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Celebrities React to Bullied Kid Keaton Jones & Alleged Confederate Flag Posts

Celebrities React to Bullied Kid Keaton Jones & Alleged Confederate Flag Posts

Keaton Jones, the bullied school kid from Tennessee received a ton of celebrity support after his mom posted a video of his emotional plea about bullying. Chris Evans even invited the family to the Avengers premiere after seeing the video.

Since going viral, several posts from Keaton‘s mom’s Facebook page have been circulating. Keaton‘s mom has made her Facebook private, so we can’t verify these posts at this time.

One of the photos Keaton‘s mom allegedly shared featured her family posing with images of the Confederate flag.

Now, celebrities are reacting to the new revelations about the family.

Click inside to see tweets from celebrities about Keaton Jones…

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  • deadre

    why are we always congratulating ‘celebrities’? so a big group hug for horrible behavior? if they have so much impact perhaps they should cover the country with visits and voices.

  • Stoni

    I don’t care about kids getting bullied but what does matter is how korea and china are torturing animals! The world needs to put a stop to their inhumane/torture of animals! The pics give me nightmares and something I can’t get out of my mind. C’mon people do the right thing and gang up on korea and china. Make them act like humans and not monsters!!! I’m so pissed off right now!

  • Max

    So you care about animals (and that’s okay), but you don’t freaking care about kids being bullied and tortured??That’s messed up!!

  • Stoni

    Nope I don’t care about kids being bullied. At all. My passion is all for animals. If you hurt an animal I hope you die a slow, long, painful death!!!!!!

  • Ausangel01

    Patton Oswalt said it best. You can’t blame the little boy for the way his family may or may not think. To show our kids the other side we have to be willing to teach them. We have to be willing to walk out of our own little cocoons and show them all facets of life. We come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. But the one thing we all have in common is that we deserve respect, and this boy especially deserves to be able to get through a school day without being bullied and the many many children like him around the World.We can’t make any changes if at the first sign of trouble comes we turn around and commit the same crimes we’ve just denounced.

  • Just Saying

    Well, this is a CELEBRITY news site, you are going to find every little piece of news happens to be about them and the most minimal thing about their lives, which includes celebrating every single aspect of their behaviour.

  • Val

    Okay, here’s real life for the celebrities. For one these things bullying, what they term shaming, and what ever old issue they want to take up has been around for decades. Racism has been around as well, but I DONOT see anyone taking up the blight of that. Racism is taught, starts in the home in which a mother, Keaton’s for example, is teaching it to her children. Now, if that’s what she wants to preach and teach to her kids, that’s all fine and good. However, don’t ask me to want to have anything to do with those type of people. I engage with those who want to engage with me; only. There will ALWAYS be bullies, those that don’t share your views and opinions, and racist. Stop asking us to take on your concerns because as NORMAL citizens , we have enough to worry about. I’m not taking on whatever cause celebrities chose to throw their attention to today or tomorrow because they think it’s important. The nerve of these people. What touches me in my everyday life, makes it to their consciousness as an after thought. Just something to make them feel better or draw attention to themselves. Had enough of this BS.

  • Marry

    Where the sympathy for the black children who he called N word? Where is the sympathy for those who shed tears secretly?

  • Max

    Ok, but if you really had enough of these celebrities and their bullshit, why are you on Just Jared ( a website completely about celebs) commenting their stuff??It doesn’t make sense. If I don’t like something, I don’t spend my time checking it out or complaining about it. Find a hobby!!

  • parisjok


  • Shawnna

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  • Blake

    celebrities on social media again…did they actually think they would help him with all the attention and invitation and whatsoever? those bullies are probably going to make his life even harder for uploading that crying video..

  • pitta

    yall moofookas got, got!!hahahahahahahaha

  • Stoni

    GoFundMe page is on hold because there is evidence the brat is lying. Joke is on you, Max.

  • Mr Ziffel

    Mom and her daughter aren’t living in a vacuum. They know what the Confederate flag represents. Mom tried to set up a pay pal account which was pulled and sis set up a gofundme page. I actually saw that one before it got pulled. It has been said Keaton used the n word at school and was getting calibrated as a result. There’s way too much that doesn’t pass the smell test to show this family much sympathy. Many racist families disguise it quite well. Seems these folks almost did.

  • MyName

    You can care about both. Care is limitless. I care about both and some other things too. One doesn’t cancel out another.

  • MyName

    I somewhat agree with you. Some celebs do join the bandwagon for positive publicity. However, certain causes do affect everyday lives. It’s about making a better society.

  • MyName

    I understand your point. I also don’t like when haters play their online games. I don’t though see that particular post as such. The poster is on a celeb driven site and did post about celebs.
    The celebs’ opinions are more widely distributed but no one should look to them for total guidance. I saw that as being the other poster’s point.

  • MyName

    The kids are only doing what they’ve been told. Hopefully they’ll reject the racism as they age. The parents are wrong. The children are caught up in it.

  • MyName

    They too deserve respect. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. The adults spreading the hate are the problem.

  • Ausangel01

    How many other people have to come out and say that Keaton never said the N word? And if he did which I don’t believe he did say, then he needs to understand the true meaning of the word and how hurtful it is. Let’s teach the kids right from wrong not pile on and beat them all down.