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Marina & The Diamonds Calls Out Kate Winslet & Other Actors for Still Working With Woody Allen

Marina & The Diamonds Calls Out Kate Winslet & Other Actors for Still Working With Woody Allen

Marina Diamandis, otherwise known as Marina & The Diamonds, isn’t sure why actors like Kate Winslet are still working with Woody Allen, despite the molestation allegations made against him years ago by his adoptive daughter, Dylan Fallow.

“How come Woody Allen goes free? I don’t understand how any sane or moral person can still work with him + feel OK about that,” the 32-year-old singer-songwriter wrote, quote-tweeting Rose McGowan on Friday (December 8).

“I believe Dylan Farrow. Always have, always will,” she then wrote.

“Can you imagine accepting a job where your boss has child sexual abuse allegations against him AND he married his adopted daughter, but you, as a grown, financially secure human just go: ‘I don’t know anything, really, and whether any of it is true or false’,” she added.

The last part of Marina‘s tweet is a direct quote from Kate, who was asked about working with Woody on Wonder Wheel.

See her tweets below.

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  • Max

    Can this bitch please let Kate Winslet have her own opinion? Nobody questions her believing Dylan Fallow, so please respect if someone doesn’t.

  • alorwa

    He’s married to his adopted daughter which he knew when she was underage. Do you or your Kate have an opinion in regard this? He dated a 17 year old while he was 42, is that ok with you and your Kate?

  • tia maria

    Soon Yi was never adopted by Woody and was not underage when they got married.

  • Nurse Shadie

    Does that really make it any less creepy?

  • tia maria

    No it doesn’t make it less creepy

  • alorwa

    So if your stepfather didn’t “legally” adopt you, it’s ok for him to run with you after he dumps your mother? Plus I didn’t say they got married when she was underage, I said he knew her.

  • tia maria

    People do crazy things when they are love, not going to judge them for falling in love.

  • Kat

    That Soon Yi is either shameless or she has stockholm syndrome. Her mother adoted her and love her and she repaid her by spitting in her face. Its insane to think a daughter could do that to her mother.

  • tammy

    I agree with alorwa. The guy wasnt her adoptive father but he was her stepfather from 1979 to 1992. That’s 13 years being her stepfather, and being Mia Farrow’s partner. How do you wake up one day and discover you have sexual feelings for your stepdaughter that you’ve know since she was 7 or so ?? And How convinient that you realize that just when she turns 21… I think he acted inappropriately with Dylan. I think there’s a pattern here. That’s not love, that’s having power over someone.

  • alorwa

    This is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this down, justification a criminal act in the name of “love”?!!!

  • Sansa Squad

    she was underage when he started pursuing her

  • j.

    she’s right though, it doesn’t make sense

  • ahli cake

    Woody Allen was never Soon-Yi’s adoptive father. He never married or lived with Mia Farrow. Mia and Andre Previn are her parents. Second, Police investigated Dylan Farrow’s claims exhaustively and found zero evidence. Third, she was examined by an entire team of psychiatrist who determined her story and behaviour were consistent with being coached. Finally, no one besides Dylan has ever accused Woody Allen of abuse. Child abusers do not abuse 1 child 1 time and never do it again. I feel sad that her mother manipulated her into believing this to be true, all because of a custody dispute.

  • hugomastoc

    Everyone in this industry know about Woody Allen, but they’re all pretending nothing’s wrong because the guy kinda is a legend. Mr Allen is in fact so confident about getting a free pass because of his talent that he fkin married his step daughter for the world to see !
    Apparently Some men get a free pass because of their talent in Kate Winslet’s book too.
    Highly disturbing.

  • NerdyBirdy
  • Sansa Squad

    “Second, Police investigated Dylan Farrow’s claims exhaustively and found zero evidence. Third, she was examined by an entire team of psychiatrist who determined her story and behaviour were consistent with being coached.” That is categorically untrue. Before you hitch your wagon to a child molester (even an alleged one) I’d suggest having your facts straight. If you read Dylan’s most recent op-ed in the LA Times, she clears up these and other fabrications, which Woody’s team have actively perpetuated for years in an attempt to make the case seem more complicated and ambiguous. She also links to sources (including primary documents like the judge’s court ruling) to back up everything she’s saying. At this point, you are willfully ignorant and spreading misinformation – why? To make yourself feel better about liking Woody Allen? I don’t get it. No art is so good or important that it’s worth inflicting pain on a child abuse victim, LEAST of all his.

  • ahli cake

    I’ve read all of this. Literally everything I’ve said is verifiable through impartial sources, not simply Woody Allen’s lawyer. For the record, I’ve also never seen a Woody Allen movie. Her version of events is simply not credible. Her own brother realised their mother had been manipulating them their entire lives. She is deeply unstable. AGAIN, a child molester doesn’t not simply molest once child and stop. He does not and never has belonged in the same category as people like Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein.

  • Kris

    welcome to america

  • Sansa Squad

    Really, you’ve read all 33 pages of that scathing court decision and are confident with your stance? You’ve looked at EVERYTHING and really find it easier to believe that a mother would brainwash her child into believing they were *raped* than a guilty man would manipulate his son (who was not present for the assault in the first place) into thinking she did? He was already in therapy for inappropriate behavior towards Dylan when the assault happened, for G-d’s sake, and his alibis have been disproved and his lies exposed MULTIPLE times. Even if it were true that “molesters” can’t just molest once and stop, don’t you think marrying someone he knew and pursued when she was still a child might help sustain him via sick and twisted fantasies? The court documents themselves explain that his fixation on Dylan was targeted and specific – he tormented and abused her for years before the assault even happened. If you don’t think that makes him just as f*cked up as Spacey and Weinstein, there’s something wrong with you.

  • Phyllis

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  • Legendary Trolly

    When people are “coached” at some point, they come out and apologize to the person they accused. To this day, she is still making the claims. She flatout wasnt coached. She would feel really guilty if she was.