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Rose McGowan Slams Meryl Streep & Other Actresses' Plans to Wear Black at Golden Globes

Rose McGowan Slams Meryl Streep & Other Actresses' Plans to Wear Black at Golden Globes

Rose McGowan is slamming the ladies in Hollywood and their plans for an upcoming “silent protest.”

It was recently reported that several actresses plan on wearing black to the 2018 Golden Globes next month as a symbol of protest against harassment in Hollywood.

The 44-year-old actress, who has been one of the outspoken pioneers of the movement against sexual harassment, has taken to Twitter to slam the “silent protest” particularly calling out Meryl Streep for working with disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein.

“Actresses, like Meryl Streep, who happily worked for The Pig Monster, are wearing black @GoldenGlobes in a silent protest. YOUR SILENCE is THE problem,” Rose started her tweet.

Rose went on to say that the actresses should wear Marchesa – the fashion line Harvey‘s ex-wife Georgina Chapman founded.

At the moment, it isn’t unclear if Meryl will be wearing black to the awards ceremony – where she is nominated for her role in The Post.

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  • Ram

    allegedly not only did meryl know for over a decade, she warned both her daughters grace and mamie gummer about him when they started to get into acting.

    out of ALL the actresses speaking out against Weinstein and saying they didnt know, Meryl Streep is the most despicable liar.
    JLaw is a close second.

  • meme

    rose is insane.

  • Blonbb469


  • Ram

    just because you cant handle facts doesnt make them fake.

  • Ram

    outspoken women as insane – quite a vintage opinion you’re proud of there.

  • disqus_KwgiMZNJ54

    why would she want people to wear his (ex?)wife’s clothes and make her richer…? Edit: just saw the actual tweet. Just Jared’s employees do a poor job of writing yeesh.

  • FerCat

    They want ‘the appearance’ of doing something. Like many said this is just the tip of that iceberg.

  • Ram

    the marchesa remark was intended to be ironic, not a literal suggestion w/o meaning.

  • Ram

    agree 100%

  • FerCat

    I’ve noticed they’ve been throwing out the small frys lately. Maybe in hopes of waiting it out for the bigger fish. The attendees of the sex parties and ped0rings are not even touched yet.

    I’m puzzled Atomic Blonde producer David Guillod, accused of 3 rapes, has not been mentioned so often.

  • plez

    YOUR SILENCE is THE problem
    The nerve. In 1997, McGowan took $100,000 in a settlement with Weinstein. She did what was best for her. How dare she judge others. Whatever moral high ground she might have is being wasted away by her continuing to attack others who have done nothing to her.

  • 777

    How is JLaw a close second when she only worked with him once?

  • Blonbb469

    Nothing more then ramblings from an unattractive has been actress with a documented substance abuse problem, grasping for another moment in the spotlight. Bringing Streep into the conversation gets her the attention she craves…

  • suzybel

    Rose seems to be slamming everyone.


    Rose McGowan worked with and defended convicted pedophile Victor Salva (he molested a 12-year old boy). She was all too happy to turn a blind eye as long as she was getting hired. She has no business calling others ‘hypocrites’.

  • rosaryblue

    Rose is right. Meryl is a huge hypocrite. Makes me sick how people like Meryl stood by and now they suddenly have all this fake rage. TIRED of the BS from Hollywood fakes.

  • Max

    *rolls eyes* If Rose had ever done something special in her career maybe she would have something to say at the golden globes. but the most silent one of all those ladies is her. purely for not having talent. let them protest the way they want to. with decency and elegante instead of fists and buzzcuts.

  • Max

    she is a very angry woman who actually needs anger management therapy.

  • Max

    you can be insane and outspoken. you shouldn’t be proud to support it. you should look at her and hope she gets help soon, before actually hurting someone.

  • Max

    and Rose isn’t? just look at how she dressed before charmed. she supported the “I’ll get famous if I’m just slutty enough” movement more than she supports the rape victims now.

  • joshemerson

    Why does anyone keep giving this woman attention? If she had even an ounce of the talent that Meryl Streep has, she wouldn’t need to attempt to build a career out of sexual harassment allegations.

  • Fabian

    I stand with Rose on this. Meryl has been around long enough to know what Weinstein was doing and getting away with for all those years. She had enoug clout to say or do something but chose to remain silent.

  • ShellBell

    Exactly and when a reported brought it up in an interview, she said it didn’t matter what happened in his past as he had always been nice to her yet now she’s changed her tune.

    I felt sorry for her at first but now everything’s comign out, it looks more and more like this is just a ploy for attention with the way she is calling out everyone.

  • LittlePaperStars

    If we’re talking hypocrisy lets talk about how Rose took hush money and didnt speak up for 20 years or the fact she worked with Victor Salva. Targeting Meryl, when no one knows how much she knew about the situation, anything people think they know about her is hear say. Yes, it might seem silly wearing black dresses to an awards ceremony in protest but anything that draws attention to the movement is better than nothing, it’s about keeping traction and I dont doubt it will get coverage. Or maybe whats really making Rose angry is that this is something that happened without her and that suddenly she’s not the focus of all of this, that she doesn’t have enough industry clout to make something like this happen at a big event. Is she going to go off at the SAG’s next for having just women presenters this year because she didnt get an invite yet? Incidentally I’ve seen no tweets from her about Matt Damon. I’m sorry for what she went through, she’s not alone, but I don’t see how shitting on anyone who doesn’t want to so this the Rose way is helpful

  • agus

    Said someone who took hush money to save her career and caused that there were more victims. She couldn’t know the Meryl’s knowledge but I know that all my compassion for Rose disappeared – she is in full of hatred and revenge mode and thinks about herself as the owner of #Metoo movement. Time for therapy.

  • Joyce

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  • imsn

    what if her look was ”slutty”?.. You can support rape victims too

  • LittlePaperStars

    Rose worked with a known child molester and turned a blind eye to it because at the time it suited her career. So if that’s not hypocrisy, what is it?

  • lolo13

    Please elaborate, why jlaw?

  • Michele V

    Rose is the biggest hypocrite of all. Happily accepted hush money and worked with Victor Salva. I’m so sick of people praising this woman.

  • Raspitou

    I’m sorry for what Rose McGowan went through, but she’s pretty damn nutty.

    She keeps lashing out and making extreme statements, even lies or wild conspiracy theories, which only undermines her credibility. She’s super reacove, and by the look of it, unstable.

  • Pat Kerr

    She allegedly took a large amount of money to keep quiet and yet now she attacks others for staying quiet. If Ronan Farrow’s article had not blown the lid off the scandal she would have stayed silent taking her alleged abuser’s cash.

  • Sharrlize

    With each passing day and each additional rant Rose McGowan seems more and more like a holier-than-thou arrogant creep who seems to think that everyone must think, walk and talk like she does or they lack legitimacy. Does being the victim of abuse make you the ultimate authority on everything that involves “sex and power”? Who is McGowan going to attack next: all the doormen, maids, cooks, set designers, and cameramen who worked for or with Harvey Weinstein? Clearly McGowan is a bit unhinged and it seems only a matter of time before her self-issued “Hollywood Victim Pass” is revoked by the women in the industry for becoming just another Hollywood bully.

  • Moe Grayson

    Meryl is sooooooooooooo overrated! She is also the worst dresser!

  • cutitout

    From the chick who took $100,000 instead of prosecuting him and let him go free to attack others….

  • cutitout

    Harvey had a bad reputation for being a womanizer and a jerk, the rape/assault stuff was known by some, not by all, half of the women who came forward said they never really told anyone what happened and that’s not the kind of story you share without someone’s permission.

  • 777

    Why are you asking me to elaborate when I asked him the same question?

  • tia maria

    Regardless of how much people in Hollywood knew about the extent of Harvey’s behaviour, it was not their story to tell if they had only heard the rumours but never witnessed it or experienced it first hand.

  • Artie

    I think Rose is jealous that she’s not invited to the Golden Globes.

  • Artie

    She’s far from the worst dresser. She doesn’t care as much about fashion than some of the others but she’s not the worst by far.

  • LittlePaperStars

    Well she has one of the best stylists going so she cares a little

  • matthewriddick1

    Someone’s bitter! At least they are taking a stand.Those Charmed reruns must not be paying enough

  • lolo13

    Sorry my bad lol

  • DorothyfromOz

    Rose does not help her cause by slamming other women. That was part of the problem to begin with, if women would have stuck together in the first place Weinstein would have been stopped years ago. United we stand, divided we fall.

  • DorothyfromOz

    I think she’s bitter because Weinstein ruined her chances of getting cast in a Oscar worthy movie. Who knows how many other actresses careers he ruined. Thankfully Peter Jackson and a few other directors are finally speaking up.

  • DorothyfromOz

    I think she’s bitter because Weinstein ruined her chances of getting cast in a Oscar worthy movie. Who knows how many other actresses careers he ruined. Weinstein was a monster who should have been taken down years ago. I can understand she is bitter but she shouldn’t lash out at those who are at least showing support. I do hope she is getting counselling, otherwise her bitterness will turn into something else.

  • DorothyfromOz

    I wouldn’t presume to judge her or any of the victims that Weinstein attacked and manipulated. That 100,000 is nothing compared to the roles he probably kept Rose from getting. She needs to get a lawyer and seek counsel to help her sue Weinstein and get over her issues so she can move forward

  • ShellBell

    I’m assuming it’s because there have been stories for years that the relationship she had with Harvey was much more than paternal like she always claims and he was the reason she kept getting film roles and nominated for awards when others deserved it more. The reason some are saying she is a hypocrite is she knew for years about Harvey but kept quiet because it benefitted her at the time. Then when the stories first started coming out, she chose to remain quiet until the coast was clear and knew she wouldn’t be caught in the crossfire yet she is now getting magazine covers celebrating her speaking up when she didn’t do anything to warrant it and is still acting dumb as if the news surprised her.

  • Blake

    so all she does these days is slamming everybody. and according to ms mcgowan what are they supposed to do? kill the entire weinstein family?

  • MyName

    I don’t believe it’s about attention. She seems to be in emotional pain. Part of which may be having accepted money from HW. She is lashing out because she’s hurting. I hope she’s already receiving help or just may have a breakdown following this meltdown.