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Big Brother's Jessica Graf Wears Sexy Dress for Dinner with Boyfriend Cody Nickson!

Big Brother's Jessica Graf Wears Sexy Dress for Dinner with Boyfriend Cody Nickson!

Hot couple Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson head into Craig’s restaurant for dinner on Wednesday night (December 13) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Jessica, 26, showed off a lot of skin in a sexy dress with a slit going up the side.

The couple is back in town after a trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Jessica posted the below photo of them in the ocean with the caption, “We’re only kids but we’re so in love + fighting against all odds.”

Make sure to check out photos from their hike a couple weeks ago!

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jessica graf wears sexy dress to dinner with cody nickson 01
jessica graf wears sexy dress to dinner with cody nickson 02
jessica graf wears sexy dress to dinner with cody nickson 03
jessica graf wears sexy dress to dinner with cody nickson 04
jessica graf wears sexy dress to dinner with cody nickson 05
jessica graf wears sexy dress to dinner with cody nickson 06
jessica graf wears sexy dress to dinner with cody nickson 07

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  • theluckiestgirlalive

    He’s already started writing tweets about wanting to go back to a normal life and how he doesn’t want to do any more TV. They won’t last much longer. This picture aptly explains why: they’re going out to dinner and she’s dressed up like she’s going to a Hollywood party and he looks like he just rolled out of bed. She needs to stop hanging all over him and tweeting about all the babies they’re going to have because in a few months she’s going to be single.

    ETA: That’s the dress she tweeted about last week that ripped as soon as she sat down.

  • Sam Manning

    She gets to dress how she wants on her birthday. Cody is dressed up compared to the other guys they were meeting to celebrate Jess’ birthday. He’s been talking about going back to a normal life since the show ended. CBS will want him to complete the trifecta and do Survivor.

  • Ash

    You’re right but for now she won’t let him go because she’s still addicted to his D.

  • theluckiestgirlalive

    No guy can tolerate a woman that needy and clingy, no matter how hot she is.

  • persononhere

    her outfit isn’t surprising. she was a high-priced hooker for years aka “escort” and “concierge”

  • Diana

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  • SCP

    She’s more addicted to the “fame”
    She does not have the bod for this dress but at least she did not look bald & busted maybe she got b-day hair

  • SCP

    Trash hooker

  • Linda Harris

    She has the body for the dress but it does seem rather hookerish. Extreme dinner outfit especially compared to flannel shirt guy.

  • Deepthroatdisqus

    The dress doesn’t fit properly and is too small. I get the feeling she’s one of those people who insists she’s a smaller size than she is. Ironic, since she was the one talking about how her HS friends all got “huge” when they ballooned to a size 6.

  • Deepthroatdisqus

    I can appreciate how hard she is working to make them a thing but it has to have occurred to her that they need to actually do something to keep people invested and that nobody outside of her freakish fan base of tweener/perv/adults with arrested development sycophants cares about them, right?

    The dress is ridiculous because, if you look at her social media, you know the whole night was staged by her publicist. That includes the cringey karaoke bar where the only people to show up were the publicist, Cody, that Bachelor contestant trying to stay relevant, and two failed BB famewhores Zach Rance and Cody, all looking super embarrassed and uncomfortable because literally nobody was paying attention to them. The publicist obviously has no pull in LA except with this site because nobody else is talking about these two.

    I’d feel bad being so snarky, but he’s a transphobic racist, unsophisticated hate-monger and she’s a racist, obnoxious, insecure, body-shaming bigot. If only her weirdo fans understood she wouldn’t give them the time of day if she didn’t need the likes and comments so badly.

    They’re done. Read his Twitter feed and you can tell he’s over her and her whole bid for fame.

  • Cj

    She looks so cheap. I can’t stand either one of them

  • The Talented Mr. Kipley

    Big Brother is one of the few shows that I watch on a regular basis. I enjoy watching, as it is entertaining. There are many other shows that I would enjoy watching; I just don’t have the time for it. Because of my search history on Google I get news notifications from Big Brother, and have been reading the news articles with Jessica and Cody since the last episode of Big Brother ended. With that being said, I feel the need to comment on a PATTERN seen in the comments sections of these articles. Why am I interested in reading articles with Jessica and Cody? Well, for starters, I’m a red-bclooded American guy, and Jessica is ridiculously attractive. She is also very charming and funny as a person. I respect Cody; he is who he is, and what you see is what you get. He served our country. How they’re both dressed in the photo above is exactly how they dressed prior to Big Brother. Now, regarding the ridiculously negative comments you see here….. they are coming from the same people, the same handles repeatedly over and over who appear to be stalking this couple and bashing them whenever they can. So any of the readers of this are going to need to know that what you see here the same stuff from the same people repeatedly. And I can prove they are stalking also….. their profile is set as “private”, so you can’t see their commenting history. I challenge them to make their profile public, so “regular” readers of this article can see for themselves. I have no dog in this game. I don’t have any connections with Jessica and Cody whatsoever. I just felt the need to shed some light up on all this shade being thrown around.

  • omayra fontanez

    I really hope she does love him like he loves her, because he’s sexy af and they make a beautiful couple. Also alot guys dress casual like that, i think he looks fine.

  • SCP

    Just like the tween army stanning them always defends them Same small band of names As your name appears in nearly every single thread about them by the way so it seems you do have an interest or connection perhaps

  • Rocky Dennis

    LMAO Trying to act like you aren’t following your most favorite showmance ever. Like OMG leave Jody alone!

  • Rocky Dennis

    Looks like some country bumpkin came into town and decided to try himself one of those fancy schmancy LA escorts.

  • SCP

    She consistently presents herself as rentable – by appearance and comments.

  • The Talented Mr. Kipley

    Hahaha… can’t even “disqus” coherently. Don’t bother commenting. I definitely will not read any more of SCP’s rambling, as I don’t have the time to dissect your incoherent babble. That means I have the last word. Try not to lose any sleep while stewing after reading this…..

  • SCP

    You are glued to Jody posts. It’s obvious. Half your posts are defending them as a casual bystander. You killed your credibility. It’s evaporated along with your claims. Pathetic.

  • Feelofax B

    what an officious little prick

  • Deepthroatdisqus

    Okay, but the staple crew of old guy pervs, housebound middle-aged women, lonely housewives, and grating teenagers that respond and react to EVERYTHING these two post aren’t stalkers? Why, because they gush over literally every tweet and upload Jessica posts? I mean, speaking of repeatedly, I’m sure everyone here can name the
    group of people who repeatedly appear in every single thread of every
    single post these two publish to the internet. That’s not creepy? You think people who write a handful of comments TOTAL about these two are worse than the obsessive weirdos that respond to – literally! – every word these two utter are normal? You think it’s normal that these people attack and harass anybody that doesn’t splooge all over Cody and Jess? Methinks you’re the one with some issues, Mr. I Signed Up for Alerts So I Can Stay Abreast of EVERYTHING Being Said About Two Strangers I Don’t Know.

    P.S. You’re *supposed* to keep your Disqus settings to private . That is, unless you want people like you trailing you around the internet harassing you because you once said you didn’t like Taylor Swift’s new album or some such nonsense.