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Chris Pratt Defends Hunting After a Fan Calls Him Out on Twitter

Chris Pratt Defends Hunting After a Fan Calls Him Out on Twitter

Chris Pratt is defending his right to be a hunter after a fan called him out for hunting in 2017.

The 38-year-old actor did a Twitter Q&A on Thursday (December 7) while waiting for the release of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer.

One fan asked him what his favorite to hunt is and shared a photo of her latest prey, a deer. Chris replied, “I like it all but it’s hard to beat a good elk hunt. Congrats on your deer!👍🏼.”

Another fan replied, “2017 and people still hunt? STILL?? Literally how.”

Chris responded, “Literally? People hunt by using modern firearm, archery or muzzle loading equipment. There’s an application process for licenses and tags which are available only during short, strictly enforced seasons. One must complete a hunter’s safety test to be eligible. I hope this helps.”

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  • Strats

    Hunting is barbaric and gross. It also says a lot about the psychology of an individual who enjoys ending the life of an innocent animal.

  • disqus_KwgiMZNJ54

    i agree but, i also feel the same way about eating beef from the local grocery store

  • duh!

    idiot….leaves his wife and likes to kill innocent animals…hes trash, hollywood can find a more civilized hunk to pimp out

  • Am

    I find it funny how a large number of people who loves to hunt are also super religious, I just can’t put it together…

  • Strats

    As do I, I don’t eat meat.

  • Macarena

    What a disgustng as****!!! Killing inocent animals for fun? Really? Bastard…

  • AC

    I think there is two types of hunting. One is just for the “sport”of doing it, that one I dislike and think it should be banned. The other one is for obtaining food which I see nothing wrong with it. I get the point of vegans of whatever people who abstain of eating meat of any kind of food that comes from an animal that it is “gross” but it is a mean of obtaining food and there is a large amount of people that is their only mean. In this case with Pratt, I understand that he actually does eat what he hunt (also get that he has a lot of other means to obtain any food he wishes for) and he is hunting what and when it is allowed.

  • cafeast

    He is not living in Siberia. He lives in Malibu. You can buy food everywhere. He hunts for the pleasure of it. End of.
    He is a moviestar – you think he cannot actually afford to go to Whole Foods but has to survive by killing his game meat? Get real

  • Mara

    He seemed to completely miss the point.

  • Sansa Squad

    what a condescending response… I think people always overlooked stuff like this (hunting, having a gun arsenal in his house, etc.) because he seemed like a good guy but ever since he and anna split/he joined the hillsong church cult his ~true colors~ have come out and it’s uhhh gross to say the least

  • Daniel “ninonybox” Reinert

    Bunch of soft skinned pussies in the comments I see.

  • Knackers

    You might be okay with eating shitty GMO foods. Or being desensitized and having someone else kill your food. But not everyone is you. Hunting is far more respectful than turning a blind eye to the treatment of the animals, that provide your store bought meat.

  • cafeast

    You are retarded.
    He makes a shitload of money. He can grow his own food and pay mexicans to tend to his gardens. Besides, who cares about blind eye? He is killing wild animals. Isn’t it enough we have diminished their habitats to a next to nothing? How much more can you do to rape wildlife?
    Go fuck yourself with an elk’s dick.

  • smurfmonkey

    I bet you don’t any problem eating that Ribeye from the cow that was killed

  • smurfmonkey

    Shut the fuck up retarder son of a whore.

  • smurfmonkey

    She left him. Do you eat meat?

  • smurfmonkey

    Do you eat meat?

  • Strats

    Actually I’m a vegetarian. So I don’t eat ribeye. Or any other meat.

  • duh!

    i gave up meat 10 yrs ago

  • smurfmonkey

    How fucking dare you kill plants! Plants have feelings!!!

  • smurfmonkey

    So you kill plants. Nice!

  • Knackers


    Whatever you say. The moment you started the conversation with name calling, you joined the ranks of the internets worst and most childish. Now, your opinion now means jack all. Move along. Animals have been hunted since the beginning of time. Animals hunt other animals. Deal with it. Nothings changing to accommodate your virtue signalling anytime soon.

    It really isn’t. So keep complaining. I bet it makes your life so much better.

  • cafeast

    I’m not here to solve your problems, tranny, move it. I know life is tough, but it is not my burden to help you bear it. You’re a mess.