personal for Hammer though. He’s not a bad actor though.

  • usertr

    Lots of credible entertainment writers refer to Lainey though to be fair.

  • usertr

    Their job is 99% perception.

  • usertr

    He’s deleted his tweet. Gave it more attention than it would have gotten. I though his Twitter BDSM favourites were jokes. He and his wife visited a s e x s h o p on their first date?!!!! This guy IS WEIRD!


    Anne Helen Petersen sounds like a miserable sad single woman with many cats

  • usertr

    If you’re in this industry, you’re a public figure and you have to deal with the scrutiny in some way. Not saying bullying is acceptable but I’m not sure her article crosses the limit. She’s just analysing his career and makes a good point attractive white men fitting the leading-man mould tend to get more chances than others (as do equivalent women).

  • usertr

    Gave it more attention.

  • ScallyWag

    He’s deleted his entire twitter account!

  • usertr

    Halfway through the article and it’s well written, not rude for rudeness’s sake. And she’s actually partly talking about his white maleness as a thing that has made his pr’ing and image-building slightly off-kilter because he’s quite throwback in his appearance.

  • plez

    You have a point with her quoting Lainey.

  • Gina

    What does the role have to do with the quality of his performance?

  • Gina

    Why did he give the article attention? Now he made it into a thing.

  • starchy

    it is a terrible article and I don’t even like Hammer

  • Gaurav Kumar

    Why is the need to mention a race of an actor? Isn’t the writer being pathetic? Armie is doing the work he loves to do.. How would you feel if someone mentions your race to judge your work?

  • Gaurav Kumar

    Then why just single out him, especially when he is getting a lot of critical acclaim for his upcoming movie. This writer just sounds bitter.

  • Madeline

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  • Gaurav Kumar

    The quality of his performance is top-notch, regardless of the role. Armie had less screen time, but he nailed the role. All critics are praising his performance, not for his white skin color. He has shown potential in every movie role he had done before, sometimes the film works, sometimes it doesn’t. Why single out him alone for this?

  • Gaurav Kumar


  • Miriam Ma

    bloody hell!!that was completely unnecessary and quite cruel! It almost seems like she insinuated that he may have payed his way somehow(knowing that he’s from a rich family!) And for those questioning his reaction, how would you feel if someone was doing that?Questioning EVERY JOB U DID??!!!that’s not constructive criticism it’s more like a dig at his character & how he got his roles!!
    I hope they get alot of backlash for this and end up apologising!!That coming from the place which published the alleged spacey harassment which ended his career!!

  • usertr

    Why does any gossip writer single anyone out? It’s just whatever piques their interest. Don’t take anything personally if you’re going into the industry, or take it personally but roll with the peaks and troughs. Aside, you couldn’t pay me enough to be exposed like these actors are. Sure they’re paid millions but the lack of privacy and fair-game aspects of their industry can’t be compensated for with their pay. They all need to / should see a therapist for the constant scrutiny.

  • usertr

    There’s a fair bit of snark but she didn’t come across bitter. It read like standard gossip. That person who wrote the GQ piece on Tom Hiddleston earlier this year is a good example of how to be critical (about a famehound in that case) without being mean.

  • cinemaniac

    LOL Kevin spacey ‘s career didn’t finish because of buzzfeed article. It is finished because he was a predator and accused by so many people. NoT just from one article. You are trying trying compare apple and pear

  • Cupid Stunt


  • Cupid Stunt

    women suck

  • T.T.

    That’s honestly comparing apples to oranges. Jaime Foxx has had some successful films hence getting additional chances. They may not be all winners but he’s had enough to be considered. Halle Berry has had a bunch of unsuccessful films and all she’s ever been in for a while are crap movies.

  • Cupid Stunt

    not as whiny as u women

  • Cupid Stunt


  • Gaurav Kumar

    Whats the need to mention the race of an actor? It’s strange that you didn’t notice how pathetic the writer is.

  • Trixie

    He couldn’t find the high road.

  • cafeast

    You’re an idiot.

  • Gina

    You have no rebuttal so you resort to baseless insults. Typical.