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Meghan Markle Forced to Leave One of Her Dogs in North America

Meghan Markle Forced to Leave One of Her Dogs in North America

Meghan Markle is the owner of two rescue dogs, but Kensington Palace confirmed that only one of her beloved dogs has joined her and Prince Harry in the UK.

Her dog Guy is already in the UK while the “other dog [Bogart] is going to permanently reside in North America with friends of hers.” The Palace spokesperson continued to The Blast, “This is a permanent decision that Meghan made on her own – not an easy one at that.”

The spokesperson continued, “It takes a toll on an animal to travel so far across Atlantic combined with the hard, long process of getting approval … it’s in the best interest of the animal’s well being to stay.”

Fans are speculating that it could be that Bogart was old and it would be hard to make the trip across the globe.

This news comes right after Ellen DeGeneres said she’s the one who convinced Meghan to adopt her first dog.

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  • meme

    i could never leave my dog behind.

  • Vanity

    leaving her dog, her career.. behind. desperate.

  • Raspitou

    I’m not one to judge other people and resist doing so (even though it’s common, especially with celebrities).

    This is a load of crap, though. When you love a doggie and raise it to be part of your family, you do not leave them behind. ESPECIALLY if you have the kinds of resources and money and influence that Meghan Markle now has available to her.

    Let’s look at the two excuses given:

    1. “The long process of getting approval”. Pffft. You’re marrying into the family that heads the government of the UK. They’re paying a fortune for your wedding, lifestyle, and accommodations for the rest of your life…you even have a royal spokesperson for you and your parents now! Are we really to believe you couldn’t get a permit right away if you wanted to? Please, pull my other leg, why don’t you?

    2. The air travel. If commercial air travel is too tough (which it may be, it’s cold down in the storage, etc), then charter a private jet and fly your pup in the absolute comfort of the cabin, with your presence for additional comfort & company. Doesn’t work? Then go by ship, and take a week off to spend that time with your beloved family member. You’re not only robbing your doggie of his mom, but also of his canine sibling.

    Sometimes, people have to adjust and make hard, heart-breaking decisions. This is not one of those times. She’s just excited about her new life and unwilling to do whatever it takes for her family member, like so many of us would. My doggie is non-negotiable.

  • disqus_KwgiMZNJ54

    I think they’re referring to the process of accepting a dog from another country into a different country. When I was researching moving to the UK a while back, I think I saw a rule where you had to quarantine a pet for like 6 months, which could be a bit too much for an older dog.

  • Lilipaly

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  • greppinwolf

    The UK has breed restrictions. I’m guessing there’s some concern that Bogart will not get passed. The annoying thing is you can’t get any kind of signal whether your dog will get a pass via sending pictures (or “DNA” tests) — you have to take the dog and go through the quarantine process only to find out the dog can be rejected. And it is fairly arbitrary on mixed-breeds depending on who sees your dog. Two people could have similar looking dogs and only one of them allowed in.

    (As for the quarantine hardships — there are ways around this; especially bringing the dog to France first and then getting all the paperwork sorted and medical and then bringing the dog via train into the UK.)

  • cafeast

    Man… this hood rat is really going in for that gold, right? Climb the ladder, hood princess.
    Dig hard and deep for that gold and don’t let some nuisance like YOUR DOG THAT DEPENDS ON YOUR DESPERATE ASS TO SURVIVE to stop you.
    She is really repulsive.

  • cafeast

    She is marrying that dumbass prince.
    If she wanted the dog, her husband could find a way to bring it in. I guess the dog is not glamorous enough to fit in w/ her new gold digger lifestyle.
    Maybe a manicured french poodle w/ substantial pedigree will be more fitting now that she is out of the hood.


    She the Blac Chyna of the Royal family.

  • SquidBillie

    Her doggies are very cute and I’m an animal lover, but the UK has very strict quarantines for all pets. It used to be one year, but I think they shortened it some. It’s not about getting a permit, it’s about isolating an older dog in a cage for months. I think owners were only allowed to visit their quarantined pets once a week, although that may have changed. Either way, it’s pretty brutal for a senior pet.

  • SquidBillie

    God, you sound really dumb….and nasty.

  • Deb Valentine

    I understand but that whole process doesn’t equally apply to royals and she’s soon going to be one, doesn’t really make sense to me.

  • Pawesl

    Why would you think it doesn’t apply to Royals? Its about not introducing foreign fauna into a new country that could disrupt the ecosystem that exists there.

  • starchy

    They have done away with quarantine. It’s a series of tests is all. I’m thinking it’s an age thing.

  • starchy

    not any more. I’m moving my dogs there from the US. It’s a lot of tests.

  • Sara

    There is no quarantine anymore.

  • Sara

    I have read multiple places that there is no quarantine necessary anymore. So this is just an excuse.

  • persononhere

    seriously, i have two dogs and that would be like sophie’s choice. i wouldn’t care how many millions i’m falling into, my dogs BOTH come along. a dog can travel at any age and with any health condition. i’m quite certain it could have been done and the dog would have had his own darn plane if needed. i better not see her with a new dog or that would just make me hate her even more.

  • persononhere

    that’s not how it’s done anymore, and “quarantine” can now be done BEFORE you depart your own country so the days in actual quarantine are like 5. quarantine just means just various shots over a period of several months

  • persononhere

    you need to re-read what quarantine even means. they don’t do that anymore and haven’t for years. you do quarantine procedures in your own country and finish off the process in the new country for like a week. sometimes the dog is caged for just 2-3 days, if at all.

  • Gina

    That’s a stretch.

  • Deb Valentine

    I used the word “equally” though…hence they have privileges and one dog or two would probably disrupt pretty much the same (imo) the problem would be if every single person had the same advantage.

  • Alison

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  • cafeast

    So they will let any moslem in who cry human rights and islamaphobia, even isis fighters, but a neutered old dog will prove problematic… yeah ok.
    I bet the dog is less of a mutt than this mud blood princess-to-be that is supposed to be its owner.

  • MyName

    She could have easily discovered the issue early on in their relationship. She could have then began dating someone else. I don’t see how she could leave any behind but to take one and not the other is awful. She’s like too many of the so called animal lovers. They like the attention they get for referring to their pets as ‘rescues’ but are quick to toss them aside when something else comes along. No one would be fine with her leaving a child. She took on the responsibility of the animal.

    I didn’t know who she was until they announced their engagement. I don’t follow the royals really either. I don’t like her or them after hearing about this.

  • Jayne Dough

    I just watched an episode of house hunters international on HGTV where 2 average American people moved to London. they had 2 medium- large dogs and both dogs moved to London with them. if THEY can do that, there can be ZERO reasonable answer as to why she would take one and leave one. she is marrying A FREAKING PRINCE… get an effing private jet. bring a GD private veterinarian with you… I mean it makes no sense. if the dog is old then that is even more of a reason to want to be with that fur baby. can’t be a true animal lover if choosing to marry a prince is more important than your children. nope.