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Alyssa Milano Writes Open Letter to Matt Damon About Sexual Misconduct

Alyssa Milano Writes Open Letter to Matt Damon About Sexual Misconduct

Alyssa Milano is speaking out to respond to Matt Damon‘s latest comments on sexual misconduct.

The Oscar-winning star recently gave an interview in which he said that he believes “there’s a spectrum of behavior… There’s a difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated.”

Matt‘s ex-girlfriend Minnie Driver is one of the many people who have slammed his comments and now Alyssa is adding her thoughts.

“Dear Matt Damon, It’s the micro that makes the macro. We are in a ‘culture of outrage’ because the magnitude of rage is, in fact, overtly outrageous. And it is righteous,” Alyssa began her open letter on Twitter.

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  • kevolution

    Alyssa just showed Matt who’s the boss.

  • kevolution

    Damon just got downsized.

  • sheigh

    Don’t catch an headache girl, this man has daughters, what he doesn’t to see today, will come back to him with violence and no waiting in a near future!

  • 鉁潚滒潛嬸潚垛湲

    I believe he’s actually right. Not seeing that rape is different than patting someone’s butt is shortsighted and hateful. Typical feminist bulls**t. Sometimes I’m ashamed to be a woman.

  • Enny Olash

    i really don’t see anything wrong in what Matt said because if we flip the situation he’s right if a woman pats a man’s butt just for fun are we going to say that’s sexual misconduct? These hollywood women are so myopic in their views on what sexual harassment means. what Harvey did is Sexual Harassment but now it seems every actress wanna be relevant because she suddenly remembers who did something. There normal woman going thru these things and we focusing on bunch of hollywood idiots.

  • Nancy

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  • pitta

    Someone needs attention

  • eternalozzie

    am i the only one who is irritated by these people using this subject to try to remain in the spotlight? it is disrespectful to actual victims.

  • rubie

    Damon is an ASS-Hole…….He has always had diarrhea of the mouth….always……..

  • Phil the Donahue

    DAmon is a douche mansplaining tool from Harvard.

  • Ausangel01

    Hollywood is going to become so cold and sterile that nobody will want to watch anything anymore. Get rid of sexual harassment there’s no problem there, but these actresses want everything banned. Soon men won’t even be able to say hello without someone reporting them, or complimenting a colleague about their outfit or say they look pretty etc… if you want to be a bunch of unfeeling robots then go ahead and move into a bubble.

  • agus

    Don’t you know that according to feminists only they have the right to comment on this case and everyone should agree with them ? Trying to have normal, healthy discussion is “mansplaining”, victim blaiming, misogynist etc.

  • cafeast

    Times change. If ppl do not respond to this extremely sterile and segregated system just being introduced, they will react and change it. Again.
    But don’t worry: there is no shortage of whores in hollywood – male or female. God know what some matt damon had to do to get to where he is today…
    Oh and what will happen is actresses will not get hired. Period.
    Nobody cares about them anyway – everything a woman can play can easily be rewritten for a man. You cannot say the same thing for most roles written for men. You will begin to see more TV shows and movies with an army of men with one or two small and sad female characters. Vikings, Sons of Anarchy, Ray Donovan etc.

  • cafeast

    Pimp mama Kris??

  • J.K.

    Were you abused by your momma?

  • cafeast

    No by Kylie Jenner.

  • Phil the Donahue

    all of it is a problem we don’t need a tool like damon explaining how we should feel about perverts different levels of being perverts. the guy who pats a woman on the ass could also be capable of date rape given the perfect opportunity. a pervert is a pervert they all have the same creep face. al franken has the same creep eyes as harvey weinstein. don’t be a cancer on society. sorry you got abused as a kid.

  • Phil the Donahue

    pretty sure being in movies gives them those opportunities. no one wants to be talking about this because guess what maybe if men weren’t perverts to begin with we wouldn’t have to talk about this. #duh. stop being a cancer. sorry you got abused by your mother cause you got female problems .

  • Phil the Donahue


  • Phil the Donahue

    oh brother. there are creeps and then there are normal guys. Creeps can no longer say hi. Guys who are not creeps can go on saying hi it’s that simple. There are plenty of non-creeps, its the creep who need to fix themselves. they and I guess you, ruin society.

  • Phil the Donahue

    i think most men are gay cause they sure write a lot of sausage fests you all have female problems and enjoy being surrounded by penises. fix you abusive mother issues .

  • Phil the Donahue

    see i was write, you are secretly gay

  • Phil the Donahue

    finally someone who has brains. he is a down talker and has such condescension when he talks. damon kisses his own ass.

  • Sherry Dkhail

    I’m sorry to say that women dress like sluts then when they are expecting passes and advances they act out if it doesn’t go as planned …. if you go to spend a night at a man’s house then you don’t get to say you were raped … you sought it out …. people who has merit to say I’ve been raped are women who were unaware of being kidnapped and raped on the streets or alley ways

  • Diego Ricardo

    She鈥檚 just trying to get attention, to be in the spotlight… that鈥檚 what people do to get attention .

  • Harvey Bank

    Matt is the only one who brought some sense into this . Women cannot claim rape if someone touches their butt.

  • Harvey Bank

    I thought Milano was a pretty good person but I heard she is short of money and needs to become relevant again . I am not sure if anyone wants to hire an angry woman though.

  • cafeast

    You were ‘write’? And I was read.

    You illiterate cum stain…

  • cafeast

    Trannnnnnyyyyyy…. you betta werk. Hot mess, sit on your father’s cock.

  • Sara

    I agree with him that both are wrong but saying someone calling you sexy is the same as being raped is ridiculous.

  • Tasos826

    Damon makes a valid point. It’s important enough a matter to punish offenders according to their offenses. The more offensive a perpetrator’s trespass, the more severe the conseqiences. Use of a sledgehammer as punishment for each and every offense can gradually cause a reversal of the public sentiment and subsequent support.

    As for Milano and her two cents worth about politics and President Trump, she lost two lifelong fans. She should shut-up and do her TV hosting gigs.

  • Joyce

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  • Pimpcessa

    WOW, I see a lot of people on here defending really crappy behavior. Is it because you have all grown tired of the accusations, since so many women have come out with their own stories? Does the fact that so many are speaking out that you are annoyed by the stories now? Is it that you just don’t believe them? Or is it that many of these accusations have led to these men losing their jobs?

    If you are just tired of the stories, then turn the channel, or skip the stories. The fact that there’s so many women coming out with their stories, should make you more concerned that this is going on still to this degree in 2017 – THIS IS not THE 1950′S….imagine how the women feel.

    If it’s annoying, then TOO BAD, I can assure you they were more annoyed at being groped and fondled without invitation. Think of the women in your family having to endure that.

    If it’s that you just don’t believe them, ask yourself how this many women have such similar stories of the same men. Still don’t believe them? WAKE UP!

    And if it’s because these men have lost their careers, then keep in mind that these women don’t have the power to fire them, the MEN AND/OR WOMEN THEY WORK FOR DID THAT….NOT THEM.

    Lastly, all you men sitting there telling these women to shut up or you won’t pay attention to them anymore, or bless them with a date with you, you should know one thing……THEY DON’T WANT A DATE WITH OR ATTENTION FROM AN IDIOT THAT DOESN’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING FRIENDLY AND BEING A PREDATOR! If you are THAT stupid, that you can’t tell the difference between a compliment and sexual harassment, you should just keep moving and go hit on some men that feel the SAME WAY!

  • MyName

    This isn’t the time to talk about comparisons. All inappropriate touching is wrong and that’s what should be said and understood. There are degrees in the legal system but even verbal can be sexual abuse.
    If you’re in a position of power over another then don’t even ask them for a date, go elsewhere. A legitimate pass shouldn’t make someone feel uncomfortable nor that there may be consequences if they pass on the pass.
    MD has been friends with HW and it can be difficult to see someone you know as others do. MD is remembering his pal but shouldn’t, even subconsciously, try to minimize any of it.

  • cafeast

    And you enjoy you mama’s customers to fingerfck you but I won’t go there.

  • Joy

    Damn well said, Alyssa.

  • Joy

    Damn well said!!

  • Joey-BagaDonuts

    They are actresses who are done getting parts based on their looks and casting couch, so of course they are saying something now, since this is just more benefit to them.

  • Pimpcessa

    Go eat a donut Joey. This is above your paygrade.

  • Joey-BagaDonuts

    So, you have nothing useful to say? Ok, got it.